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Friday, May 14, 2010

Slow internet is killing me!
Internet is slower than death a lot of the time around here. How am I supposed to get anything done xD

There is some good news! I finally was able to talk to Brother Tutton's office (I believe he's in charge of work and things like that), and this guy (I didn't catch his name- I'm so bad)said that I could possibly just start working at Americall (telemarketing job) May 31st. This is big news! Most people around here hate working Americall, but I need to work and need the money, so I'm estatic! I'm going to be praying myself up for this one, that God will prepare and help me while working there. So that was amazing news. It realllllyyyy is!

Tomorrow is the division picnic for Division 5 of the bus ministry. Saturdays we ussually go to Chicago for soul winning, and I don't think we'd just not do that, so I don't know how that will work, but I'm looking forward to it. Also, God blessed me this week (he blesses me every day but here is one XD). Miss Lisa, one of my floor captains was giving away clothes she didn't want/need. I was able to get this pink-ish/salmon colored long sleeved sheet and this beige over vest thingy that look great together. I was uber excited because I need more clothes! Praise God!

I've been in a really good mood today! Right now I'm starving though, so I'm a lil woozy ha ha xD What else....Going to work on planning out my summer. There were two sermons (Chapel during the week and on Wednesday night) over time and time management. So lets do that now! I don't know what time breakfast is during the summer, so I'll have to adjust when I know that. It might still be at 7, so if so I'd get up at 6:30.

7:00am- 7:45am wake up and take shower, get ready
7:45am- 8:30am Read Bible and Pray
8:30- 9:30am ....

ACtually, I just might wait a little to see what exactly I'm going to have to do xD. I know we still have Chapel, and the bus would leave for work at 2:30. I would work from 2:30pm - 9:00pm, or sometime around that. I don't know, but I'll figure it out.

I should prolly try to send out some e-mails, then go back to my room and work on my last speech, then go to dinner. Amen for fewdz xD

Luffs! <3 <3 <3

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Wow Y'll
It has been a while! I don't have long to type but I hope to update here at least once a week, and I'll be uploading some art here and there, too!

Oh, and on Mondays at 5 (it would be 6 Maine time, if that helps) I go on Iscrib in a private room called Foalchu Hermosa Aria. If you give me your Iscrib names I'll be happy to add you so we can chat <3 And since anyone on here would be a friend anyways, friends only. You know who you are. I'll only be on for an hour though.

More next week, or maybe earlier <33 LUFFSS

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

   Just got done watching Polar Express. It was awesome, and I fell in love with this song:

I've been thinking lately. Life is a lot about leaving, and being left. Sometimes you'll see them again, sometimes you won't. Like the awesome teachers or professors, the classmates you never really talked to, or just the class atmosphere. Missing people when you move, or just missing them because you don't see them often. Missing people who you will never in your life on earth see again. Missing people who are still around. Missing the simple things, the food you grew up on.

Thinking more, I'm being treated more like an adult roughly, when i want to be treated like someones kid. I want that parental thing....the atmosphere.....It's hard to explain and I don't know if anyone knows what I mean.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Mood:: Content Photobucket

I've figured out my finals schedule, which I only have one on Wed and thats it XDDD Tis in Physics, and thats fine with me XD

My friend Nikol is back from Indiana, and that makes meh happiez <3333 She got back on Monday I think, but I didn't know she was back til yesterday. I got on the church bus, and the minute foot hit the last step, she bolts out from the seat and practically gives me heart failure XD She'll be coming to my graduation on Sunday, and hopefully to the my grad party afterward <3 I can't wait for this week to be over. I've been trying to work on the backdrop for grad, but I haven't been able to find any help, which frustrated me today. (part of doing it is tracings a transparency up onto paper, and that requires standing on a ladder. Standing on a ladder by yourself is dangerous XD) Luckily, Mrs. Allen (art teacher) rounded up some seniors during 6th period today, so a lot got done. Finally.

And that's all I have to gab about for the moment XD

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mood:: Tired

Mmmm I've been pretty tired since Sunday. It was 'Cowboy Carnival Sunday' at church, So we were there longer, and there was 40 kids on our bus. They try to have the kids sing as loud as they can, so imagine 40 kids screaming and hollering at the top of their lungs. It was loud. Very loud XD It kinda gave me a headache, and I've been wiped since then. But thats ok.

There is 19 days before I graduate. It's almost over. So SOOOO close. Summer can't come fast enough, I want to sleep in XD Though, if I get a job picking strawberries I'll be up from 7am-12noon picking, so thus I won't get to sleep in everyday anyway. Huh XD

Killing some time in Independent Psych. I've got like forty mins or so of nothing, and no book to read because I couldn't find one in the school library. I'll go to the town library sometime this afternoon hopefully.

Speaking of this afternoon, Pat, Neil, and their grandson Brandon went to a Red Sox baseball game today. They don't expect to be home until the wee hours of the morning, so I've got the house to myself today. I will dine on raviolis and lounge the day away. I lurve raviolis |3

I moved my room around on Saturday. I like it, much more room now. Haven't been sleeping well though. I sleep all night, but I think the quality of sleep is lacking. I also wake up an hour before I have to, which is annoying.

