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Monday, September 18, 2006

school life
well here i am and just so you all know i did in fact NOT fall off the face of the earth, i have just been at school, and no not all the time but most of my time.
well anyway heres a little peice of what i'm doing in school, if any of you have any suggestions or anything feel free to say.
well i have seminary first period with this girl, i kinda think/ hope she likes me just because she told me to ask her to the homecoming dance. i couldnt because i had work that day and all of the people who got it off were seniors.
ummm, second period i have honors english and thats ok sisnce i sit next to this way hot girl and i'm just like trying not to stare but its really hard not to.
umm math is ok theres arnt any cute girls in there that arnt total sluts so i just generally do my other homework in that class
science is fun i actually get to learn stuff in there and transfer it into my future since i plan on going to college and majoring in science.
Art is a bore, i'm in drawing two but she doesnt even let us draw or anything its just like here paint this now stare at the tree. i swear thats all we do in that class, but its ok since i got new pencils and stuff.
then i have AP US history, which is hard but the teacher makes it fun for us. its also a plus because the class is loaded with all these cuteies(ummm.. how do you spell that?)and they out number the boys 2:1 so when it comes to "studying" i think i'm set.
then we have debate, which is by far the hardest class i have. see i'm writing an argument right now that says America shouldnt let any immigrants into its borders and that all this way political stuff saying why immigration is bad and whatnot. then while i'm syill in this class i get to write a 10 minute speech that i get to memorize on "the limits of reality" and how human beings are like the down fall of everything.
well have fun

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