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Sunday, September 24, 2006

good song bad show......bite me

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Friday, September 22, 2006

who cares, just post it

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

fav song

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Chapter Four: A Hero is Born

I was really getting sick of passing out and waking up in strange places, but at least this time I was pretty sure that nothing was around. I was still in the lab and it was still foggy when I found this giant black sphere coming out of the wall. I was feeling the wall because of the steam and accidentally hit the thing. Some walls came up and some came down, it looked like the lowering of a maze. To my left was a computer room, to my right was a room of mirrors, and in front of me was a seemingly endless hallway. I went to the computer room and the opening behind me closed. The computers and the lights came on and I sat at one of the machines. I put my fingers on the key pad, then they started to burn. A mechanical voice said, “DNA verification check, fingerprint match check, systems are go.” In the files, everything was encrypted. I couldn’t read anything, but I could see some pictures that went with the files. The pictures were of random normal people; that is the first few seemed normal. After a while I saw a pattern, the people were looping and with each loop the same person was changed in a different manor. It was some joke I thought to myself, these pictures couldn’t be real. As much as the subtle changes frightened me, as I went on the changes became more mutilating and unnatural. I heard a noise coming from behind the walls. I decided to find a exist ASAP just in case someone still worked at this damnation of a place. I went to the were the door was and found a black orb like before. I triggered it and went through the hallway. The hallway seemed endless before and now it still seemed endless as the noises got more distinct. The noises I heard were explosions, now each time I heard it, the floor shook.
Finally I saw a red door at the end of the hallway I ran through and there was nothing there. The red door was by itself in the middle of ashy gray nothing. The noise stopped and I started to look for….anything really. I found out that I was on an island that was not to far from a city’s shore.
There was a dead silence followed by a fiery red blast and insane laughter. I saw the madman’s face for the first time. His grey skin and dead eyes reminded me of myself but that smile seemed to symbolize all the evil and hate in one motion. He through his arms in front of him and yelled, “brother, you are looking well.” Then he clapped his hands together and on to his chest and he emitted an explosive aura. I was thrown into the water by the force of the blast. Some primal instinct of fear took over and I started to swim away from my so called brother as fast as I could. Half way across the body of water I heard another blast and moments later he was falling from above, directly over me. He pulled me under while furiously pummeling me. Every time he made contact with my body a small explosion came over his fists. He was had the advantage up to the lake bottom. I then started slamming him on the floor as hard as I could. It was a man made body of water as I soon found out when the bottom collapsed and created a whirlpool. I somehow held my ground with my opponent being crushed in a bear hug. As soon as the water was all washed away I fell on my knees and threw the madman to the side. He started coughing then laughing as he said, “I didn’t know you cared so much”. I responded, “What did you mean by brother?” He said that in project BAAL there were 40 specimens and that I was BAAL 37 and he was BAAL 40. Upon further conversation I found out that the first ten died of natural causes and eleven through twenty were killed by the military. About the time I asked about the remaining BAAL experiments, police helicopters arrived. # 40 then started running and I tried to follow as fast as I could. The helicopters started opening fire and # 40 attacked me with an explosive punch that threw me back far enough for the helicopters to surround me and forgot about #40. They landed and swat teams positioned around me. Some one in a formal suit was speaking to me on a megaphone, but the blast messed with my hearing a little. Then they raised the antenna of some strange machine and started looking surprised. Then a moron pulled out a bazooka and fired. I grabbed the missile in mid air very dramatically only to be hit from behind. I had enough of this over elaborate little performance and decided to walk away. The swat crew tried to stop me, but I had endurance and strength. The whole scene was pretty pathetic, with the guards hitting me, shooting me, and trying to dog pile me. I started to run and boy did I run. The same light energy that I used to fight the demons was now focused at my feet, which would explain how I held my ground in the whirl pool. Not trying to criticize the selected convenience of my powers I just went to enjoy super speed. I tried to find freedman city, but my new power gave out before I could figure where exactly where I was. But on the up side I was away from harm and got t my original plan of relaxing in the new city which the sign titled as, “Cailmervile.”
Of course I couldn’t be able to relax in spandex so I went into this small town. I saw a super market and broke in. I picked out some black clothes and went to change. I couldn’t get the spandex off, some tech complications. It was like it had a mind of its own, meaning I tried to cut it off and it moved. So I leave with a hooded jacket and some black jeans. The store security guy thinks he can take me on. I leave with him being a permanent part of the store. As I’m looking for somewhere to sleep some Goth punk salutes me. I literally break him in half, that’s when I notice that my adrenaline was pumping strong and it had affected my mood. Very fortunate for me I had an outlet coming around the corner. She, I am assuming was a witch and she was lifting cars with her mind and messing the town up.

