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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

.......music deprived......
hey all so yeah i'm now music deprived. see this girl i liked asked to borrow my i pod for a class. m ebeing the nice guy i am let her use it thinking nothing bad would happen to it. well as soon as i get it back i find out that it wont work. so i'm like play ipod... and it doesnt. and i'm like Play ipod, and it still dosent, so now i'm like please play ipod? and nothing, well after about 30 minutes of me trying to get my ipod to work and then 15 minutes of crying because it wouldnt work, i had to go home. that was 5 days ago. and just so all of you know, i like serously LIVE for my music. and i did not have it for a whole FIVE DAYS!!! so i was freakin mad. oh and the reason it wouldnt work... the girl dropped it and shattered, SHATTERED, not BROKE, not RUINED, S H A T T E R E D the hard drive on my ipod. and she wont pay a cent now. so i'm like uber stressed out and in like withdrawel now because i always have music playing, well i did untill 5 days ago, but yeah, so i'm sad and going thru witthdrawels. ahh well at least i have running to take away from it. at least i still have that addiction that i can freely partake in. Love, have peace, or leave in peices. Ayaa
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