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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mood:: Content/Tired

Hay everyone~ <333 I'm kinda content, but not....s'kinda weird XD Pat came home today, and I missed her. I'm glad shes back, her and all her awnry XDD Her and Neil are gonna come with me to that honors grad meeting tomorow, and the one on the 26th. Makes meh happy, that, and Neil would be so out of place if it was just me and him (he's quite and introverted like me XD). Also, I got honor role this quarter! All A's cept for a B (an 87) in Physics <3 More senior priv's >D bwahahah, Senior skip day is this Friday, but I'm not gonna skip. Seems kinda pointless to me, i spose XP

In other news, I might have complained to some of you that I didn't feel that me and Mambo were close friends anymore. Thats all fixed now, it was just because we didn't talk much, cuz she can't call long distance and I'm HORRIBLE with the phone XD I never remember to call and if I do i'm paranoid i'm just gonna bother ppl |3' Mambo knows i'm bad with the phone, i have been for the entire like 8 or 9 years shes been my best friend XD So we're cool now. Shes going through a rough spot, so i tried to console and cheer her up for the hour we talked this afternoon. Pray for her mah lovelies D:!

Welll thats about it XD Man, I love writing MyO journals XD

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