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Sunday, April 29, 2007


HI GUYS! ^__^ hows everyone doing? And how's school? O.o I know I havent been updating in a long time...I'm sorry T_T I gotta blame my school for this!! But anyways...I GOT THE AKATSUKI COAT!! x3 So that means...I'm probably gonna be Itachi for the Anime Expo =D yay! AND IM EATING POPTARTS RIGHT NOW!! YAY! and it's 11:38 PM xD I'm cool like that =3 Sorry i cant see all you guy'zes sites T_T *hugs all* IM SORRY!! I might be able to tomorrow >_> maybe...if i'm lucky...but yeah =__= ok see ya!!
And plz check out my best friend's manga when u have the chance =D she's soooo cool! and i've known her since 3rd grade and she draws really good too!! ♥ Her name's Narutogifmaker ^_^ It would be so nice if you did check out her stuff =3 ok byez!! *GLOMP*

--Aerith ♥

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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Lol I just ate soup for dinner =3 i dunno why im eating dinner at 10:00 but that doesnt matter x3

OH YEAH!! plz check out my new little comic ;_; It's so alone and comment-less...*hugs* LMAO! ok um...im probably gonna visit all of you tomorrow morning! =D YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY ZOMG! bye xD *HUGGLEZ*

--Aerith ♥

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Monday, April 9, 2007


HI EVERYONE!!! ^___^ how's everyone been? lol. lotsa new stuff has happend to me O_O First, i got a hair cut! w00t! its all short-like =D but lots of ppl said i look emo O.o Its not my fault my bangs are too long >_> lol. OH! at school, i was called hot by a girl! XD lol it was funny. =D she's like "ZOMG u looks so hot!" im like "...ok...O_o;" lololololzzz...im kinda hyper @_@ but yeah...ok...yeah..uh huh...thats how it is. Lol i just noticed im watching Beauty and the Geek! XD ive never seen this show O.o *watches*...

OH YEAH!! if you havent noticed, i changed my theme :3 yesh its CLUB-TO-DEATH ANGEL, DOKURO-CHAN!!! LMAO I LOVE THIS SHOW TO DEEAATTHTHH!! *dies* heh...you should watch it =D unless you dont like blood...and it kinda has...sexual themes O_o but its really funny x3

ok ok ok...well, im on spring break now...and im home alone...in the dark...alone.........*chicken dance* MWAHAHAHAAA!! man i havent drawn for almost a week >_> ddoohh...

OH! i tried this really good stuff! my bestestest friend introduced me to it =D its called Mochi! its soooooo gooooodd!! its like...icecream with..stuff around it O_o mweh..i want some now T.T i forgot the other stuff that i had with my friend ._.

anyways, so how was everyone's Easter? ^^ all i did was go to church and the movies ._. OH YEAH!! i saw The Reaping and Premonition. They were really interesting!! x3 oh man..ive written alot O_o well, i'll go visit all of you! ♥ BYYEEEEE!!! *HUGGLEGLOMPERZ*

--Aerith ♥

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Thursday, March 29, 2007


I died again...im sorry T_T i wish i had more computer time...I'll try to visit everyone on the weekend k? ^_^ hope everyone's doing great and i hope u havent forgotten about me or think im ignoring you or something T_T Well, here's one of the CUTEST amv's EVER! @_@ It's Tamaki Suou from Ouran High School Host Club =D

[It's small O.o]

lol i love you guys! ^_^ *SUPERAWSOMEHUG*

---Aerith ♥

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

   Hey buddies!! ^__^

Happy St. Patty's Day!! =D lol i had no idea today was that day...oh well. ^_^ Im glad to be back on again. w00t! im just finished my new theme but i havent put it up yet O.o Its so...dark...lol. u'll see!

anyways...I scanned the 1st 4 pages of the new
KH comix!! (gosh finally!) Oh and i found out im probably gonna move to another place .__. my mom already looked at the apartments and she said they were better...Im kinda excited right now lol ^_^

OH! i found out that Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNICLES Is coming out in an English dub!! @__@ Vic Mignogna (voice actor of Edward Elric and Dark Mousy) He's gonna do Fai's voice!!! =O I cant picture him as Fai =__= oh well...lol i hope they dont pronounce the names wrong..>_> that would suck.

ok so yah...thats it! lol. ^^ Here's some questions!!

1) If you could make any anime/manga/video game character real-life, who would it be? (only pic one)
My answer: KUROGANE!!

2) Which anime/manga/videogame would u most likely be in???
My answer: I'd probably be in Jungle Wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu xD

3) What's the most random thing anyone's ever said to you? =P
My answer: "You're my cute cuddly wuddly koala " some random guy in my school said that to me >.> lol.

OK!! bye! *hugs everyone*

Dont pinch me >.< im not wearing green...


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Friday, March 16, 2007

   oh gosh, guys...

I CAME BACK AND CHECKED MY PM'Z AND THERE WAS 95 UNREAD MESSAGES!!! @___@ DWAHH! and there was more..but i forgot which one's i answered and wich one's i didnt T__T nuuuuu~!

anyways...how u guys doing? ^^ i finally get a chance to relax and get on my puter! now i can finally visit everyone =D =D i hope none of u have deleted me T_T (ive already found 1 friend so far that has deleted me from their buddy list...) it sux lol but i'll get over it >_>

i keep forgetting wut i was gonna say T_T ive been thinkin up stuff to say while i was gone and now i forgot!!! @__@ oh well T_T

oh, and anyone that wanted to join a club, im sorry its taking me this long to get u the banners >_> my life is kinda screwed up right now and its hard for me to think straight T__T im sorry...*bows* well...bye guys! i'll visit u now. ^^ LOVE YA! *HUUUUUGGGG ATTACK*


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Tuesday, March 6, 2007


sorry i havent updated or visited anyone in a long time...some otaku sites havent worked on my compy. all ive been doing is answering some PM's. Im doing this at school btw T_T i only got like a min. left...bye...*SUPER HUG*


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Monday, February 19, 2007

   ok so...

YO!! XD ok..my fanmanga is FINALLY up @__@ i didnt know if it would come...lol. ^^ plz read it T_T it would mean so much to me if my buddies read it! =D oh, and i've made a Misuzu wallpaper ^^

and...my friends coming back from Japan today!! O__O i cant wait to hear about it!! omg..ive missed her soooo much!! @__@ eheheh...ok um..thats about all i have to say >_> my post's suck! lol. ^^ thank you all for reading these XD i'll visit you all now...or at least..i'll try to visit you all T_T I LOVE YOU ALL!! *SUPERAWSOMECOOLHUGGLOMP*


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Saturday, February 17, 2007

   Hello! ^^ gosh..its 1 A.M. xD

wuts up guys?? how was your valentines day? i got a valentine....FROM MY MOM! XD lol. and...a dude thats liked me for 3 years but hasnt asked me out yet...(i hope he doesnt) lol. OH! new stuff, yo!

--1 fanart
--4 wallpapers

yeeeaaahhhh..im really sorry i couldnt visit u guys b4 T_T i missed doing that...but..i'll visit the ppl that upgraded now...so...bye!! *hugs everyone*

--Aerith ♥

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! sorry i couldnt go and visit u guys lately T_T i cant go on my computer at home...im doing this from the school computer and im typing as fast as i can @___@ so...yeah..i might be able to go on on saturday or somthing..hope you guys are having a great week! ^__^ love ya!! *hugs all and gives everyone chocolate*

--Aerith ♥

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