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Saturday, August 27, 2005

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*is runnin around everywhere*

Bankotsu:Kaitlyn's a bit busy getting ready for her aunts wedding today,so looks like I'll be doing all the talking again ^^.

Ooooooo!!But guess what??!!^^ ^^ ^^

Bankotsu:*rolls a drum* ^^

AARON CARTER TOUCHED MY RIGHT HAND!!^^ ^^ ^^ *squeals a million times*

Bankotsu:It's true,she pushed herself to the front row and actually felt his hand ^^.

It felt like heaven.....*glittery eyes* -^^-

Bankotsu:Anyways Kaitlyn wrote me another letter,so I'll read it. Here we go:

Monday-Ranted to everyone about the Aaron concert!!^^ ^^ ^^ Rest of day was good ^^.

Tuesday-Ran a mile in Track,legs were killin me afterwards.Time it took to run mile-12 minutes and 43 seconds ^^.

Wednesday-Could barely walk,legs feel like jello x.x.....But day was good ^^.

Thursday-Wobbled the whole day instead of walkin >.> Got a lot of work,but I survived!!^^

Friday-Legs are much better!!^^(but still a bit sore) Mel went home in Physical Science cause she felt naucious after runnin the mile.But she missed alota work lol.Watched Monsters Inc. to end the day ^^.

I stayed at my dad's place too,it was pretty awesome ^^.We had pizza and all that ^^.

Bankotsu:Well we gotta go and get ready for the wedding,so we'll visit sites a bit later!!Sorry we couldn't get to sites yesterday,we were busy then too.But sites will be visited today!!^^

Bankotsu:Oh!!And sorry we've been forgetting!!

Random Fact:By feeding hens certain dyes they can be made to lay eggs with varicolored yolks. (I want a lavender one!!^^)

See you guys later!!^^

Kaitlyn and Bankotsu

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