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Sunday, November 13, 2005

   hey guys
hey everyone,
yea its me. havent posted in a long time.so the most recent events.i am extremely tired.emotionally, physically, and mentally. i just got back froma 3 day band trip called State. what happens there is that all the bands in that state that got a rating of excellent or higher can compete in.so here is a very short journal of the three days:
Day 1: we left right after school on Thursday to go to our schools football playoffs-game.nothing really "OH MY GOD"-ish happened. besides the fact that we won.
Day 2:we wake up at about 7 in the morn to go play in the 2 mile parade there were holding. i dunno what happened but i just trashed my shoulder. it hurts so bad.
Day 3:State. we woke up at about 8 today and yea...we went, warmed up, and performed.we ended up getting a Superior rating with Drum Majors caption, Vis. Caption, and Musical Perfomance Caption. On the bus ride to 'Elephumpia' ( my town)i sat next to some friends of mine and we just tlked about whatever.then we got to the subject i had had trouble dealing with.the subject that made me feel good, but insignificant. the subject i had been dying to get out, but wanted to keep inside. we got to the subject of who i had a crush on.my section leader. i wont tell details, but just leave it at that.i will just say i ended up feeling bad, but a little releived because some of my friends know.

i dont understand guys. i should be exstactic right now. we won the playoff game, and got superior at state. but how come i feel so bad?i feel......i dunno...i.....feel bad...unusually bad.

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