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Sunday, December 17, 2006

christmas dance
hey all, so i decided that i would finally take the time to update myO today. wel;l lets see, what should i say, well, you know that girls friend i had? well we broke up, and yes it was my doing. i just decided that i like it better when i'm not glued down to one person and have free reign over any girl i want. thats the life man. but anyway, last night was this christmas dance at my school and as fate would have it, i didnt get a date for it. if your looking for someone to blame, blame my debate teacher. but anyway, since i didnt have a date for the dance, me and my friends decided to go see a movie. and yes this makes perfect sence, since i figured two days notice wouldnt be enough for a dance i did figure that 20 minutes would be enough to go see a movie together. well after calling several people and trying to find a date i was met with only rejection. so it ended up just being me and my friends going to see the movie.
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