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Sunday, December 17, 2006

christmas dance
hey all, so i decided that i would finally take the time to update myO today. wel;l lets see, what should i say, well, you know that girls friend i had? well we broke up, and yes it was my doing. i just decided that i like it better when i'm not glued down to one person and have free reign over any girl i want. thats the life man. but anyway, last night was this christmas dance at my school and as fate would have it, i didnt get a date for it. if your looking for someone to blame, blame my debate teacher. but anyway, since i didnt have a date for the dance, me and my friends decided to go see a movie. and yes this makes perfect sence, since i figured two days notice wouldnt be enough for a dance i did figure that 20 minutes would be enough to go see a movie together. well after calling several people and trying to find a date i was met with only rejection. so it ended up just being me and my friends going to see the movie.
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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

.......music deprived......
hey all so yeah i'm now music deprived. see this girl i liked asked to borrow my i pod for a class. m ebeing the nice guy i am let her use it thinking nothing bad would happen to it. well as soon as i get it back i find out that it wont work. so i'm like play ipod... and it doesnt. and i'm like Play ipod, and it still dosent, so now i'm like please play ipod? and nothing, well after about 30 minutes of me trying to get my ipod to work and then 15 minutes of crying because it wouldnt work, i had to go home. that was 5 days ago. and just so all of you know, i like serously LIVE for my music. and i did not have it for a whole FIVE DAYS!!! so i was freakin mad. oh and the reason it wouldnt work... the girl dropped it and shattered, SHATTERED, not BROKE, not RUINED, S H A T T E R E D the hard drive on my ipod. and she wont pay a cent now. so i'm like uber stressed out and in like withdrawel now because i always have music playing, well i did untill 5 days ago, but yeah, so i'm sad and going thru witthdrawels. ahh well at least i have running to take away from it. at least i still have that addiction that i can freely partake in. Love, have peace, or leave in peices. Ayaa
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Monday, October 16, 2006

woah, excuse my lateness
well so i've been busy but since i have a short minute i guess i'll update you guys on my life and whatnot. let's see, umm i think i got girlfriend but i dont think it can last to long, just because i'm cursed like that, but ahh well its all good, i've decided that i'm going to be a lot more accepting of the things that i cant change. now i dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing but i think that its a good way to follow out my life. well that is unless the things i cant change is like what someone else did. hmm i dont think i'm getting my point accross, lessee, how can i put this, ummm... ok if some evil dictator came and put america into some form of midevil carnage and was like killing off people then i would not be accepting and crap i'd go and end his empire and whatnot. but like if people think that i'm a kind of wierdo then i cant change that and i wont care.
umm, well i got my motorcycle about a week ago, its all red and white, and my helmets green and black and its just amazing, i got it registered and stuff but the thing thats taking me so long os getting my motor cycle license.
well i think thats all so i'm going to leave you with a little something thats from a private journel entry, but i thinkl its really good so here it is.
"this is the world we live in. And these are the hands were given, use them and lets start trying to make it a place worth living in."
From the diary of Vincent aka The Amazing

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Thursday, October 5, 2006

booh yah
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just so all of you know this so decribes me and whoever says i dont deserve to be the flash is sooo wrong

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Monday, September 18, 2006

school life
well here i am and just so you all know i did in fact NOT fall off the face of the earth, i have just been at school, and no not all the time but most of my time.
well anyway heres a little peice of what i'm doing in school, if any of you have any suggestions or anything feel free to say.
well i have seminary first period with this girl, i kinda think/ hope she likes me just because she told me to ask her to the homecoming dance. i couldnt because i had work that day and all of the people who got it off were seniors.
ummm, second period i have honors english and thats ok sisnce i sit next to this way hot girl and i'm just like trying not to stare but its really hard not to.
umm math is ok theres arnt any cute girls in there that arnt total sluts so i just generally do my other homework in that class
science is fun i actually get to learn stuff in there and transfer it into my future since i plan on going to college and majoring in science.
Art is a bore, i'm in drawing two but she doesnt even let us draw or anything its just like here paint this now stare at the tree. i swear thats all we do in that class, but its ok since i got new pencils and stuff.
then i have AP US history, which is hard but the teacher makes it fun for us. its also a plus because the class is loaded with all these cuteies(ummm.. how do you spell that?)and they out number the boys 2:1 so when it comes to "studying" i think i'm set.
then we have debate, which is by far the hardest class i have. see i'm writing an argument right now that says America shouldnt let any immigrants into its borders and that all this way political stuff saying why immigration is bad and whatnot. then while i'm syill in this class i get to write a 10 minute speech that i get to memorize on "the limits of reality" and how human beings are like the down fall of everything.
well have fun

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