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Friday, August 25, 2006


I dunno..i think its really cute...O.o...

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Hello my dearest friends! WHY DO I KEEP WAKING UP SO EARLY!!! >____> its 7:30 right now lol...but i woke up at 4:28...-.-; MAN am i tired! xD lolz. well..lemme see...i went to Starbucks yesterday with my mom...^_^ i love those mocha frappuccinos!óż i could use one right about now...O.o oh well...

i hade the weirdest dream. There was like some kinda portal to another world in my closet...me and my little brother were just staring at it...but then i wanted to go in. ^^ so when i looked in, it was really dark...so i ask my bro to pass me a flashlight, along with some other stuff O_o but we kinda took a long time getting the stuff....then outta nowhere a weird zombie/mummy-like THING comes outa the portal! i was scared!! so i threw my stapler at it and it went away...^__^ YAY!! that was the end of my dream...ok then...i guess i'll be going now..BYEZ!!*HUGHUGGLOMPGOMP*

--Aerith óż

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

   O_O ZOMG!!

....dont ask...lolz so hows everyone doing this morning? ^^ man...its like 8:30 AM lol. OH!! my fanart's up now! ^.^ *dances* im so happy!! YAY!! i havent posted any fanart for a loooonnnngggg time. ^^ soon, i'll submit a random sasuke and naruto chibi fanart!! XD i'll probably be done with it today....well, I LOVE U GUYS!! *HUGHUG*

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i've been working on a pic lately....it took me FOREVER to draw it...but so little time to color it on photoshop..=D ITS SO COOL!! i already submitted it! man..i cant remember the last time i drew Aeris...im not sure if its up yet...hopefully it'll be up soon...>_> checkitout, yo!! xD see ya guys!!

--Aerith ♥

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

   Hello my friends!!

i just finished visiting some pplz sites....i hope i didnt miss anyone. O_O if i did...IM SO TERRIBLY SORRY!!! >.< well...it turns out im going to an anime convention in Las Vegas for my birthday!! ^^ (but not on the actual date) i think im leaving next week or something...O_o i cant wait!! i already got half of my costume!! imma be a school girl!! lol. i just need the skirt....>_> well, i hope all of u have a great day today!! i dunno if i'll have time to go on the internet later...xS anyways..byez! *hugs*

--Aerith ♥

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Friday, August 11, 2006

   hello pplz

thank you ALL sooo much for ur comments!! i took ur advise and called him...finally...and the reason why he didnt call me for months..is cuz he lit a feild on fire during the 4th of july!! >_< IDIOT!! *hits him* anyways..i broke up with him!! YAY! IM SINGLE AGAIN!!! WOOOO!!!! hahaha...

anyone who asked me to join a fanclub..im sorry i didnt get u the banners. my photoshop isnt working..but imma fix it and give u guys the banners!! xD sorry for the delay...

and for anyone who knows Kr4zY s4sUkE...
His internet got cut off and cant get it back....sorry guys. (and since Nightmare Angel is staying with him, she wont be able to go on either). well, i g2g...thanks again for all your comment. *smile* they really helped me. ^^ I ♥ U GUYS!!! *SUPER HUG*

--Aerith ♥

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

   i dont feel so good..

im sorry guys...i wanted to stop by all your sites...but...i feel so depressed...lied to...my "boyfriend" finally called yesterday night after 3 months...and...eirlier...my friend called and said he wanted to breakup with me but i was planning that already. he was gonna 2-way us..but as soon as i heard his voice i hung up. my heart was racing so fast and i was trembling so much. i dont know what i did to make him not like me anymore..im sorry to bother whoever reads this with this. and im sorry that my grammar isnt that well. i dont know what to do ifeel like throwingup so badright now. i cant im crying so hard right now. atleast i have u guys.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

   heh heh heh heh......*evil smirk*

DWAAAAH!! IDUNNOWUTTOSAYTOYOUPPLZ!! >___< IMKINDAHYPERRIGHTNOWANDIMREAAAALLYYHUNGRY!LOL. ok...sorry about that....*hugs* how is everyone doing? ^_^ i miss my friend...T_T his name is TheOWASephiroth...hes so awsome.....*hugs* I LOVE JOOO!!! ok...well..cloud says..one of u owe him a quarter...and...my refrigerator says hi...well, imma go now....i'll visit ur sites k? bye!

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Monday, August 7, 2006


Hello! i just finished visiting everyone who updated on my friendlist!! w00t! took me a very long time..cuz i had to make dinner too..lol. i feel like a mommy....>_< well, i hope everyones day went well. you guys are all so awsome! *hugs* i wubs yooh!! óż lol. well, time for a random story.

Aerith-*walks up to Sephiroth*

Sephiroth-AH! O_O AERITH! i thought u were dead!

Aerith-WHY'D U KILL ME!! *sobs* we couldve been BESTEST friends!! *hugs* ^_^ ur so soft óż

Sephiroth-*screams* ZOMGWTFBBQ?!?!!

Aerith-HAHA! im just kidding *takes off mask* Its actually cloud. ^^

Sephiroth-O_o...*no comment*

Cloud-Fooled ya, huh? ^^

Sephiroth-*hits cloud* THATS WUT U GET FOR HUGGING ME!



lol. im reeallllyy bored. ^^

Random pic of the day:


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Sunday, August 6, 2006

   guess what...

i didnt get to go to the circus...im heart broken..i was really looking forward to it....*sigh* man...this stinks...well, at least i got to make a cute kiba wallpaper. ^^ i think i sent it in earlier...i forgot...oh well..its 1:00 AM right now...lol. well, see ya guys tomorrow...*hugs*

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