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Tuesday, May 23, 2006



trial run.
sry guys.. my head is totally murdering me...
i think i have a migrane...
and we've also been having physical testing for a while now
and two tests coming up..
my stomach is hurting crazily cuz i did 48 in one minute...
and my legs are shot.. i'll feel it tomorrow even more
its like im not even alive anymore! T.T
sry to sound like a whiny bitch..
im just like... trying not to vomit

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Monday, May 22, 2006

hey ppl


trial run.
hello again ppl! i decided to change my uber boring background.. mhmm i hope u think it looks better.. MUAHAHHAAH ive been searching all around for wallpapers and stuff.. lots of fun looking at anime pictures..

should i post them here.. hmm maybe i should! nah.. but i lost all the link to them.. T.T
i guess i could go look up think link again huh?

ok.. so today, i was like standing in my teachers office, cuz everyone hangs out in the band room and Mr.Wiley is cool and he lets them hang out there.. we were all talking ya? and this girl comes in.. pronounce her name Yuni cuz i dont noe how to spell it -BLEAH- and she sed hello! i was like.. hello! and we both waved..
and after like 5 seconds we werent done waving haha. i went on for like a minute lol. kinda fun tho.
its always great to have random things in your life, for better or worse. Put it this way neh, would u wanna stick with the routine u had since 3 for the rest of ur life? gawd make some change!!
random ppl rule

EVERYONE SEEMS TO HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT STAR WARS!!! T.T well.. i found this mv with it.. going to halo's music lol

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umm. yea


trial run.
well weekends over... T.T
ive been playing kingdom hearts 2 and working on the pattio for most of it anyways. And it really wasnt that much fun...

however, i did get time to go to ppl's sites and see several new ones as well. Hopefully ppl will remember to come to mine... T.T Most of the ppl's online have already finished school. I'm on my last stretch, trying to make grades an everything
wish me luck! ^^
Natasha Bedingfield

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Saturday, May 20, 2006



trial run.
aaargh im so tired today..
really sry.. but i dont feel like im up to looking around for pictures and youtubes..
i'll go take a nap now....
(hangover) !!!

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Friday, May 19, 2006



trial run.
hey happy weekend to everyone!! woooohooo yeah lets party all night loooooonng

OK OK ive been meaning to ask everyone for a while now... and discuss this topic.

do u think that light represents good, and shadows represent bad??

personally, ive always thot its a common misconception that ppl say that. the reason ppl fear shadows is because they cant control or understand what is just beyond their sight. light isnt always good as well, it could be blinding and it might distract you....

on the other side there are always the cliches to look to... its a very... interesting subject... just thot id bring it up!

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

hey.. umm nothin to really post about


trial run.
O yea!
so this one time..
i was shopping at this grocery place
azn grocery store... yup
and i was like...all walkin around right?
( i went w/ my mom.. shes like shopping on her own and i move the cart around)
so then.. i went to this one random aisle where there isnt any ppl.. and i stand there looking at really odd things like...
and i turn around, all of a sudden, theres this fiery hot azn woman standing right next time me!!
she wasnt even glancing at me...
i was sooooo shocked and i stood there for like 3 seconds.............1........................2...............................3
and i turned back as fast as i could.. i was like
reminder to self- women who shop at grocery stores are almost all engaged or married
i laughed at myself so hard later
new song! promiscuous! lol

and picture

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

hey ppl


trial run.
lol i dont really have much to say
haha last post was weird no? seemingly no one commented.. or read it either.
ugh high school life is quite hard
everyone is sucha back stabber -BLEAH-

buh plz dun mistake me for one of those assholes who do nothing but gossip and chase after girls
and get horrible grades and everything else.
usually, i get straight A's and the highest or second highest ranking on Testing along with participate in band, and usually coming in 3rd place when we run for P.E. that means like... less than 6 minutes for 1 mile

but i also cant stand geeks as well. Its always best to be well rounded right? so ive dipped my finger in social life here and there
speaking of which... another poll!

plus... Ridin Dirty!

and o yea.. gawd i love warcraft

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Monday, May 15, 2006

bla bla bla


trial run.
OMG my friend and i... shes like coming on to me
(ima guy)
so im like wtf! i only met u 3 days ago!
and now today, shes all asking me to describe orgasms
shit!! she gave me her fone number 2 days ago!!!
AAAAAAAHH and shes hot! i wont be able to resist.. any longer
any help ppl??
cool picture...
sasuke and naruto ... its alright

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Sunday, May 14, 2006



trial run.
i made it into marching band lol ^-^ sooo happy
-sigh- hope everyone is having a good weekend..
despite the fact that i made it in,
parents are making me help them dig up the backyard
to put in the new pattio (we doin this ourselves)
to lower the cost.. T.T gawd my legs hurt
more utada ^^


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Friday, May 12, 2006



trial run.
yay! its da weekend!!
any of you ppls been testing this week?
ugh we have its been like 10 hrs of nothin but testin straight... wish me luck neh? haha
i wonder why my posts are so short

Question: what kinda grades do u get??
or used to get

mhmm mhmm
i'll be talking to friends and finishing up Kingdom Hearts 2!!!
(gosh its so easy!)

more jpop!
utada hikaru this time
First Love

along witht his cool picture! ^^

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