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Monday, April 13, 2009

Mood:: Eh Photobucket

Not bleh, and not completely eh, but eh enough xD

So my weekend didn't go as planned (see last journal). Didn't go to the movies on Saturday cuz my friend's boyfriend's truck broke down. Which was all fine and dandy. We said we'd go yesterday around seven, if I heard right. Well, she never called nor showed up. I'm giving the benefit of the doubt, see as how we lost power and she might of tried to call and couldn't of gotten through (digital phone/cable/internet). She could of called/txt'd me on my tracfone, though. I don't know what happend yet. For good measure, I'm not going to say anything, going to act as if it never happend. If something went ah-rye, she should tell me, or maybe I'll make her feel bad by not saying anything, and that'll also make her tell me. Its kinda petty, the whole thing, actually xD I shouldn't even bother but I'm curious and alil dismayed for my own good. Who knows, maybe something bad would of happened this weekend if I went, and God prevented it. Yea xD

ANYWAYS. Dinner went very well <3333 I acutally got my dictator Uncle (HITLAH D< *not really hitler ppl, chill XD*) to shaddap for once (he was being a pain, as always, but in a kidding way). Then my cousin's daughter, Jayden. Oh goodness XD Shes ...a year and....7 months, and got this plastic volkswagen car that she can ride in fro christmas. Well, the snow is mostly gone so we brought her outside to play with it. She'd open the door, get in, drive a couple feet, open the door, get out, and do it all over again xD Then she'd go get her mom or my uncle and bring them to the car and do it. Shes precious XD

Church on Sunday went pretty well to, I was glad to be in church <3

On the 16th, i have to meet the school board/committee ppl cuz I'm an honors grad. I DO NOT WANNA. XD Neil is gonna go with me, if Pat isn't home from her sister's yet (she might be coming back Tues). Ehhhhmmmm...eh I dunno xD

Cheerio daaaahhlinz <3

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