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Saturday, September 3, 2005


Well before we do anything,it's time to say goodbye to our beloved Bankotsu....

Bankotsu:I hate leaving....I mean everyone here is so nice...

Don't worry Bankotsu,you can come visit anytime,besides,I'm keeping that huge Club Banner up,you'll always be on our minds ^^.

Bankotsu:Thanks for havin me here Kaitlyn ^^.And thank you guys for a fun time in this era ^^. *hugs everyone* See ya!!^^ *jumps into the Bone Eating Well*

He's the greatest ^^.Lemme know if ya want another special guest for this month's theme or not alright guys??

Anyways I'm afraid I must inform you all of some unfortunate news:

I'm not doing very well in school,and many other problems are arising outside of school.And because of such a low class grade in Physical Science, (that I won't be able to rise up by next Friday)I'm most certain that I'll be grounded from the computer till further notice.

I completely understand if you wish to take me off your friends list.I have a hard time gettin to sites as is,and I won't be able to when I'm grounded,so I won't stop any of you from removing me.

I only hope that the time I am grounded will help me to solve my problems in and out of school,and give me a break from this stress that I've had for a while.

I will get to sites until next Friday,but it'll still only be half of the list....I apologize.There's no point in tellin you about my week,most of it was bad anyways.

I'll try to get to sites soon,but I have to go out and run some aruns now,please forgive me....


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