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Sunday, October 9, 2005

   Kingdom Hearts
YES!!!finally got a hold of a ps2 and a copy of Kingdom Hearts, and beat it with like 99% completion.(im missing three trinities!!!)neways i synthesized Ultima, got Save The King/and Queen, found all 99 dalmations, beat Kurt Zisa, Phantom, Ice Titan, and SEPHIROTH(man was he a bitch!!!)it was a great game.unbeilevable.but besides that great news.............

i felt like a jerk all week.i asked Alison to he Homecoming Dance, yet didnt say nething to her....except in PE on Friday.she dropped the volleyball, i picked it up and said "here ya go..." *consience: you bumbling idiot....* I AM CHANGING THAT!!!I VOW TO TALK TO ALLISON ALL WEEK AND GET A HUG FROM HER AT LEAST ONCE!!!!

so yea...i'll see ya guys later!

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