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Sunday, October 8, 2006


Gothic Butterfly by ~asuka111 on deviantART

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Thursday, October 5, 2006

saw 3

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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

what did I do last summer Pt. 1
Last summer, five youths were seen entering an art gallery late at night. The person who saw them called the police. When the police got there their were four bodies ripped apart and one of them only left behind several systems of vital organs. This was the start of the demon skin legend but only until it attacked again would some one name the thing that did this. I am here to tell you the whole story for it is my story to tell.
Last summer I was the fifth member of this party. I saw four suspicious characters sneaking around and one of them thought I was a missing member. Please note for the record that you do not know who the original fifth member is and the only reason they thought I was him was that I was wearing all black like them. We snuck into an art gallery at eleven at night. I thought I saw someone but it was only a dog in the street, some animal maybe not a dog. Anyway, the team told me to go to the front and look out for cops as they cut paintings out of there frames. I was of getting caught and being an accomplice, so I did like I was told. I was always in these situations, not knowing what to do so I wait for orders, although this time I screwed up pretty bad.
It was on my way to the front desk that I saw something rather unusual. Every piece of art had a little information plaque under it, but this dark demonic looking mask was just out of place. I thought to myself it might not be registered by the gallery and for reasons that I can’t explain, not even now, I was compelled to put on the mask.
For the first few seconds I was fine; it wasn’t until I tried to take it off that I felt a presence. The presence filled me with an almost chemical reaction kind of fear. I pulled as hard as I could, but the mask remained on my face. “It has no straps, how does it stay on?” I asked my self out loud. I felt the mask become scaly and cold and it was growing. I was getting goose bumps from the cold and the fear; it felt like a cold ooze was suffocate my skin as it grew more in volume. Then came the pain, I felt all my bones and joints burn as though they were an iron smith’s furnace. I grew a second set of teeth that came out from above my lips. The bone that made my forehead, protruded threw my face’s new skin that came from the mask. The bone of my face gave itself a half mask appearance. And the last transformation of the night were my fingers and toes. The bones of my fingers and toes merged with the bones closest and gave me claws. There was a stink of burning flesh and my fear was replaced with a feral rage. I killed the criminals, but not because they deserved it for stealing as I wish was my reason; in my mind I was saying to myself, “I have power, I have no fear, I AM FEAR!!!”

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Monday, October 2, 2006

i am n a slump sorry

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the real boogie man

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

very good guy

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plague of locusts for your brain

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

demon report
Alastor: An alastor is a tormenting spirit or a Nemesis. Percy Bysshe Shelly wrote a poem (Alastor or The Spirit of Solitude - 1816), which warned idealists that if they are always searching for an ideal love, the world will be their tormentor, and they will die a lonely death.

The quote from Plutarch that de Plancy is referring to is stated below. (I don't know if the original text actually used the term "alastor.")


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Monday, September 25, 2006

What is worse
Emo Mode or Nerd Mode. everyone at some time has accedentaly shifted to one or both of these modes so it's not like you got something to use against me.
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Be happy
There are fiery pits burning bright from the fuel that is sin. There are gates of unending endurance, but they are not metal bars they are the teeth of the hell mouth that you look at from the inside. The only way out is insanity but you are only a soul with no mind to numb the experience. The only thing you can do now is surrender to fate’s will and join the devil as a soldier demon and cause to pain and receive somewhat less. But this is hell and the story I wish to tell is a land of nightmares. I have to bear a terrible curse, the curse that my mind can be seen by all. My fears, my hate, my evil, and my sorrow can solidify and manifest into demons capable of terrible deeds. And the sad fact is that every thing they do they do for me and my uncontrollable emotions. Rape, Murder, Torture, and Mutilation; all subconscious wants that should remain hidden forever. I don’t want people to know my thoughts and it fills me with more pain, this time attacking myself. But every time it seems I am to die soon the nightmares protect me. So I live alone in that abandoned building not to far from you, I am the cause of your nightmares, but instead of fearing the sweat release of sleep embrace it and praise whatever god you pray to that you can awaken and that nightmare ends for that is a luxury I can not afford. I envy all of you but with the most respect. No!!! Do not feel bad for me for I am sure I deserve this punishment and I will take it, as my father often said, like a man and see you a the eternal paradise when my sentence is served. Keep on dreaming dreams and live life to the fullest knowing that it can truly be a lot worse. Thank you for reading this my kin among this world, thank you and please be happy.
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