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Saturday, June 17, 2006

life in recent times!
HEY GUYS AND GALS OF THE OTAKU! whats been happening? man it has been a long time! november 13 apparently. lol. this is crazy. SO much has happened! i cant beleive it! the events have been equally bad and good. i cant wait to start telling you guys on what has happened to me since last year! but the best thing is is that i dont have to censor myself!!! see i got a myspace where people like me more there! lol jk. but anyways everytime i blog something i have to be careful on my word choice and what i am going to talk about! but on myotaku i have no uncles or aunts as friends, the one friend i had on here who i really DID know in real life doesnt use myotaku anymore! so yeah this is going to be great! lets get started shall we?

well a little while after my last post on here about that Kate girl, i got news from the person i ordered the jewlery from that i couldnt order it. i had run out of time! well i had to change my plans and fast! the dance was getting close and i was lost. i couldnt think of what to do. days went by faster and faster. and my love for her just grew and grew! i couldnt stop it! then it was about a week later that it donned on me! i had to use someone else's idea. i was brain dead! i had to! so i had the friend that helped me choose the jewlery, make a CD for me to give to her. see all i was going to do was put a little book thing into the CD case expressing my love for her! the CD had a bunch of songs she loved on it. i was so hyped up for the nest day to stroll around so i could put my devious plan into work! (to be continued. i have ta get off)

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