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Wednesday, September 8, 2004


i am in no mood to play today...i'll get back to you all tomorrow...So don't come and give me poo if i don't visit your site or post any poems...i just need a day to sleep...a day to rest, to help me forget that i live in a world with such ignorant ppl...Salutations

P.S. the comment about ignorance is not directed to any of you on Otaku...just wanted to make that clear

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Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Lonely Fun!

Vell...i decided to go swimming before for an hour...The only reason why i went was because the sun was no where in sight..and plus i was all alone. Great fun...i swam for an hour/60min all by my lonesome..and i wasn't bored O_o* i think it's because i was talking to myself..and i ended up playing battleship with the raft floater thing we have...at first i was a shark, then i was an evil mermaid..blah blah blah *continues to ramble* Yes well..since the water was cold i now have an ear ache...stupid weather..nah! I'm happy it's getting cold...can't wait until it's winter.

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Ohh i had to have it!!! *snickers*

My life is rated R.
What is your life rated?

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DING DING!!! Coincidence....

Don't know if any of you have noticed...but these two could sure as in hell pass for brother & sister...Keep up the good work Marilyn Manson for looking like a little dead girl...Perhaps they'll let you play her double in the sequel of The Ring...har har har

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Pfffft...Yeah Riiiight!

Screw the caffiene...what this cat is really trying to tell us is..."Get the hell away from me with that themometer!!!!" That's right...cause we all know where that goes...

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Wasting Time....

So tell me....Where will you be when your laxatives start working?

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Want to see something scary....oh i'll show you SCARY!!!

How could fate be so cruel to this man....Why...WHY!!! I'm just happy he usually wears make-up...cause i swear if i saw him without any walking down the street i'd kick him straight in the face for being THAT ugly! It makes one think...make-up can sure make miracles happen...

Let's all jump up and down for LiLMaMa89...she let me have this picture...YAY HER!

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Monday, September 6, 2004

*Loud construction sound is heard*


My site is officially under construction...so if it looks like crap...it's me fooling around with stuff...

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I surprisingly came up with a new poem...


I forgot how it feels to care,
When life is nothing but dispair,
I have forgotten how it is to love,
When everything is push and shove,
Forgetting i am,
Forgotten i will be,
Nothing holds meaning anymore,
Would it be wrong if i asked to rest,
To just melt away my troubles,
Dissolve my pain,
As sugar does in water,
If only for once could i sleep the day through,
Dreaming...oblivious to me, to you,
No care in the world,
Just the wings on my back,
Forgetting i am,
Forgotten i will be.

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Wow...it's actually acurate....

Your Anime Personality is Evil!!!!!!

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