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Thursday, October 19, 2006

ghost rider

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

if I find anyone stealing my Ideas or storys, I will find you, I will ruin you, I will become the thing of your worst nightmares, I will not accept any annoiances.
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Short bursts of electromagnetic pulse used to alter electricity in brain. Short term memory is intercepted before transfer to long term memory.
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Monday, October 16, 2006

story DLU. early story Fatality VS Dreamer
A damnation of a being, this thing could dig into the mind and physicaly manifest fears and hate of people. He was a living nightmare, though he chose to be called dreamer. He was sent into a man made hell where he sacrificed 30,000 people to exape. He only became more evil since then, the only difference is that he played with his food by traping them in nightmares. The more they feared him and the more they doubted themselves he grew stronger. The only one that could stop him was the hero known as Fatality. Fatality had the stregnth of light and Dreamer fed off of the weakness of people. Fatality broke Dreamer's jaw with his first punch. With a kick he caused dreamer to cough up blood. The only thing that made dreamer a threat was the people and to scare them he ripped his jaw off and then his blood became alive. Dreamer beacame one with the earth and tossed our hero around the city with the greatest blood lust in his eyes. Fatality adapted and backfisted dreamer, roots and all out of the road. then dreamer coccooned the people and started to rush feed. Fatality ran in and punched through dreamer's stomach. fatality then punched dreamer's chest to seperated the to of them. as dreamer landed his ribs broke and it looked like his lungs collapsed for a minute. The only thing that saved him was the rush feed which was just enough to regenerate him back to a normal human. Fatality left the evil one at the hospital butthat isn'tth end. It seems that fate has to make you pay for what you do and death wasn't going to take him that day. Dreamer was reborn with the lesser ability of visions of past, present, and future. he then became known as "Visons". now and forever chained to fate and its will
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I like the funny song

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ha ha again and again

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

5 powers of new
Transformation:Werewolf, Incredible Hulk, Devil trigger, Ghost Rider, and super sajian

Manifest:(imaginary friends become real)Bobby from teen titans, Winged Kuriboh, and Entae from pokemon movie

Apraizal:giving additional power to solid mass; part of body, tool, or weapon. Sharingan, Kazuma's Arm, Soul Reaver

Power: tornadoes, earthquakes, snow storm, flood, lighting, etc.

Supretion: demon sealing, exorsism, etc.

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Saturday, October 14, 2006


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Thursday, October 12, 2006

games and toys
Ghosts, aliens,Demons, mutants, werewolves,Witches, ninjas, and vampires.
Godzilla: Gigan, King Ghidorah, Megaguirus, Mothra, Orga, and Rodan

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Rai Oni: Chi master demon
Wrist Cutter Stigmata Retribution: open wounds cause bleeding
Burning Heart Strike: Pressure points hit then finish by heart explosion fist
Hellís gate Guard dogís Bite: Bite a huge hunk of flesh apart from victim
Chains of the Fenrir: Binding move made to snap victimís bones
Divine punch: punch so hard can not be blocked
Ten Thousand Heros force: force so strong mostly used to increase jump and final attack
Arm sword: hand chop with effect of sword.
Four thousand downward kicking attack: In air to start then dig body deep into ground
Barrier Defiance Palm: used against walls and doors mostly.

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