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As you can see (unless your just plain dumb) my name is Yuske Moto.I got that name from Yu-Gi- Oh! and Yu Yu Hakasho.Feel free to write to me bout n e thing!

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

life in recent times!
HEY GUYS AND GALS OF THE OTAKU! whats been happening? man it has been a long time! november 13 apparently. lol. this is crazy. SO much has happened! i cant beleive it! the events have been equally bad and good. i cant wait to start telling you guys on what has happened to me since last year! but the best thing is is that i dont have to censor myself!!! see i got a myspace where people like me more there! lol jk. but anyways everytime i blog something i have to be careful on my word choice and what i am going to talk about! but on myotaku i have no uncles or aunts as friends, the one friend i had on here who i really DID know in real life doesnt use myotaku anymore! so yeah this is going to be great! lets get started shall we?

well a little while after my last post on here about that Kate girl, i got news from the person i ordered the jewlery from that i couldnt order it. i had run out of time! well i had to change my plans and fast! the dance was getting close and i was lost. i couldnt think of what to do. days went by faster and faster. and my love for her just grew and grew! i couldnt stop it! then it was about a week later that it donned on me! i had to use someone else's idea. i was brain dead! i had to! so i had the friend that helped me choose the jewlery, make a CD for me to give to her. see all i was going to do was put a little book thing into the CD case expressing my love for her! the CD had a bunch of songs she loved on it. i was so hyped up for the nest day to stroll around so i could put my devious plan into work! (to be continued. i have ta get off)

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ok guys so this Kate chick: like her a lot! and what i am gonna do?ask her out!will it be romantic?in my book:a definet YES!when?...still dunno!but i got one of her friends(and mine)to help me pick out a piece of jewlerey for her and it should get here in less then a month. in a month is when our next dance is.so i am gonna try and ask her out near that time!^^hopefully this doesnt blow up in my face like these last few realtionships!
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Sunday, November 13, 2005

   hey guys
hey everyone,
yea its me. havent posted in a long time.so the most recent events.i am extremely tired.emotionally, physically, and mentally. i just got back froma 3 day band trip called State. what happens there is that all the bands in that state that got a rating of excellent or higher can compete in.so here is a very short journal of the three days:
Day 1: we left right after school on Thursday to go to our schools football playoffs-game.nothing really "OH MY GOD"-ish happened. besides the fact that we won.
Day 2:we wake up at about 7 in the morn to go play in the 2 mile parade there were holding. i dunno what happened but i just trashed my shoulder. it hurts so bad.
Day 3:State. we woke up at about 8 today and yea...we went, warmed up, and performed.we ended up getting a Superior rating with Drum Majors caption, Vis. Caption, and Musical Perfomance Caption. On the bus ride to 'Elephumpia' ( my town)i sat next to some friends of mine and we just tlked about whatever.then we got to the subject i had had trouble dealing with.the subject that made me feel good, but insignificant. the subject i had been dying to get out, but wanted to keep inside. we got to the subject of who i had a crush on.my section leader. i wont tell details, but just leave it at that.i will just say i ended up feeling bad, but a little releived because some of my friends know.

i dont understand guys. i should be exstactic right now. we won the playoff game, and got superior at state. but how come i feel so bad?i feel......i dunno...i.....feel bad...unusually bad.

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Sunday, October 9, 2005

   Kingdom Hearts
YES!!!finally got a hold of a ps2 and a copy of Kingdom Hearts, and beat it with like 99% completion.(im missing three trinities!!!)neways i synthesized Ultima, got Save The King/and Queen, found all 99 dalmations, beat Kurt Zisa, Phantom, Ice Titan, and SEPHIROTH(man was he a bitch!!!)it was a great game.unbeilevable.but besides that great news.............

i felt like a jerk all week.i asked Alison to he Homecoming Dance, yet didnt say nething to her....except in PE on Friday.she dropped the volleyball, i picked it up and said "here ya go..." *consience: you bumbling idiot....* I AM CHANGING THAT!!!I VOW TO TALK TO ALLISON ALL WEEK AND GET A HUG FROM HER AT LEAST ONCE!!!!

so yea...i'll see ya guys later!

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Friday, September 30, 2005

   Homecoming Dance
hey i got the guts to ask Allison out to the dance!!!i feel so good right now.whats really funny is that i help the elementary percussionists and her little brother i a drummer there.so i teach her little brother!!!i was in theclassroom and all of a sudden, allison came.i was all "...uh...hi."i didnt know why she was there.until one of the kids ran over to her to ask her to stay longer.i know this is truely the corniest thing i have ever said, but i think fate brought her to me today.
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