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Thursday, September 13, 2007


ZOMG i luffs u guys :D!! *huggles*

ok zomg this weekend im celebrating my bday x3 [even if my bday is on monday -.-;] I CANT WAIT ZOMG!! I'LL FINALLY BE 16 AND I CAN GET A DRIVERS PERMIT AND A JOB!! :D hee hee. I hope my school friends dont forget my bday ;__; last year they did...It was depressing lol. but yeah Ive been obsessed with permanent markers and drawing stuff all over my folders. Maybe i'll scan them when i have time :3 lol theyre so random xD So how's school? ^^ OH!! And dun forget to check out my fanart for my pokepeople :D [I havent added any new ones tho...>_>] ok that is all. Goodbye my otaku buddies. *hugs everyone*

--Aerith ♥

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Monday, September 10, 2007

   1st day of skool

Yeah so today wuz my first day of school...and it was interesting...there wasnt any new ppl in my grade >_> but oh well...at least the ppl that i talk to are there :3 All we did today was talk about the rules and junk. x3 that is all. Sorreh for this extrememly boring post ^~^;

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Saturday, September 8, 2007


NEW FANART WOO!! lolz I made PokePeople! ♥ So far i got Charizard, Dragonair, Gengar, Wooper, and Cleffa...I will be drawing more pokemon as ppl..Yeah so if anyone wants to request a pokemon, let me know. ^____^ OK?! OOKKK?!?!?!?!?!! AAHH!! ok. 8] But I might not draw it if the pokemon is too hard for me to draw...o.o just letting u know now...^^ OK BYEZ!! And I wont be visiting sites today...


--Aerith ♥

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Thursday, September 6, 2007


Today's orientation for me...hopefully I get the classes I need >_> like chemistry...last year they didnt have chemistry ;_; and i hope theres new teachers this year -.- my old teachers suck!! And my lil brother will be going to the same school ._. [hopefully he wont bug me] And I just started a slimfast diet cuz i gained sum weight during the summer haha xD

PLZ check out my KH comix! O.o I made a new cover, and added more pages! And I added more fanart..yeah...

And Claes, my birthday is on the 17th ^.^ YAY FOR ODD NUMBERS!! XD

I have no idea wut im gunna do for my birthday >_> my mom sez i shoulda already thought about it...BUT I HAVE NO CLUE!! O.o any suggestions?? plz T^T

Have a great week everyone!! ^_^ *huggles*

--Aerith ♥

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Ok so i changed my theme...what do ya think about it? ^.^ lolz i cant wait till my bday. x3 IMMA BE 16, YO!! MWAHAHAHA!!! AANNDDD I added more pages to my KH comix!! anyways...GAHH!! XD I've been tagged by Fantasy Hearts~♥ So here it goes...


1. Post these rules
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal/blog of these facts.
4. At the end of this list 8 more people are tagged and named.
5. Go to their page and leave a comment/message telling them you have tagged them.

::Random Facts::

1. I'm a mix of many nationalities. x3
2. I get really hyper/horny when i drink Mountain Dew .__.
3. I sing really loud in the shower :D
4. I just had Deja Vu about tying these facts O.o
5. I think my best friend's cousin is effin' hawt @_@
6. Im afraid of being forgotten...
7. I love making ppl laugh! =D that's my whole reason for making my manga.
8. I forgot to eat breakfast 2 days in a row O.o

::Those Tagged::
1. Asuka-104
2. Angel Zakuro
3. Azunaruto
4. Fanadic
5. UzumakiKitai
6. Fire Fox Sakurie
7. cloudyboy
8. 9Breaker

yeah ok thats enough of that x3 Have a great week everyone!! >:] *hides under bed*


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Monday, September 3, 2007

   *evil laughter*

I'M BACK!!!! I moved to my new place a few weeks ago, but i didnt have internet @__@ I missed all of you very much!! ^.^ I'll try to visit you guys tomorrow...cuz today im just gunna post up fanart and some fanmanga and stuff...I hope none of you have forgotten me T^T And i just wanna apologize to lots of you for not answering your PM...Theres just WAY too many ppl that pm'ed me @__@ and sumone's been checking my messeges so i dont know which one's ive checked...^^; ummm...OH and i'll try to update more. :D and visit ppl more...yeaeeaaaaahlhaljealejlkrjaew'aealw;ej ok im seriously tired...im still moving stuff in...there's boxes surrounding me and its extremely hot over here @.@ ok its scanning time!! x3 see ya! *hugs everyone*

--Aerith ¢

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Saturday, July 28, 2007


ok...im not like leaving for ever. Its just things are getting complicated cuz im moving and right now im going to be living with my aunt for a month, so my computer's put away somewhere and im using my aunts labtop ^^; yeah...i'll probably be back when we get our own place. And also, I dont have a scanner >.>

I wanna thank all of you for being there for me! ^^ *huggles everyone* And thanks for all your support! =] See ya around!

--Aerith ¢

And again, if you have msn messenger, my email is jjxkiyalforeverz@hotmail.com

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Friday, July 27, 2007

   sorry!! ^^;

ok if anyone has msn messenger and you wanna add me, my email is:jjxkiyalforeverz@hotmail.com

;_; sorry i havent been on in forever...i kinda gave up long ago...

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

   AX!!! see me there =D

Hi pplz!! ok if anyone's going to da Anime Expo look for me!! I'll be a tanned Itachi lol. and my friend's going as miroku and my other friends a skool girl =D (sorry this is a random post i just need to know i dun have much time this isnt my computer T__T so PM me k?) LOVE YOU GUYS!! and during the summer i'll visit everyone like almost everyday!! i promise!!

--Aerith ¢

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

   ZOMG IM SO HAPPY!! ^___^

HELLO!!! AH I HAVENT BEEN ON IN SO LONG IM SORRY FOR MY ABSENSE!! I promise that during the summer i'll visit all of you alot!! ^^ gosh i cant wait till schools over =__= School's killing me T_T but anyways...

Did you all get or make something for your mommeh for Mother's Day?! =D I drew her a perty picture! ^_^ i might scan it later. ._. but besides all that...MY FRIEND BOUGHT ME POKEMON PEARL VERSION!! x3 ZOMG!! I didnt think he'd actualy buy it O_o its such an awsome game ^^

I'll visit you guys all after this =D

OH YEAH!! CLICK HERE!! Its my bestest friends fan manga!! ♥ IM IN IT!! w00t!!! That has made me very very happy!

ah crap my dad's here =__= darn...I'll do my best to visit all of you today T__T OH! and i got new fanart and fanmanga up! =D plz check that out if you have time. ^^ I love all of you!! see ya!! *HUGGLEZ everyone and gives out cookies*

--Aerith ♥

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