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Monday, May 23, 2005

   Long time no see!
Hello duckies! I know I've been incommunicado for an eternity and a half, but I have a very, very good reason!

I've been gainfully employed! Yay for me! I spent the first two weeks of my employed life outside of school at Burger King. I have to tell you, that sucked. I mean, that sucked worse than anything you can imagine. Never EVER go into food service, especially under a commercial chain. I worked the front-end register and it SUCKED! I worked the lunch and dinner rushes, and lemme tell you the people who come through there are some of the MOST ungrateful people ever! If there weren't cameras all over the kitchen, we'd all totally spit in people's food.
And the mess! You'd think small children would be the ones to make the biggest messes--shows how much we all know. The adults--as in the working, able-bodied, not-ancient--leave the biggest messes!
So do the world a favor: when you go in and sit down (and this is for ANY restaurant) clean up after yourself! Take the salt and the ketchup and the extra napkins off the table when you go; and please please please don't dump out your cup at the drink station and leave your straw wrappers lying around. There are trashcans for an f-ing reason people. Seriously now!
Two weeks of being talked down to did me in--I went to the newspaper and got a job as a carrier. It's been swell! I get up and go to work at 1 am, get done at about 5 am and then go back home and crawl into bed. The hours are weird, but for 4 hrs of work a night at a lil over $200 a week, it ain't bad. I'm making more than the squat Burger King was offering ($6.75 an hour for 9 and 10 hour days five days a week).
There really isn't any hassle with carrying either! I mean, I have this one house that's being an asshole (I don't know WHERE to drop their paper because they're never f-ing happy about it) but everything else is all kosher. I hate condos though; condos suck. But I've found that if I get them out of the way, I shave 15 minutes off my route time. That's a good thing. :D
Anyways, I'll try and be on more often because none of my friends know I'm alive if I don't update this thing. Hugs and kisses my duckies, and to the Vampire Ed--a nice big warm full-body tackle because he's still my favorite denzien of the late-night hour. :D

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Monday, March 28, 2005

   Hello duckies!
I know I'm absolutely terrible about updating, but since I left school my life has been so dull it hasn't been worth blogging. I mean, I get up, I eat, I clean, I doodle, I stay up way too late, and then I go to bed to wake up the next day and do it all over again. Luckily enough though, the cultural center is offering art classes so I'm signing up for beginning figure drawing. That should keep me busy!
My mum's getting gastric bypass surgery this summer; the Pregnazone the docs put her on so she can breathe has made weightloss impossible--every calorie she takes in, she absorbs. You know she even gained weight on Weight-Watchers? They gave her too much food!
Anyways, she's going on about that which has made my dad even more weight-conscious, which has put him on my ass. It's really annoying--I'm not super petite but I'm not tremendously large either. I'm sick of hearing about how my brother can manage to excercise every day! Bully for him, but with these knees and a heart murmur, I have to find new methods for excercise...not that anyone cares.
When my girls were out over Spring Break, Raven mentioned something interesting she had read in her psych book (damn psych majors! ^^): apparently every societal group (including families) requires a scapegoat for the constant maintenence of function within the social group (or something like that). She thought it was sad; Noelle and I just shared a look and said "Yeah, we know how THAT feels!" Sometimes it truly sucks being the youngest!

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Monday, February 21, 2005

   Hey kids!
Neverending Nights Update
Eventually I shall get the hang of making links. :D

So thanks for the support all you wonderful god-like creatures that left comments on yesterday's post. I'm not mad at her anymore; I'm just going to be really sad because saying 'I told you so' to a dead body is REALLY gauche--and that's how she's gonna end up too if she doesn't stop all this nonsensical whoring. Not my problem though; she ain't my child and I'm pretty sure she's written me off as a friend. Not that it matters; Jennifer and Dana will tell me what she's been doing because she'll tell them and we talk...we're girls; it's what we do. ^^

Ripped this off Yami_Seto's site; it is truly awesome. ^^
Take the quiz: "What does your birth month reveal about you?"

Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent andclever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexy. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislike unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show emotions.

It's awesome because it's true. :D

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Silent Hill story now has 3 beautiful chapters!

