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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Training specimen to hunt Ire. Ore heart allows controlled chemical reactions in surroundings so that may alter form in more productive attacks similar to “scryed” alter powers. While working with the specimen I have developed an insomnia and in thins insomnia my mind has produced 44% more efficient formulas and the math comes naturally. This behavior of mine seems unnatural by many stand points an I have the suspicion that the specimen is helping me in some way. I pray that if this is the case that the specimen has the same goal as me, because Ire can not be allowed to exist.
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Sunday, August 6, 2006

biotech bringer of chaos. origin unknown, mission to evolve and cause havoc more specificly destruction of peoples sanity, and society. red skin black tail. he can change from dominant tech to dominant organic as a self defence mechanism. dominant emotion hate insainly filtered into joy. time of arrival
January 13 2009. do not interfer in capture it has been a 20 year plan so far, so don't try anything big at 3 in the morning on that day.
Time travel, alien tech, etc.

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Saturday, August 5, 2006

specimen is growing more and more hostile the closer he gets to his goal. containment of specimen adviced. useing introverse tech to make energy welded prisim. unexpected phenominon occured, heart compressed into an elemental core and body vaporized and rematerialized over core. personality has also changed or I should say disappeared. contained examination will continue until further notice.
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Friday, August 4, 2006


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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

my target specimen used a very clever method to exape me. it appears that hell has more colors than our Eyes can interpret through our brain. he used some of these colors for his body allexept for a some what skelital outline. then he attacked. my brain and body became under strain thinking I was getting into battle and then streams of blood came out from my eyes therefore temporaraly blinding me. then he exaped and I have to go find him again. by the by my eyes naturaly healed it took an hour of bleeding and four hours of sleep.this hunt will be my most interesting one yet. wish me luck friends.
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Monday, July 31, 2006

the subject is highly competitive and is obsessed with the gross, sickening, and the general disturbing images and sounds. his signiature attack is launching a demon centipede from his mouth and quickly ripps one part off his opponent. aproaching him even under protection is ill adviced. my eyes bleed when I saw his most disturbing form. more later.
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   one horned demon
2nd low----spector---none----healing---minor mind
3rd low------beast--one--transform--above average
3rd high----devil--three---territory----genius
2nd high----king----four---conquer-----insain
highest-----lucifer the first fallen

the story is of a one horned boy determened to grow three horns like his father. to do this he attacks demon slayers, exorsists, imps, fallen angels, and any strong fighter he can. his name is Saied Baram AKA Sicken. he will be my new study progect.

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

i am insaine
what a foul machine the mortal mind is. burdened with trifels as a beast being hunted is burdened with fear. so sensitive yet so powerful. my madness sickens my body and soul as the trifels may tempt my into sins as deep rooted as murder. or sins exagerated causeing fear for exchange for lies. This is why man dies, for without this instrument of parinoia we would brag of our peace and mere existance. as beasts are content with merely existing and cross over with dignity, a practice man haslong forgoten in his vainity and greed.
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the circle of nine

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