((cut to the comic book series))
superhero name: Fatality

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Chapter Three: Box of puzzles
The college was three hours away on foot but I took seven hours because of some old “friends”. I saw a demon on the first street and he was pillaging a gas station. He saw me before I could get to him and let out a loud screech and went back to his business. A demon’s screech is his distress call apparently, because five of his buddies came out of hiding and came at me. First three attacked while the other two were toying with the pumps. Then all five were on me in a dog pile, each one attempting to crush my bones. I got the smell of gasoline, and no doubt the demons knew what it was for. I was full of pain and anticipation when something most fortuitous happened. I taped my hand on the concrete under me and saw a light. It was like a ball of light in my hand. I swung my arm upwards and the light flashed into an explosion. The blast surprisingly didn’t ignite the gas but it took out one of the demons. The gluttonous demon saw this and came sprinting after me. I thrusted my hand at his face and his head exploded on contact. The remaining demons got scare and started running. I wasn’t about to let those damnations escape so I chased after them. I chase them for about thirty minutes each; sadly I couldn’t do the light trick again so I had to kill them the hard way. Afterwards I went back on my path and saw that some one ignited the fire at the station. Who ever it was they were still there. I saw the shadowy outline of some maniac laughing his head off. Then the police came. The maniac was gone and the station was mostly gone. The cops told me to hold still, but I had more important things to do. The cops had cars and I had worn out shoes so it took me a few hours to get rid of them and I managed to find the college. The college was closed but I didn’t need it to be open to do what I needed to do. It took me only a minute to break the door down. Once in I looked in the file cabinets to find my mystery girl.
I didn’t find anything relevant to my search so I took it out on the college furnishing. I was looking through those files for five hours so obviously I was frustrated, but I underestimated my own strength and I took two walls down. I decided to leave. The college was all I had so I decided to go back to the theater and wait for her. There I’ll ask some questions and get some rest. I waited at the theater for eight days; I could not sleep for one second. At the ninth day she drove up in red car wearing only red and black, I thought that was suspicious. I approached her calmly, something about me scared her. She pointed out I was badly scarred. I eventually ordered her to ignore it after her annoying thousand questions. I asked her to tell me her name and she wouldn’t tell me anything other than this alias of Little Red. She asked me my name and a memory flashed of the writing in some laboratory, “Baal” I said. I then talked to her about Victor but left out the time traveling bit, for reasons of my own. She reaction was as expected, a burst of positive energy.
I was so tired of her optimism, that when she left in enthusiasm to train, I decided to leave the theater permanently. That memory flash disturbed me a little so I got to thinking hard while walking. I was thinking so deeply that I didn’t see or hear the bullet train. I turned and saw lights. I jumped thinking it was a car and I can easily jump a car. I saw the train back from above and just stopped. I hovered for ten seconds in mid air. Then it was a painful live pinball game, mauling my body with the gaps between cars. I didn’t feel any major pain so I carried on. Two miles down track, my interference and some technical problems with the brake, caused the train to cut thought the woods’ mighty trees leaving a thick smoke to guide me back to it.
The train didn’t contain anything worth inquiring about, but I seemed to be familiar with the insignia on the side. I looked in the engineer’s control room and saw a map on a computer screen. It was delivering medical equipment to a place called Freedmen city. I didn’t have anywhere else to be so I followed the track. Two weeks on foot and I had a suspicion that I was being followed but nothing gave me a sign to prove it. Freedmen City, even the name made you feel good but the city itself couldn’t be more of a slave camp. It was a uber modern and everyone seemed to be on a tight schedule. Me, looking like I just got out of the war zone, people avoided me without subtlety. In the city I saw my stalker, it was Victor and he looked really ticked off. I decided to find a building with the insignia an lose him in it.
I couldn’t find it and traffic was thinning out. He would have me in a few minutes and I wasn’t going to risk whether or not he wanted to fight. I saw a business building and went in. I was checked for weapons but other than that they really didn’t notice me. The building was standard high class living and I took the elevator to stall for time. I thought I’d ride to the top and walk down and if necessary jump out a window. I got to the roof and Victor’s dragon was searching the city only 12 feet separated me and it. I ran to the stairs and when I got all the way down I saw two doors, one to the lobby the other door was black glass with the insignia in red; the very same insignia I was looking for. I thought to myself, “This is way too covenant.” I turned down my opportunity and went to see Victor. Something went horribly wrong when I went to the lobby. The air was thick like steam, time around me was in slow motion, and I couldn’t stop seeing double. My muscles where on fire I was forced to stagger and when I got out the door I pasted out. I slept, then I dreamed; I dreamed that a giant serpent was fighting a pack of dog. I slipped into consciousness, I felt light; like I was in water. There was a loud pop and I fell down for a long time. Then I saw a light at the bottom. And in a rush of steam I was expelled out of a tunnel onto a white empty lab room. My clothes were changed, from Norseman meets hobo to scuba suit meets Superhero spandex. There is something I saw that caused me a heart attack but I blocked it from my mind and the last thing I remember before the memory whipe is the writing on the wall, “BAAL37”

