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Saturday, April 11, 2009

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So i was awoken about 7:30, by Spook knocking over the plastic cup I put water in for my watercolors. This cup happens to be sitter on my computer desk. The lil blighters lucky it did hit anything XD The water in the cup must have mostly evaporated cuz there wasn't a lot. Evil lil furball :B

In other news, My Aunt + other family is having Easter/Resurrection day dinner today; I'm guessing this is because my uncles and brother don't have to work today. I'll be skipping over there around 11:00 or so <3333 After that, my friend Izzy asked me if I wanted to go to the movies today; i'll be calling her when I get home. I think she said we were gonna see Fast and Furious O3o I don't know if this is number w/e, i don't think I saw the first 2 XD (is there 2? XD)

So yeaa I actually have plans today xD WOO ^ >w< ^

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