So I'm talking to Andrea about her discipline problem, because I really think it's mostly her fault. (Sorry Constance; I think her parents are tough on her because she acts like a dumbass). She totally doesn't get why I'm worried. Why am I not surprised?!?!?! I'm talking to her right now and she's treating me like her parents.

BeautifulKitsune: what do you consider a friend?
blackbeltchick17: why?
BeautifulKitsune: Just answer the question.
blackbeltchick17: www.poetry.com
blackbeltchick17: search me
BeautifulKitsune: no; you tell me.
blackbeltchick17: then click on a friend
BeautifulKitsune: no; you tell me here and now. it's uber important.
blackbeltchick17: someone that will look after u, care for u, be there and willing to share, hmm...someone that will trust and understand. They will accept u for who u are no matter what and hmm more...
BeautifulKitsune: Is that us? To you, is that us?
blackbeltchick17: yeah
blackbeltchick17: why?
BeautifulKitsune: Becuase if that's the case, then I'm a horrible friend to you.
blackbeltchick17: lol
blackbeltchick17: what's up anyways why u talkin like this?
BeautifulKitsune: Because I feel guilty. I'm not doing right by you.
blackbeltchick17: why?
BeautifulKitsune: If I were, then I'd have told your parents when you started sneaking Ben in. And I should tell them about you spending the night at Brandon's.
BeautifulKitsune: What you're doing is really stupid and as your friend I should care enough to stop you from doing them, even though it'd mean snitching to your folks.
blackbeltchick17: i don't see the point of this conversation
BeautifulKitsune: Really now? You don't think this has any relevance to your life?
blackbeltchick17: i don't see why all of a sudden u want to tell my parents things. What did i do to you to tell them my stuff that i trusted you in the first place not to tell. Is this in some sorta of what?
BeautifulKitsune: I want to tell your parents because you're acting like an imbecile and you don't listen to me so maybe you'd listen to them.
BeautifulKitsune: You know how many things could go wrong when you do these dangerous kinds of stunts?
BeautifulKitsune: Just because you're a black belt and you talk tough doesn't mean you're invincible.
blackbeltchick17: I'm actually trying to get their trust by not hanging out late for these past days and now you want to ruin things that I'm trying to build up for my parents.. U told me to be listent to them and now that I am you want to WHAT? tell them?
BeautifulKitsune: You think that behaving for a week or so is gonna make them trust you?
BeautifulKitsune: Dude you have done alot and I mean ALOT of stupid shits before.
BeautifulKitsune: And I know you; after a week of playing by their rules you'll get mad and go do something dumb
blackbeltchick17: how am I suppose to prove it if your going to ruin my plans
blackbeltchick17: Obviously u don't trust me
blackbeltchick17: so why am I even bothering to explain myself
blackbeltchick17: u tell me to change
blackbeltchick17: I'll try and change
blackbeltchick17: but u want to do things in my life
blackbeltchick17: it's MY LIFE