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dead Land
Chapter Two: Last Call, Last Stand

The “last call”, was empty. Nothing but shattered glass and wood furnishing was there to see. That and the smell of alcohol all over, it reminded me of those old cowboy movies. Just as I took a step further in, I heard a motorcycle in the distance. Turning around I saw a motorcycle being chased by a semi that was haling gasoline. Before I saw the bike rider, his bike ran into me. I heard gun shots and got up just in time to be a part of an inferno fire. Although I knew about the shot, the gas, and the alcohol; the fire seemed unnaturally strong. I breathed in and my lungs collapsed. The pain was almost soul crushing in intensity, yet I did not die. I watched the debris fall on me, I saw as the fire eventually died after three whole days, an on the last day heard the storm that killed the fire with suffocating snow. I crawled out like a feeble old dog and got the wind back in me with several loud snapping noises. It was weird, before the land was dead, cracked, and depressing; but with this new snow it seemed to revive. What happened next scared the hell out of me. The sun came out, after the clouds of poison and death made the world into a never ending twighlight, the sun came out, like a old friend that came back to see his old neighborhood. I decided to go back to town in case the snowing started again.
The city was alive again too. It was in its prime, from how the people were running around it might have been Christmas. I was stunned, I looked around for some monster or fairy to prove that this was an illusion. What I found was a big screen counting down the New Year, the new year of 2000. This was the year the people thought the world was to end but they were off by a good many years. Since it was a little hard to swallow I looked for some newspapers and asked people some questions. They all said the same thing about the year. Since it was the year it was I decided to relax, finally relax and leave the questions for tomorrow.
The count down woke me with all the people’s yelling. I almost went back to my nap until I saw it. It was a demon, It was looking like it was waiting for something. At the shout of three it pounced. I ran and jumped on him. Out of blind hate I savagely beat him until parts of him were gooey pulp. The remnants caught on fire and quickly consumed any evidence of the demon. I thought to myself, demons shouldn’t be here. Then another thought came, this demon wasn’t a fraction of the strength of other demons I fought. Then from behind me I heard a familiar voice saying, “So, you saw it too.” I slowly turned, It was the ghost girl but something was different about her. I walked to her and said, “Do you know me?” She started to shake with fear and back away. She said, “No, should I….sir?”; “No I guess not” I said as lowered my head. She then got exited and asked, “Was that thing a demon”. I said that I didn’t want to talk about it. She started carrying on about demons and superheroes and I started to walk off. She followed me, getting more energized the more theories she made. I didn’t contribute to the conversation until she asked where I lived. I had no place and was perfectly comfortable with that. She grabbed my arm and insisted I see this place that she said was perfect.
We got to her car, she was apparently older than she looked. We rode for about a half an hour and came to this abandoned movie theater. Inside looked like a yard sale for a Boy Scout troop or retired veteran. She said her dad was a military fanatic before he died. Out of respect of the dead I agreed to stay. Later that night, I realized that I don’t sleep that well so I took a look at the sky from the roof top. I saw in the moon a alien shadow. The shadow got bigger and then I saw it. A scarlet dragon being ridden by a black knight came from the sky then landed on the road leading to the theater. The dragon became a motorcycle in a flash of fire an the knight became a leather jacket biker with a bandana mask. He got to the driveway and dismounted. He signaled me to come down; I thought it wise to comply. His name was Victor Smith, he said he was from a powerful bloodline and so was I. He sent me to the past to prevent the end of the world, that was his family’s power “time”. He said the dragon escaped hell at the Torch and combined powers with him. He also said that my old friend was a witch and may also be of use. He went to leave and I said I had more questions. The bike became a dragon again and whipped me with its tail. Victor’s last words as his dragon started to rise were, “You best start training, you have more power than just invulnerability.”
Witches, vampires, blood line powers, and dragon tamers; I could use the help if I was supposed to save the world. Also if I had more powers than I thought it would be nice to find someone who would know. My best bet was to find the girl again and see if she knew she was a witch. On the way into town I heard the beating of wings. At first I thought it was victor and his dragon, but then again I never heard that dragon not even when it landed. I turned and something swooped in to attack. Out of reflex and blind luck I grabbed it by its throat. It was a pure blood vampire and by the way it was flaying out, it was hungry and desperate. I threw him at a tree and he conked out. I waited a moment then went back on the trail. Then I felt a sharp pain in my side and was lifted up into the air. The vampire was faking me out. He said to me in a horse voice, “You will not ruin our plans”. I grabbed his left arm and ripped it off. He released me as he screamed in pain. “Vampire plan?” I thought to myself as I fell to the ground. I landed face first in the middle of the city. People crowded around me, muttering and such, I got up at sun rise and laughed when I saw I made a cartoony imprint in the concrete. I said out loud while laughing, “He must have been a fast flyer”. I saw the crowd and asked, “Do you know where I can find a college?” They all stared at me like zombies and three of them pointed west.