This post is never ending XD


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Monday, May 11, 2009

Funtown Splashtown...USA! XD
Mood:: Content

Yep, on Thursday, all the Physics classes are going to Funtown Splashtown, though splashtown isn't open yet. If your wondering what Funtown is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMNamEsHzBM XD I didn't know until recently that it was only in Maine XD I think we have to be at the school at 6:30am, and will get back to school at 3:00pm. But, of course, we can't go to Funtown and just have fun, there must be work involved. Work that happens to be a GINORMOUS packet that will take forever to do XD Blah.

In other news, Thursday night is my final chorus concert. So yay. I need to get to Wal-Mart and get some pants for it. I have nothing that is colored and dressy, in pants anyways XD Mmm thats kinda it on the home front XD

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Mood:: Content Photobucket

Ma-chan went home not to long ago. We had a lot of fun hanging out for the last few days x3 We went on a walk for every day since Tuesday. Wednesday's walk killed my legs XD I haven't walked a lot for like the past year, and we walked like 3-4 miles in a row |3 I was ready to die when we got back xD We didn't walk a lot yesterday due to the fact that I was dying XD The rest of the time we played with Spookum, watched movies (sooo many movies XD) and just hung out <333

I had my last Psychology class for the college course i'm taking last night. All thats left is the final which I'm gonna start here soon. Its been a good vaca, for once x3 My friend Nikol, who is in college in Indianna, called me last night to, which was awesome.

Hope you guys are having a good week <3 >w<

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mood:: Content/Tired

Hay everyone~ <333 I'm kinda content, but not....s'kinda weird XD Pat came home today, and I missed her. I'm glad shes back, her and all her awnry XDD Her and Neil are gonna come with me to that honors grad meeting tomorow, and the one on the 26th. Makes meh happy, that, and Neil would be so out of place if it was just me and him (he's quite and introverted like me XD). Also, I got honor role this quarter! All A's cept for a B (an 87) in Physics <3 More senior priv's >D bwahahah, Senior skip day is this Friday, but I'm not gonna skip. Seems kinda pointless to me, i spose XP

In other news, I might have complained to some of you that I didn't feel that me and Mambo were close friends anymore. Thats all fixed now, it was just because we didn't talk much, cuz she can't call long distance and I'm HORRIBLE with the phone XD I never remember to call and if I do i'm paranoid i'm just gonna bother ppl |3' Mambo knows i'm bad with the phone, i have been for the entire like 8 or 9 years shes been my best friend XD So we're cool now. Shes going through a rough spot, so i tried to console and cheer her up for the hour we talked this afternoon. Pray for her mah lovelies D:!

Welll thats about it XD Man, I love writing MyO journals XD

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Mood:: Eh Photobucket

Not bleh, and not completely eh, but eh enough xD

So my weekend didn't go as planned (see last journal). Didn't go to the movies on Saturday cuz my friend's boyfriend's truck broke down. Which was all fine and dandy. We said we'd go yesterday around seven, if I heard right. Well, she never called nor showed up. I'm giving the benefit of the doubt, see as how we lost power and she might of tried to call and couldn't of gotten through (digital phone/cable/internet). She could of called/txt'd me on my tracfone, though. I don't know what happend yet. For good measure, I'm not going to say anything, going to act as if it never happend. If something went ah-rye, she should tell me, or maybe I'll make her feel bad by not saying anything, and that'll also make her tell me. Its kinda petty, the whole thing, actually xD I shouldn't even bother but I'm curious and alil dismayed for my own good. Who knows, maybe something bad would of happened this weekend if I went, and God prevented it. Yea xD

ANYWAYS. Dinner went very well <3333 I acutally got my dictator Uncle (HITLAH D< *not really hitler ppl, chill XD*) to shaddap for once (he was being a pain, as always, but in a kidding way). Then my cousin's daughter, Jayden. Oh goodness XD Shes ...a year and....7 months, and got this plastic volkswagen car that she can ride in fro christmas. Well, the snow is mostly gone so we brought her outside to play with it. She'd open the door, get in, drive a couple feet, open the door, get out, and do it all over again xD Then she'd go get her mom or my uncle and bring them to the car and do it. Shes precious XD

Church on Sunday went pretty well to, I was glad to be in church <3

On the 16th, i have to meet the school board/committee ppl cuz I'm an honors grad. I DO NOT WANNA. XD Neil is gonna go with me, if Pat isn't home from her sister's yet (she might be coming back Tues). Ehhhhmmmm...eh I dunno xD

Cheerio daaaahhlinz <3

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mood:: Tired/Content Photobucket

So i was awoken about 7:30, by Spook knocking over the plastic cup I put water in for my watercolors. This cup happens to be sitter on my computer desk. The lil blighters lucky it did hit anything XD The water in the cup must have mostly evaporated cuz there wasn't a lot. Evil lil furball :B

In other news, My Aunt + other family is having Easter/Resurrection day dinner today; I'm guessing this is because my uncles and brother don't have to work today. I'll be skipping over there around 11:00 or so <3333 After that, my friend Izzy asked me if I wanted to go to the movies today; i'll be calling her when I get home. I think she said we were gonna see Fast and Furious O3o I don't know if this is number w/e, i don't think I saw the first 2 XD (is there 2? XD)

So yeaa I actually have plans today xD WOO ^ >w< ^

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