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Friday, June 30, 2006



trial run.

Hallo again! well, i just got a new song.. its Over my Head by The fray... i actually like this song a lot but it sort of gets on my nerves a bit... lol. after i listen to it a while of course.

so hows everyone doing! ive been working myself ragged trying to learn html in one summer.. but i still have so many more weeks to go! lol now i i have...
1. making layout
2. learn how to use photobucket
but im almost positive that the first one will take the rest of the summer... T.T aw.
i also have to go volunteer, and keep up with all the comments and keep signing guestbooks.. and get back in touch with the ppl i wont see again next year. T.T
i'll be busy, but not bored.. WOOhoo!!

visits: 436
signings: 97
ranking: 3165

and lastly... the Qoute!
"A jailor could have a 100 things on his mind, but a prisoner only has 1."-Tam Lin
fromt he house of the scorpion by nancy farmer

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Thursday, June 29, 2006



trial run.

Hello again! im so dead right now.... it took me so long to find my new wallpaper... stupid photobucket kept on screwing up.. so i had to do everything over till i found a url that worked! T.T Ok, so i changed some other stuff too, to match the color, but i still didnt add some stuff i wanted... i'll come back and do that later tonight. and modify this post too! soo erhm.. see everyone then!

Quote:"If theres one thing girls like more than being told they're pretty, it's that they're being told they're prettier than other girls"

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

life goes on..


trial run.

hello!! what my last post basically sed was,"im REALLY bored so i'll just go sign guestbooks.. and you can talk to me if u want on my aim vashtrgn6! plus, thx to jade for giving me the idea to put my writing in Russian in firstplace...
Okay ppls, so im going to be changing my theme pretty soon, since i havent changed it in a while.. i noe ppl change it like once a week! >_< lol. Its going to happen in 1 day, since someone asked my to keep the theme because of the wallpaper.. they seem to like gankutsuou!
But i think its pretty sad no one knows what gankutsuou is... since ive been getting quite a few pm's asking me what it is... or signings saying "o thats an interesting wallpaper" T.T. So the next theme is going to be a bit more subtle than jsut the paint splatters i have now, even though the colors work pretty well together... Im going to do something thats softer, maybe witha little more white in the background.
Anyways, i was sort of wondering if anyone has an idea of what i should make my theme about! ^_^

Quote:"If blondes really do have more fun, then brunettes must be horrible"

Gnarls Barkley-Crazy
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Sunday, June 25, 2006

still... hate titling EVERYTHING!!!


trial run.

Наилучшим образом, no one фактическ отвечает на те вопросы!! lol iий остановит for a while и пойдет guestbooks знака и заполнит… спать, и наблюдая anime.
но если u хочет поговорить plllzzzz, то сделайте пробуренное freakin soo im.
bleah.yea. Jade дало мне идею! soo thx haha очень

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lol i still hate titling posts


trial run.

Question:if you could only watch one anime every year, which anime would it be?

My Answer:lol.. i'd watch a REALLY long anime.. like One Piece! woohoo!!!^_____^

Its going to take a while.. but im totally going to catch up to Jade~!!!! RAWR... Lol she sez she got to be that good with all the themes and sites, in just One year.. WITHOUT any help.. so im going to do the same! MUAHAHAHAH i'll go check out sites, and look at view sources.. but by the end of the summer i'll memorize everything.. lol what a daunting taks! but it'll keep me occupied and my computer over heating that fo sha~!!

Today went by very slowly... my internet wouldnt work..s o i had to play PS2, k2, and i finally got my final form! wohoo im so happy.. and final form is AWESOME!!! it beats everyone.. but it lasts so little. aww.. only three guages for me so far.. o well.
The orientatinon went ok too.. except it was boring as hell. well umm.. have a great day everyone!

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Saturday, June 24, 2006



trial run.

Question: if you knew you were going to die no matter what tomorrow, what would u do today?

My Answer: kill someone ive hated since forever, spend all my money on a trip to a mall with my friends,and play video games before I go to sleep.

hello ppl! tomorrow im going to the orientation.. for volunteers at the library.. T.T its so unfair cuz my nparents are forcing me to go AAAARRgh.. life sux..
anyways, i'll keep on trying to make my site better... lol i remember the time when all i had on my site was a bunch of pretty colors and a few words! haha.. good times.. good times. not really. lol and im still looking to improve on my site so.. if u have any tips or hints plz tell!

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Friday, June 23, 2006



trial run.

i finally got something to work.. but i still dont like this.. i'll have to go ask jordan.. yea. go ask jordan!! woohoo problem solved.. lol
anyways, heres the new thing.. erhm table yea. i think i'll go play video games! just to past the time by. cuz im shur not working on the railroad.

oh yea!

we had promotion and graduation yesterday! everyone gradutaion the same day haha.
but most of all, it was BORING omg.. it was way way way boring. we sat there.. for more than 2 hours.. listening to names being called.. the annoucer guy was horrible too! sounded like they were calling basketball players out. @_@
worst of all, everyone was saving seats... the ppl in front of us saved like seats for 14 ppl, and only 4 came yea thats right....4SLAP!!!thats what would have happened.. those ppl
and you know whats the WORST OF IT??? no one took off their hats during the nation anthem... wow neh? id say they deserve it if we all got terrorist bombed.... lol but anyway, schools out! woohoo.

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trial run.
hello all
i might start posting irregularly... (as if i did in the first place) cuz im looking all over for help with html, new ideas to make my site.. so er.. yea
just a warning ^______^

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Thursday, June 22, 2006



trial run.
just trying stuff out...
o yea! img going to go watch tokyo drift in a few!!!

woohoo! i think its getting better.. ^____^

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006



trial run.
i dont really feel like posting today.. cuz im really angry!!!
i get out on the 22nd... which is thursday..
life sux
i wish everyone would BURN
T.T i wanted to see tokyo drift sooo bad... thx for rubbing it in jade..
o yea.. you ppl should go visit the site now if u havent been to it yet.

tsk tsk

anyways, i'll try putting up the vid if u ppl are too lazy as well...


there you go!

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