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Tuesday, June 20, 2006



trial run.
well.. life goes on.. we only have like 3 days of school left, which means finals for the ones i missed at band camp, as well as signing yearbooks, and REALLY boring vids... haha i dont really care about school anymore!! RAWR
and lol i finally got to posting right after midnight... eastern time! woohoo.. so now everyone will see my site highlighted.. ^____^

also, im nearly done learning how to make tables!! woohoo... -pats self on back-

yes.. yes.. it was a long and difficult journey learning HTML... but now, everything is going to be alright!

i'll show u a sample of what i have down so far..

lol weee!! this is fun

and o yea.. almost forgot
yea.. i like this song mhmmm: Bad Day

Yay for kurama!! lol i know a lot of the girls like him... -glare- jk!

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Sunday, June 18, 2006



trial run.
ewll.. id post right now but erck. no one would see it cuz its nearly the end of the day.. o well
tomorrow then!

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Saturday, June 17, 2006



trial run.
well.. im just chillaxin.. visiting sites and guestbooks!

which is getting sorta boring.. so i might quit otaka over da summer. and start working on myspace... which ive neglected for years.. haha
o yea.. does anyone like my new icon??


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trial run.
omg.. band camp... has me dead...
and we still have so many practices left!!
well their not entire-day practices -whew-

well anyways, i tried checking out ppls sites and everything! i'll go sign some guestbooks later.. MUAHAHA havent done that ina while neh?

and o yea! can anyone tell me how to make a post box thingy?? plzzzzz

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Thursday, June 15, 2006



trial run.
lol my theme.. is all messed up..
had to mix it up again..
sry ppls!

o yea, bandcamp is uber hard.. worked my ass off.
but i like new friends!
and plus i get to skip school!! woohooo. two hour breaks?
eat ice cream!! yay!!!

The Comeback by Shout Out Louds
I'm kind of tired cause you wouldn't let me sleep last night.
I'm a reasonable man but I can't believe whats on your mind,
and the past three weeks were the sadest weeks and the words you said oh made me weak.
I'm out of my mind, I'm about to crack.
So lets call this the comeback

I've been pushed around and I'm not gonna get pushed this time, yes this time is mine,
and I can't believe whats on your mind
and the past three weeks were the sadest weeks and the words you said oh made me weak.
I'm out of my mind, I'm about to crack. So lets call this the comeback


lets call this the comeback again
lets call this the comback
lets call this the comeback again
lets call this the comeback,
the comeback,
the comeback again
lets call this the comeback

woohoo!! the shoutout louds!!!

lol.. reposted picture.. from the winter post..lol but i like this one
it reminds me of summer ^______^

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trial run.
i just decided to update for no apparent reason..
haha yea im weird like that..
actually, just update cuz i havent in a while.

well.. im going to summer camp tomorrow.. for diamond bar high school marching band..
lol i know its really early, but its just to get everyone ready about what they are gonna do this year.. theres another summer camp. figures.
this on is only 3 days

umm.. it lasts the entire day, but u get two hour breaks.. 2 times. it starts 9-12(a.m.) - 9p.m.
hope i make friends!!
meanwhile, you can watch the Passion music video

o yea, i finally am going to start pictures again.. this one is big neh?o yes almost forgot!!credit to fmafan07 for the picture itself! thx ^______^

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

i hate making post titles..


trial run.
lol. for some reason, i hate naming my posts..

anyways, ive just written about 35 pages of work in 2 days! woohooo... ouch my hand...
life sux
until school ends
and finals are over...

but until then, lets all watch U2 miracle drug!

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Saturday, June 10, 2006



trial run.
the pictures seem to be taking up too much space... so none today! haha

o yes, im going to disneyland tomorrow!

ITS ALL ABOUT THE KILLERS!!! woohooo... actually.. the only song i actually like from them.. is Mr. Brightside... lol sry. ^______^

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Thursday, June 8, 2006



trial run.
one science project turned in... now i have to perfect the last one.. due next week. Math test next week, and final next week after that, science final same week as that, history test next week, two more P.E. runs, better hope i take enough steriods to get thru it all......O.o
and did i mention books turned in next week?!
two finals after that.. math teacher will help us study.. go mrs. Di Jay!!!! buh... dumbass borshitting makes us study off thin air.... im totally gonna slit his throat....
meanwhile, how bout some fun brain food?

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Tuesday, June 6, 2006



trial run.
sry.. if i couldnt get to some of your sites

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