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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wah! Church ILU
Mood:: Amazing Photobucket

Weekend is a win so far XD Friday I got my hair cut up to my shoulders; around 5 inches was cut o3o It needed it badly, I had some gnarly dead ends XD Today we had a youth rally at my church. Pastor Scott Grey, from Indiana, preached. He's AMAZING. I could of listened to him prattle on forever. He's hilarious to dude, no joke. I had to wear a skirt, which i kinda was whining about. I also kinda whined about going kinda on my own. Tis my usual pre-outing-freakout. But everything went great, as it normally does. And I'm happy. And my grammar right now it terrible XXDDDD I'll be going to church again tomorrow, and I was told Pastor Grey was preaching again, so i can't wait <3

Art wise...yikes. XD A couple friends of mine, from school, like attacked me to make them tattoo designs on Thursday xD I was sitting in the senior lounge alone during my 1st period study hall. The lounge is right off the cafeteria, and it was dead silent. I'm sitting there doing my psych 101 reading when Izzy pops out of no where and scares me half to death. I'm kinda jumpy for some reason |3 Anyways, so her and Megan come prattling in about me making them designs. Megan wants a wolf pup sitting with a moon, and Izzy wants a tribal heart. I've the basic designs down, I just need to play with the colors. I want to do that tomorow ~w~ I've never designed a tattoo before; it'll be kinda odd having my art on someones body xD But its also an honor for them to want me to do it, seeing as if they actually get them its like permanent. Well, permanent unless you want to get shot at by lasers XD

I'm rambling, Blacky over and out |3

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Youth rally thing
Mood:: Happy Photobucket

I'm in a pretty good mood today 8D

Today, from 3-6, I'm going to a youth rally at my church. I've fought all my feelings of 'I don't wanna go' which I think comes from the fact that I don't do much normally. There's a preacher coming from Indiana that's sposed to be awesome. I've heard hes hilarious. My only qualm is that I have to wear a skirt, and I'm not comfortable in skirts XD My legs are gonna be rigid all night cuz I have to keep my knees together |D I'm a pants person. So that should be interesting. Another thing that kinda doesn't make sense is that the girls HAVE to wear skirts, and yet we're going to be playing some games to. I'm not sure the men know how awkward it is playing a game in a skirt, i'm so wearing sneakers |3 Of course, being a church, they're not gonna make us do to much, but still man xD Anywho this should be interesting. I'm also gonna kinda be fending for myself, in a social situation. Great. XD

WHY do I do this to myself |DD'' Oh well, doing it for God and such, so here we go >A
Have a good day duckies <3

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

   Laptop yo'
Mood:: Content Photobucket

I need to get that blah journal offa mah page >XD

Anywho. My laptop came today, So i'm currently on that <3 Its a red Dell Studio 15, and its so much win <3

Today was pretty normal, nothing to awesome but it was good none the less.

And that concludes this broadcast for today.


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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mood:: Apprehensive Photobucket

Tomorrow is gonna be...interesting. Its the year anniversary of my mom's death. It's been a year. A freaking year. I didn't even think of it til Pat mentioned it at dinner. My gosh.

;A; uwah~

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh my gosh!
Mood:: Excited Photobucket

I just checked my e-mail to find my psych professor had e-mailed me about my midterm grade, and she goes::

"Hi Samantha,

WOW, your exam was fantastic!! Very well written with so much detail it was almost dizzying! You are a fine writer with a style that is both academic and engaging without being dry. Very nice job! My only preference would have been for you to use chapter headers to distinguish between the chapters, but overall, great job!!

midterm: 98"

How amazing is that!!! I didn't think I did well at all. I thought I kinda strayed from the topic but wow! And this is my college course to, I'm so happy <3

I hope you guys are having a great day <3333333

Wahhh >W< Toodles mah lovelies <3

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Its almost my birfday I'll cry if I wanna~
Mood:: Wonderful Photobucket

First of all I wanna bring attention to this awesome birthday gift Hito-burrito mades me >w<

Isn't is adorable! I lurve it to death! Thanks again Leigha *lurvemauls*

In other news, tomorows my 18th birthday >w< Technically its tonight at 12:38 XD I think I might stay up late, see if I can make it til then >w< I'm not expecting anything great to happen tomorrow, but I'm just gonna be happy to be alive XD

So hows everyone? Like Anji had said, it seems really quiet around here lately.