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Thursday, September 7, 2006


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can't be touched

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Dead land

Chapter One: Insult to Injury
The story that is about to be told is not by any means a story of hope nor is it one that you should be proud of reading. Regardless this story must be told for it is a warning of things yet to come to you and your time. It is the story of a prolonged death of your world, the last age.
The year or place is irrelevant, what is relevant is what happened and how it affected the whole world. The event years later was referred to as the, “torch of hell”. A raging red light came from the heavens and struck deep in the earth, thereby summoning massive volcanoes and rivers of magma. The light also contained a radioactive field that caused some of the ash in the sky to bring forth a horrible plague of sickness. The sickness however gave signs of prejudice by only infecting those in the prisons and the big cities. The sickness killed them but not before punishing them with symptoms, so demented in comprehension I dare not speak more of it. Sadly there death was not the end of the sickness.
Those killed by the plague rose as something far worse than man. The undead were afflicted with primitive impulses and had the evil of humanity grow to inhuman behavior. The behavior was not only frightening but also so relative, relative in the way that human thoughts of evil that are suppressed out of good nature or common sense. And for all the evil and fear I am burdened to tell you more of this condition before I am aloud to continue.
Those killed by these incarnates of the evil of human nature, became afflicted with the same sickness. This was revealed on the first day and the “torch” lasted for twelve long dark days. After the twelfth day that magma cooled creating new land and revealing destroyed land due to unseen shifting of the earth. The undead were to be rulers of this new world if not for what happened next.
That which was feared but rarely seen for hundreds of year came to aid the living. Black wings and blue skin came from the east and fangs and fur from the west. Werewolves and Vampires, that which was thought to be myths of evil became saviors of those that gave them such power in the subconscious of the average man. Mankind neither knew nor cared where these creatures had come from and so grateful where they agreed to the peace treaty that the heroic forces offered. And so the world came to peace within seven days, not only with all the nations and land but with all known races, “excluding of coarse the sickened undead”.
This treaty also aloud another species to come out of hiding. The so acclaimed witches or as the politicians called them “the empowered”. The witches provided abilitys most useful to destroying the afflicted dead. True there was a lot of reform and getting used to, but people came to peace as they hunted down those with the ungodly illness.
As the self titled good side grew stronger so did the evil. The sickness grew stronger as more became infected and a few grew into mutation induced new forms. The mutation only affected one out of one hundred of the newly undead, but regardless there lack of numbers was made up for in there intelligence and added abilities. These mutant undead were called demons and lived up to that name with an additional surplus of power. About that time the two sides were about equal in power but nobody knew what the next move was to be.
That’s when I came into the story. I was an unambitious young man that was in what I called a double depression. One I was growing up and was dealing with responsibility and two the world was going to hell in a hand basket, but this has little if any relevance. The point is that I was walking around town with little concern to where was I going and I got jumped by a demon. I guess I should been scared but this demon was biting into me so hard all I could feel was pain. Then he threw me against the ground clawed my torso and literally crushed my heart in his hand. Then everything went dark.
