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Saturday, November 11, 2006

   hello hello hello

YO! xD hows everyones day going?!? lol i just woke up. ^^ anyways...man i've been like attacked by ants! O_o there's too many in my house..T_T it sux!! they get on my keyboard too...-_- oh well...

TOMORROW IS ANGEL ZAKURO'S BIRTHDAY!! YAAAAYYY!!! happy bday again angel zakuro!! xD

oh, lol, thank you everyone who commented on my art and my fan manga! xD glad you pplz liked it! w00t! (my kh comix r finally here lol)...um...i dunno wut to say now. O_o oh well...lol i guess i'll go make myself some avatars again...^^ bye guys!! *hugs* *throws a pie at gaara* lol. sorry ^.^

--Aerith ♥

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Friday, November 10, 2006

   yo yo yo!

i bet lots of you didnt go to school today...>_> LUCKYS!! lol. i had to go today...but my mommy picked me up early xD.

right now im just scanning some thingys...and making avatars for myself that i drew O_o pretty coolio. (lol, Angel Zakuro, sorry i didnt tell u i was Koyuki X ^_^ i was gonna tho O.o i guess i forgot... ._.)

anyways...hows everyone doing? hows the weather where u are? over here its reaaaalllyy hot! ._. and did anyone check out the anime and my fanart i told y'all about in the last post?

well, i think i've written enough...OH! i think im gonna submit my KH comix!! they were on my other site, but i deleted them...they're really cool. ^_^ i think most of u will like them!

LOVE YA!! *hugs everyone* *gives the78thdude a quarter* <<---r4nD0m x3 byezz!!! ♥


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Saturday, November 4, 2006


lol i dunno. ^^ ok ok...i KNOW i had something to say...>_> gosh i cant remember...oh well.
hows everyone doing on this fine saturday? ^^ its kinda hot over here..-.- i think im gonna go to tha movies with my step dad and bro O.o

ok my fanart is up! w00t!! plz comment! xD i love comments on fanart ^.^

ok...uh...OH! there is this new anime i just found that is THE MOST HILARIOUS anime I EVER saw!! x3 ITS SO FRIKIN AWSOME U HAVE TO SEE IT!! lololololoollllljiojwkejfo;a heh..
It's called Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu, but on youtube you can just type in Jungle guu lol! ITS SO FUNNY! xD XD XD X D

XxKawaiixX, i pmed u!! O__o didya get it????

um..yah...i think thats it O.o LOVE U GUYS!! ♥♥ byebyebyebyebyebyebyebyebyechicken

--Aerith ♥

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Friday, November 3, 2006

   HEY ALL You PPL!!

ok..yah i changed my theme...and..i added some fanart!! ^_^ YAY fanart!! (but none are in color) BOO no color!! heh heh heh...well...how is everyone?? and how was everyone's halloween? ^_^ did anyone cosplay? lol. i just randomly picked stuff outta my closet! o.o mweheheh...i really dun feel like typing...my hand hurt T_T well....BYE!! and plz watch for my fanart! i know its coming O_O LOBS JOOZ!!!! *HUGS everyone*

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Sunday, October 15, 2006


Hey guys!! i missed all of yoooouuu!!! *SOB* omg i wanna thank EVERYONE that wished me a belated bday!! lol. ^___^ *hugs everyone* and also thanks to all the ppl that commented on my last post!! w00t!! i love you guys T_____T sorry i havent been around.....its so frikin hard to get on the computer when summer ends....dang skool.

well, i got back from seeing the Grudge 2. It wasnt even scary >_> i think the 1st one was WAAAYYYY better lolz.

so how has everyone been doing? ive been doing ok...i cant wait for skool to be over lol! x3

i think i'm gonna submit some new fanart soon...and maybe even some of my random comix =P heh...OH YEA!! i changed my layout! (if you havent noticed(which is impossible to not notice)(lol parenthesis within parenthesis)()) ok...well, i think my mommy is gonna yell at me...

BYE EVERYONE!!!! *GLOMP* lubs jooz! ♥♥♥

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Friday, September 22, 2006


ok...i havent been on in a LOONGG time...>_< lol...well...heres wuts been happening.

skool started last week for me! w00t finally...so far i hate it lol. its so BORING!! and the class is so small...one of my classed only has 7 ppl in it >_> yah and last sunday was my bday! w00t! im one year older!! xD lol.

anyways...i just found out that a guy that i once liked a long time ago totally hates me...i dont even know wut i did to make him hate me! WUT IS WRONG WITH HIM!!! he says i 'screwd him over' somehow...T_T i thought he was my friend.....*sigh* i really gotta get new friends here...all my friends have been leaving me and not talking to me...its...sad...i feel so lonely sometimes...

well, heres the comic i had on my other site. (Kuroganes Angel) oh and i havent finished the help site yet..im still working on it...>_<


ok im done. O.o *HUGHUGGLOMP*

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Saturday, September 9, 2006


I finally got to login to this account again. ^^ yay! but it only works sometimes...T__T

for anyone who doesnt know...i wasnt able to login before, so i made a new account. i signed alot of ur gb's again, but some of u didnt seem to notice...T___T well, if i didnt sign ur gb, please stop by my other site! ^^ it's Kuroganes Angel

well, enough about that. ^^ i've been working on an Otaku help site for all the pplz who need help on MyOtaku.com. It's not quit finished yet...but...it's getting there. ^.^ w00t! and..im..home alone...right now...>_< ITS SO FREAKY!! I keep hearing things..lol.

i guess i'll work on the help site now...BYEZ!! *hughugGLOMP*

(p.s. Kr4zY s4sUke cant get on cuz of skool. thats for whoever knows him.)

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Friday, September 1, 2006


Im leaving for Las Vegas today!! O__o omg im so excited!!! T_T but im also scared....i heard that ppl got raped over there....AH! i hope it dont happen to me...T_____T *sobs* wish me luck plz!!

ok. sorry if i dont visit all ur sites. its 8 A.M. right now...and this is the last time im getting on the computer today...IMMA MISS ALL OF U!!! *HUGHUG*

goodbye my dearest friends!

--Aerith ¢¾

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


hey pplz! ^^ Thanks everyone who went and visited my friend, The Darkest Angel!! i really appreciate it. *smile*

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Saturday, August 26, 2006


sorry guys i dont have any time to visit today...T_T

i found a REALLY old friend the other day. O_o her name's The Darkest Angel. She used to be Urameshi grl182 a really long time ago...she forgot her password..>_> well..can u guys plz visit her? T_T i'd mean alot to me...she's just..so lonely...and i dont want her to stop MyO again. sorry. u dont have to if u dont wanna.

well, bye guys!!I LUVS ALL OF YA!! *HUGHUGGLOMPGLOMP* ¢¨ú

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