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Tuesday, October 5, 2004

This is the sort of change i was waiting for....

Here i am sitting with dye in my hair..waiting for the clock to turn 8h10 so i can wash it out...My hair's going to be black/blue...no not black with blue streaks...black with a blueish reflection..so it's going to be dark..WOOHOO! I can't wait...the only thing i'm worried about is that my foster sister got ALOT of dye on my left ear..i dont want to go to school tomorrow looking like a smurf heh heh heh! Oh vell...I'll check out your sites tomorrow..i have to do hmk after my hair is done.

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Monday, October 4, 2004

Poem...and Congrats

DING DING DING!!! HINARU GOT IT RIGHT!!! It was Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants...It's when Spongebob blows a bubble of an elephant, and Patrick being stupid laughs out "Ha ha ha ha it's a giraffe!" Well..HInaru i salute you..as i promised.

And now on to better things...it rained today and i ran home...came home and i was soaked...yup yup cold weather..LOVE IT! I've written "A" poem...not the one i wanted..but this one happened to have popped in my head at the time...so bear with me! Oh ya and sorry about this one...it's not at all morbid or depressing like my others...i'm in a good mood DAMNIT! >_<

Cold as a winter's breath,
I sit upon frozen stones and wait,
Curious to see if they'll come back,
As they slowly walk away from me,
Never did i move a muscle,
For loyalty is greatly important,
They trust me dearly so i must obey,
But now three days have gone by,
And i'm beginning to feel weary,
My stomach aches from lack of food,
And i shiver from the freezing weather,
I miss being touched and cuddled,
And how i miss the warmth of their love,
So here i sit and here i'll stay,
Until they come for me,
How was i suppose to know,
That they abandonned me for good,
Or that they did not love me anymore,
I am only just a kitten...

Sorry Ppl if i don't get to your sites tonight...i'll do it all tomorrow since i don't have school on Tuesdays..Now i'm off to watch Kill Bill vol.2

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Sunday, October 3, 2004

*yawns and stretches like a tiger*

I'm about to faint from physical exhaustion...I haven't gone to bed yet...and to be stupid i went for a long ass bike ride where i was pedalling like mad...it's quite funny cause i had to literally drag myself up the stairs..that's how shaky my legs were..*sighs* i want to just fall where i stand and catch up on some Zzz's..I have a great idea for a poem...so that'll be posted either later on tonight or tomorrow after i come home from school. i leave you with this priceless moment...Tell me who you think it is..the prize of the winner will be..errr a salute?

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha! It's a Giraffe!"

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Saturday, October 2, 2004


Why is it that just because i don't want to date the first bone head that asks me...i'm considered a dike and i'm accused of being ungrateful? *sighs* Anywho...i don't want to be unhappy so i'll change the subject. Well went for my daily visit in the forest..and i had this really strong feeling of being watched..but everytime i'd turn around nothing was there. It was most annoying...Oh vell..but that's not what really got me on my toes..I came home afterwards (Obviously!) and while i was doing the dishes i was all alone in the kitchen...when i felt someone run their finger down the length of my back...I think i'm losing my mind..but i swear on my dead uncle's grave i felt it!

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The Tranquility of Nature...Such Beauty It Holds

I know something you don't know doo da doo da i know something you don't know and i'm not gonna tell ya!! I wish i could...honestly but i'm afraid it will upset the universal balance of things...heh heh heh A little bit of chaos would be nice...*Vampyress' good side slaps some sense into her evil twin*...Ouch! Fine fine i won't say anything...

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I'm Gone

Well i'm off to the graveyard..i'll tell you all about it when i come back..Parent always asking where i go..gets so annoying, must escape must get away

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100 Guestbook Signings...

Well it's about time! I finally made it to 100 book signings...Thanks to Petie of course...and everybody else durrrrr...Go me!

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Friday, October 1, 2004

I've gone and made myself invisible...AGAIN!

School was long and demanded very much of my brain power...i was in no mood to go, especially after i had that odd dream..my side hurt me all day long. I guess i wanted so much to be left alone that i somehow appeared non-existent to everyone...In english class i couldn't concentrate on my essay and so i spent an hour and twenty minutes puncturing my skin with my nails until i could draw blood and had to ask to go to the bathroom to clean up...i sometimes worry when i find myself enjoying pain. But who doesn't? I am still a bit pissed for getting blood on my favourite cat sweater...but who cares..Anywho as the day went on my mood kind of lifted and that's when i noticed that i had accidently "blended" into the background all day because ppl were saying things like..."Where did you come from?" Or "You were here today?" heh heh heh stupid ppl they are...

Train:22 wagons

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Odd Dream...

I have to make this fast because my bus is coming in less than 5 minutes...I woke up this morning with one hell of a fright. I dreamt that i was trying to sneak out of the house when i saw a robber...i quickly remembered my sleeping siblings and how the back door was left unlocked..When i ran to lock it, the masked man opened it with ease making me fly across the hall...I flung myself at him and tried to get him out..but he wouldn't budge, he just took off his mask, smirked evily and said "Oooh FIESTY!" and licked my neck all the way up my face. My "parents" woke up..and my little brothers too came out of their room...i yelled at them to go back but it was too late. The first time in years where my whole family was back together a damn thief has to come and ruin it..First he shot my little brothers and then my parents...at that time my father had a knife and once he was shot the weapon went flying where i grabbed it and plunged it deep within the mans chest...and that's where i was shot also..I woke up with a burning sensation on my side and turned on the light to check that i was left with a red mark...I had to keep myself from crying like a whimpering puppy...It was so realistic that as i was dying in my sleep..in my waking life i had a hard time breathing...

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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Nothing Beats Insence & A Rest In A Cemetary

I've decided to start growing my own plants...instead of waiting for mother nature to produce some for me in spring. All i'll have to do is *snip snip* away at whatever i want..when i want, and then just store the rest in a cool dark place.

I visited the cemetary like i usually do...i needed to clear my mind so i went and rested upon the moss covered ground for three hours..I got so lost in thought that it only felt like 15 minutes. When i sat up from my position i saw this stripped cat...it was just staring at me, i could almost tell what it was thinking. And once it figured out that i knew it was there it sprinted away...i sat there wondering how long it had been sitting beside me. My arms are sore from lifting my bike over fences and railroad tracks..but it was worth it..especially when i got to see another cat but this one was black..heh heh heh i'm just thinking about the birds and how they kept flying around everywhere around me when i was half sleeping and half dazing...i ended up giving them nuts and little pieces of my homemade banana bread. They appreciated that alot...believe me! *sighs* Nature is amazing...

Train had 39 wagons...

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