Anywho, aye lurve yew all XD

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wah Love <3333
Mood:: Wonderful Photobucket

My Birthday is this coming Tuesday, on St. Patricks day <3333 This afternoon, Pat and Neil are taking me out to eat at this supposedly really good Chinese buffet place for my birthday <3333 Shes letting me invite my brother to, which makes me happy to no end >w< It makes it double good because my brother works a lot, and usually isn't home when i call or go visit (my uncle mike and uncle rich live there also so i visit with them to), but he told me that he doesn't have to work on Saturdays anymore. Hopefully I'll go visit him more now that i know he has Saturdays off <3 So yea, I'm hoping today will be a good day >w<

And Spook is once again lounging on my puter desk as I type XD

Toodles luffs <3

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

   GRARGH! Grargh to the highest degree D<
Mood:: furious Photobucket

Gosh. Lunch time right? I'm in the senior lounge eating lunch, which is hotdogs and hamburgers. Now, I dislike hotdogs. I wanted a hamburger, but the person in front of me took the last one. Mildly iff'd at this point. There was also curly fries, so that helped |3 I'm sitting at a small table in the lounge, while some other seniors eat and talk about unruly things. I mind my own bussiness. I dump my tray, return to my seat, and start to read. Well, a big shot thought it'd be funny to shut the light off. He saw me reading. I KNOW he saw me reading. He does it on and off twice, i shrug it off. I thought he stopped, so I continue reading. I believe he didn't get the reaction he was going for, so he thought he'd see how far he could push me. He proceeds to flick the lights multiple times, so i just left the lunch room. He wasn't going to get a rise out of me, oh no, I wasn't going to give him that pleasure. I went to library, and finished reading my book til the bell rang. D< Now, I'm not the target of bullying or mocking. People generally are really nice to me, or they leave me alone. This kid has a habit of messing with everyone. Most take it as a joke, but I'm so not in the mood for jokes =='

And also, before that in English class. Sometimes I SWEAR my english teacher is out to depress me. I know shes not, but sometimes it seems like she is =3=. We have journals, and our assignment is to write who are heroes are, and what stands in our way. Ye know what stands in my way? The fact that I'm sorta emotionally traumatized D< And now, I have to write about that, because anything else would be a lie.

I'll prolly end up deleting this later. Also, I need to make a small snarly icon to go with my icon set |3'

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Psychology Midterm
Mood:: Working Photobucket

My midterm for my college psych course was posted on Friday. We have to write 8-10 pages over chapters 1-10. We have to write like we're explaining the field of psych to a friend who's considering what to major in. Writing 8-10 pages isn't really all that hard whens there's so much information to write about. Just be diligent in working on it and your good XD. Frankie (professor) gave us a tip to summarize each chapter into about a page, so that made it even easier. Its due on the 13th. I have chapter 1 all written about, now I'm working on chapter 2, and I should be done that in a bit :> I've been told that I'm really descriptive in my writing by my teachers in high school, so here's to hoping my professor thinks so to XD

Its been beautiful out all weekend <333333 Been up in the 50's or so, which is a big jump from temps in the teens' we've had all winter. We're sposed to get some flurries tomorow and Thursday, but the weekly highs look good. Hopefully it'll stay warm, I can't wait for spring <3

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Honors Graduate!
Mood:: Happy Photobucket

Yep, found out that that honors list I was on actually meant that I was on of the 'Cum Laudes'. Its like the Valevictorian, but not that high on the honor list. I just looked it up on Wiki, and it said::

* cum laude, "with honor" (direct translation: "with praise")
* magna cum laude, "with great honor" (direct translation: "with great praise")
* summa cum laude, "with highest honor" (direct translation: "with highest praise")

So yea woot XD I never thought I'd graduate with honors. I've struggled in math all my life so I thought that might bring me down some, guess not XD I guess I'll get a golden tassel at graduation and some kinda sash or something <3

Gonna spend the night over my Aunts house tomorrow to <33 Gonna help them clean and stuff >w< I tried to animate Kari last night to, nothing special, but if your interested, take a look :http://s45.photobucket.com/albums/f99/Wolfen91/ Click also asked me to animate her character Luch (from Rune Paw) so i'm working on that XD

The midterm for my College Psych class is gonna be posted around 9:00pm tonight. I'm scared DX I hope its not hard. I want it to be straight forward so I can plow right through it! Wish me luck guys XD

I'm getting really excited about graduating. I'm sure the future is gonna have its ups and downs, but thats kinda what my life and life in general is, so future here I come o3o...i think >w<'

Luffs mah duckies <3 Long post is long >w>

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