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Sunday, December 17, 2006


(I'm STILL working on the chibi pic lol =D)

lol i changed my theme...i dont really like it that much T_T and i submitted a new fanart...its Sasuke...omg he's so fun to draw! ^^ even if he's not one of my favorite characters in Naruto ._. anyways...it's like...REALLY COLD!! *shivers* i think my fingers are numb :D lolz. i think that's all i feel like saying...>_> my fingers are starting to hurt, and i gotta visit more sites. ^^ see ya!! *HUUUGGGSS everyone*

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Sunday, December 10, 2006


hey guys, i havent started on the chibi pic @_@ lolz. dont worry tho ^^ ill get on that soon...once i practice drawing everyone's hair style. xD

My friend finally joined MyO!!! XD His name is Mr. Cloud! XD plz visit him...it would mean alot to me...9_9

i'll go visit sites now. ^^ byez!! I LUVZ ALL OF UUUU! *HUUUUGGGGGGGG*

EDIT: sorry i didnt have enough time to visit everyone's site T_T maybe i will later tho...


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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

=D im at skool right now!

Ok i wanna draw this thing with you guys as chibi's with different funny expressions =D if u wanna be in my pic fill out the thingy below! ^^


Random facial expression (if u have a pic of the facial expression u want just PM me =D) It HAS to be weird!--

Hair style--

Hair color--

Shirt color--

I'll check for ur comments probably over the weekend ^^ and make sure ur facial expression isnt taken already O_o (1st come 1st serve)

i really dont know wut to say right now lol. i dont think im gonna make a 2nd KH comic...=_= its not going to well...instead i'll just make a whole bunch of little comix and mash it all into one HUGE comic thingy. ^^ its probably gonna be about what hapens when Akari lives with the ppl...and random stuff happens...yaaaaaaaaahh...@_< i think thats about it lol. byez!


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Saturday, December 2, 2006

   I'M FEELING THIS! *headbanging*


lol its like 2 something A.M. right now ^^ my mom's not coming back till like 10 lol. i wonder how long i could stay up...O_o

I finally got FFXII...but...i dont know how to use the potions T_T i kept going to the party menu and selecting everything...but nothing worked...does anyone know? O.o im still like in the beggining of the game with Vaan...

ok im watching .Hack/Roots and that guy with white hair looks so much like Sasuke its not even funny @__@ he's like...Sasuke's twin...with white hair...AHH! MY HEAD!! @__< *rolls on ground screaming*

~~5 min. later~~

lol. im ok now! ^.^

QUESTION!! (lol i rarely do this =P)
--Have any of u watched the videos i put up? O_o
--If you did, which one did u like best? ^^
--Do u know how to use potions in FFXII? T_T



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Friday, December 1, 2006


i submitted 4 new fanarts!! xD lolz...and i have no skool today!! ^__^ *throws confetti* w00t!
OH! omg a few days ago..i went to get my cheezits outta the cabinet and...THERE WAS ANTS CRAWLING ALL OVER THEM!! O_O i was screaming! lol. i had to..drench the cheese-it box in hot water...T____T *cries* SO MANY ANTS! it was so frikin scary O_o

anyways...i am sick..and...my ear is popping alot T_T hopefully i'll be able to sleep over at my friends house tomorrow...

ok i think im done here! =D i hope u guys are all having a great day!! imma go visit some sites now and maybe get a new CBOX lol...byez! *HUUUGG*


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Friday, November 24, 2006



Ok there's this really cool dude that u guys should visit =D his name is anime dude. lol we both think tridents are awsome!!! xD

LOL i have no idea =D i hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! ^^ did anyone have something instead of turkey? O_o i did lol. i had spicy chicken and tamales!! xD but the thing is...no one was eating except for me cuz they ate lotsa chips n dip before the food was done =.= everyone was watching me eat O__O it was an awkward moment lol! xD

anyways...I only had 3 hours of sleep xD it sux! lol. oh well...i guess i might take a nap...or not...=3 Im still working on my 2nd KH comix ==___== i had to re-do it like 11 times...and i still cant get it right...

i guess i've talked enough now lol. have a great day guys! ^^ *HUUGGG*


(oh btw, the name of my song is Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace, if anyone wants to know)

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

   i wish i wish i was a fish

ok hi pplz gotta make this kinda quick O.o i finally added stuff on my help site! xD if u click on the thing below my club link, it'll take u straight to it. ^^ please let me know if it'll help any of u...and any suggestions on it would be great!! xD ok byeZ! *HUGHUGHUGGLOMP*


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Friday, November 17, 2006

   Woahwohawoahlol. woha!

OK!!!!!~~~ O_O i got to sneek on my computer today! =D my bro has school and my mommeh's got work..so...IM FREEE!!! lol. dang i got alot of comments yesterday! O.o i WILL make sora do the chicken dance in my next comic! xD and maybe bring in kairi and oranization XIII O.o thanks guys! and um...OMG i got a comment from Kr4zY s4SuKe!! O__o HES ALIIIVVVEE!! (for now) *sigh* yayayayayay! i get a WHOLE week off for thanxgivin!! xD YAAAYY!! w00tErz! well, i gotta work on some stuf..before my mommeh gets home..-.- HAVE A GREAT DAY GUYS!! XD


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Thursday, November 16, 2006


hey guys...im not sure if i'll be able to post pics and stuff..cuz i think im gonna get grounded lol. xD maybe if i'm lucky my mommy will forget about it...and i can submit stuff and comment on ur sites...^^ well, im working on a second kingdom hearts comix...if you guys got any ideas, that'd be great! O.o hope u all have a great day! xD byez! *hugs all*

--Aerith ¢ú

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Monday, November 13, 2006

   Hey guys!

lol yesterday i saw The Punisher..it was a really good movie ^^ also...um...OH! my other 2 comix came in xD plz read them and tell me wut u think (if you want) ^__^ yeah...i think that's all i got to say right now...LOVE YOU GUYS!! byyyeee!!


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