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Tuesday, June 6, 2006



trial run.
well.. i used to be going to ayala high school, only because of marching band, but now im going to diamond bar high school, which is about the same and just as good... hard to explain in words..
but how bout this
ayala's marching band: 8
ayala's academic: 2

diamond bar's marching band:6
diamond bar's academic:7

marching band is a phenominal experience, thats why i was deciding ayala.. first
but my dream is to be a buisness man, sell stocks, and rent out houses, then start up my own company, or invest all the money from buying and selling houses into stock, and go to japan and start buying stocks there, helping run buisnesses and that sort of thing...

in the end, most of my life will be spent on making money and learning about buisness itself, and become more involved in the workings around japan, because i really like japan!

right now i have to finish my science projects tho... ive already got done with one, with my partner ray, and the other one im working on right now.

heres Overmyhead by THe Fray!
both naruto amv and
original mv... but its kinda cut off.. aww...

FLCL this time!

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Sunday, June 4, 2006



trial run.
im really busy this week..
just thot id stop by and post y knoe...

i have to finish my one of my science projects this week, study, and work on the other science project. The other subjects have pretty much finished, and all thats left is math and science to be worrying about..

o well.

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Saturday, June 3, 2006



trial run.
im sooo tired today...
i just wanna lie down..
and not wake up....
cuz life is just a dream right??
nice hot bath... wish it were a sauna but it'll do..

Hope you like hot spring pictures!! took me an eternity to find them.... lol

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Thursday, June 1, 2006



trial run.
the weather is murderous!! someone is gonna get a heatstroke one of these days....
still lots of more school left... and i just finished performing at open house, which was alright-ish
we went to all the EVIL seventh grade teachers from last year.. haha that was fun.. nothing ever changes fromt he previous year so we laff at the lowerclassmen who have to do what we did!
life is good... actually, sweltering hot
listen to headstrong and watch Cloud, plus stare at thes pictures...
maybe they'll cool you off some lol

lol this one is kinda out of place... but enjoy! hah.. im so weird

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006



trial run.
looks like no one is posting...
so whats the point of this post if no one is going to read it?!?
gosh... o well then... you can look at this cool onepiece picture...

umm.. science test
math test
2 science projects... OMFG THAT SO GAY THIS SUX 2 PROJECTS DUE IN ONE WEEK?!?!? and each of them... worth like 45 percent my grade... thats like 90 percent my grade... NOOOOOOOgosh... life is so unfair.. screw this.

lol im having so much fun witht his font size thing MUAHAHAH

meanwhile.. lets stare at onepiece. haha
im so crazE ded now..
watch the vid just below this one plz!!!

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Monday, May 29, 2006



trial run.
just posting for the sake of it haha
o yea and watch the Complete Crazy Azn Mother movie.. its actually not about the crazy mother at all.. lol most of u haff prolly seen it at one point or another...
just youtubes this time!

O yea ive been moving everything around my room..
who knew i still had stuff from when i was likee... 7 years old!
funny huh? lol.. WELL, as a result, everything is much more cleen ^______^ which is good!

my bed is like.. in the center of everything..
the bookcase
table.. (no chair)
drawers for clothes...
lol i get up in the morning and can read manga by just reaching over!! ^^
plus i can just turn around and switch on the computer on my desk
(if i had one.... soon to happen)
and check OtaKU!!!! lol i love this arrangement...

Whered u go!!!
Fort MInor

More FORT minOR!!!

Falloutboi DAncE DaNCe!
and last but not least, the picture, KENSHIN

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Sunday, May 28, 2006



trial run.
well ive been thinking...
if i update later into the day, then less ppl will see it right? cuz then in a few hours it'll be an old post... that means i'll have to update early so everyone can look at it!
woohoooo im so smart
but if im smart why did it take me so long to figure that out? O.o
that means im dumb... then... aww..

well anyways im continuing with my kingdom hearts 2 onslaught. Pride mode (hardest) is SO hard all the stuff i usually beat on one try takes me like 3 tries now.. OMFg CRAZe no??
and since i start out fresh i dont have any blades, magic, or abilities... gosh im so doomed

Does anyone belong to a drumline or have seen one? well, our schoool has a very good drumline! wooohooo its really awesome indeed. ACtually, a lot of drumline members are a bit annoying because they like to brag about how much they work, because they do work quite a bit. Id like to tell them.... tough luck we all work hard.
heh. most of us.
and no... real life drumline isnt the same as the Drumline movie... yea.. all the drumming and memorization is the same for the movie, but there is a lot of moving around, different uniforms and costumes, props and everything. they have zylophones and keyboards, bass drums, snare, cymbals, even guitars. everything percussion
if u ever get a chance to go check out drumline you should.. a real drumline is awesome
u could prolly look up shows online or something...

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Saturday, May 27, 2006



trial run.
well.. now im pretty bored again..
actually i just started up kingdom hearts 2
cuz i already beat it :P so this time, i'll be playing it without sooooo many cutscenes, which will be totally awesome.. but i'll have to say goodbye to all my magic and awesome moves
(!!!) that REALLY sux. i spent a lot of hard work getting everything to synchronize to be the ultimate fighter...
o well.
this time will be better!!

lol and i cant get enough of this song
this time, its the entire thing

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Friday, May 26, 2006



trial run.
Well well well! The weekend IS oficially here MUAHAHAHAH plus its Memorial day weekend for us, so we get to have an extra day off... 3 DAY WEEKEND!!! woot woot

I was talking to my seventh grade friends one of the many days i stay after school, and were just making fun of each other.. you know gossip joking around.. "will u marry me's".. hahah (we're weird) anyways, this girl, Janet comes up with this idea. If Daniel will eat a flower pedal then Sandra wont ever ask him to marry her anymore... lol its really annoying. so she takes one of the roses in the school's garden and gives him a pedal. AFter like 20 minutes of asking him.... we all promised to eat a petal if he would!
Janet was the first go, eagerly
i was next
and Lauren kinda gave up hahah
but you know what, flowers actually taste kinda good..
like lettuce thats a little tough/chewy.. hard to explain and a hint of sweetness

and now... some really pretty flowers!!!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

good luck...


trial run.
im going to the ayala band showcase!!
its going to be lots of fun MUAHAHA
and o yea.. im posting this picture cuz i think its way awesome.. i mean.. REALLY cool
we'll be playing Russian Sailors Dance
John Williams Movie Adventures
have a great day everyone!

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