I remember feeling weak and cold in a dark place. Then I started feeling warmer and hearing a girl softly laughing. I opened my eyes and tried to get up, emphasis on tried. I fell back down still feeling weak and started to think. If I was a zombie I shouldn’t be able to think like this and if I am turning demon why are my bones feeling normal. (I’m sorry I forgot to mention that demons have all kinds of bone protrusions and are used as weapons. Also they have horns hence the name). As I started to ponder at these questions it started to rain and I was stuck flat on my back so as to take it. The rain felt strange, because of the earth’s massive movement the earth was caught into two shades of light dusk and night, I couldn’t really see anything because of the cloud but what I felt in the rain was astounding. I felt life; it was an indescribable feeling that strengthened me spiritually and physically.
Although I believed to be amongst the living, my surroundings gave me reasons for doubt. I saw clouds of light fly by like birds and the light they gave off was distorting the appearance of certain parts of the surrounding buildings. In the distance I saw an illuminated figure of a person, it seemed to notice me and ran off. Before I could run after it I came across the real reason the figure ran off; one of the clouds had grown and formed a most unusual gigantic body. It features still unclear because of the light it gave off, its intentions couldn’t be any clearer as it swung its massive fist toward my face.
Being that it was three times my size and that its punch imbedded me half way through a brick wall, I would of thought pain was to be expected but surprisingly I felt nothing. Because of this I concluded that I was dreaming and as long as I was fighting in a dream I might as well win it. I broke out of the wall and went for another round. I introduced the giant’s head to my fist and that flipped him on his back. It charged at me like an rabid animal. I apparently finished him when I kicked his body into midair and swung him over my shoulder. There was a clicking noise then a loud crack and the illumination of the beast as well as the beast itself expired and was extinguished.
As though the beast and the storm were one in the same the rain ended with my competitor. In the off chance that I wasn’t dreaming I checked my surroundings for damage. I found that my “imprint” on a certain brick wall was very much real. Not knowing what to think I ignored it and went back to town. The only fly in the ointment was there was no town meaning quite literally there was nothing where it once stood. There were only the empty buildings that I was around and then a sand bar as far as the eye could see.
I suppose I should have shed a tear for the plight of my family but the more I thought of this, the more I realized that I had barely any memory of them. This startled me not as an individual but a whole, the hit and run demon, the rain, the disappeared town, and all that happened in such a short time. I was felt under strain and my body quivered as I tried to solve the puzzle that was given to me. Then as lay there on my knees shaking my head, I heard the laugh again.
The thought that some one had the nerve to laugh at me after all this, filled me with rage. I stood up and looked around for who I felt I was about to kill. The only part of me shaking now was my fists, now tightened and strong as steel. A female voice coming from nowhere said, “Calm down, I didn’t think you’d get mad”. I didn’t respond, I was to busy looking for a face to go with the voice. “Its just so funny that you’ve been wandering around so long and now you wake up, that’s all” the voice said. “the hell with you”, I said as angrily walked off. A girl appeared, floating in midair and tried to fly after me. Out of half instinct I used a light post and batted at her. The light post went right threw her and she disappeared.
So there I was, alone again with no answers to a thousand questions burning in my brain. I felt like I was running on a treadmill. The longer I ran, the more tired I got and fell behind. I walked on that street for miles, half of me was confused and wanted answers the other half was just tired of all the puzzles. I found myself outside a bar, I believe it was called, “The Last Call”.

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