BeautifulKitsune: Yeah, it's your life.
BeautifulKitsune: But the sucky things about friends is that they give a damn that you live.
BeautifulKitsune: And again, I know you. You'll get bored with this whole "living by your folks' rules" and you'll go out and do something stupid. You always do! I'd really like for you to change that pattern, which is why I'm talking to you now.
blackbeltchick17: If seeing me on streets and suffering coz I got kicked out by my parents will make u happy as a friend for me then I totally understand what kind of a friend u are
BeautifulKitsune: Oh don't EVEN try to lay a guilt trip on me.
BeautifulKitsune: The reason your parents would kick you out is because you're being stupid and they don't know what else to do.
BeautifulKitsune: How dare you try to make me feel guilty for giving a damn! (this is about where I get REALLY mad)
blackbeltchick17: How DARE? HOW DARE? yeah i know HOW DARE
blackbeltchick17: u want to see me miserable
blackbeltchick17: U don't trust me '
BeautifulKitsune: Oh yeah, that's how I get my jollies. Making sure you're alive and unharmed and stuff. Woo hoo. *sarcasm, in case you didn't notice*
blackbeltchick17: I'm not going to force u to trust me if u don
BeautifulKitsune: This isn't a matter of trust between you and me. 1) the trust issue is between you and your folks. 2) I'm just trying to get what you say your life is like and I'm not so I'm wondering why there are such mixed signals. (Yeah; your parents feed and clothe and give you money but they're soooo terrible, what with paying for school and your car and your INSURANCE and your gas and......oooh; she acts like such a spoiled brat and it annoys the HELL out of me!)
(There was a really long silence at this part. She had a hard time thinking of what to say because I had her cornered.)
blackbeltchick17: my life is fine for now...i don't think i need anyone trying to control it
BeautifulKitsune: If your life is so damn fine, why are you in school for a job you don't want, living in a house you don't want, with rules you definitely don't want? And who said anything about controlling? You don't even begin to understand, do you? (She's going to school for nursing because her mum wants her to be a nurse; she's told me time and time again she doesn't wanna be a nurse)
blackbeltchick17: I don't know why u want to tell them my stupid mistakes which i already knew
blackbeltchick17: and regreted on doing
BeautifulKitsune: Because they only think they know what's going on. You insist on hurting them every way and truthfully they should know.
BeautifulKitsune: I haven't gone to them yet becuase I want to talk to you first.
BeautifulKitsune: I want you to understand why I worry for you.
BeautifulKitsune: And I'd really like to stop you from doing such stupid shit even though I really technically can't.
blackbeltchick17: I don't know why u want to mix pink to black...why are u trying to get into a life....that u know will turn everything a living hell to your friend. U don't look after my good, U want to see me in hell, If your gonna tell them shit just letr me know so I can start packin my junk out and start living on streets since u want my life in such misery
blackbeltchick17: WHy does it makes u feel prettier of better to see me in hell
blackbeltchick17: if that so do what u wish
blackbeltchick17: I told u before that I'm changing
blackbeltchick17: but u never tried to listen
blackbeltchick17: or even trust me
blackbeltchick17: so if ur concerns is abt my life
blackbeltchick17: turning down
blackbeltchick17: do whatever will make u happy
blackbeltchick17: and u won't see me again
BeautifulKitsune: You're always "changing"
blackbeltchick17: ohh u might see me in vagas as a whatever slut
BeautifulKitsune: ALWAYS
blackbeltchick17: coz i think that
BeautifulKitsune: But you never seem to change for the btter
BeautifulKitsune: You wanna be a fuckin imbecile fun
blackbeltchick17: 'is what u want me to go to
BeautifulKitsune: What I want you to do is fucking grow up and see that you're being a fucking imbecile
blackbeltchick17: u never listen
BeautifulKitsune: I listen very well
BeautifulKitsune: Which is why I'm worried
blackbeltchick17: u don't trust
blackbeltchick17: I have been great with my parents since they got back
blackbeltchick17: Ive told them everything
blackbeltchick17: they know Joe
BeautifulKitsune: Make me believe that.
BeautifulKitsune: Yeah, I know they know Joe
BeautifulKitsune: But they know you about as well as they've known others.
blackbeltchick17: why do i have to make u believe such things i do personally?
BeautifulKitsune: You know why I don't "trust" as you put it? Because you ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS turn around and go back to doing the same stupid things.
BeautifulKitsune: Becuase I'm supposed to be your friend which means I'm supposed to give a damn about you.
BeautifulKitsune: Which I do; so don't even try that "you just wanna see me miserable" schtick
blackbeltchick17: they know everything abt jenifer and dora and all abt my new friends,,, and they have no problems with them
blackbeltchick17: I know ur my friend ,...not my mom
BeautifulKitsune: Ah huh. So you mentioned you had Nick over too? that we were all chilling in your room? that you spent the night at Brandon's? That you don't want to be a nurse? That you use their food and their money and their cars and aren't grateful at all? I don't think they know alll of that.
BeautifulKitsune: And I know I'm not your mom.
BeautifulKitsune: But I AM your friend, and sometimes that means behaving in some of the same ways.
blackbeltchick17: i didn't plan nick at all tajt
blackbeltchick17: that's jens friend
blackbeltchick17: i don't want them to dislike her for anything
BeautifulKitsune: True, but you're the one who said you told them everything. That's a part of EVERYTHING.
blackbeltchick17: everything that happened to me since they got back
blackbeltchick17: no everything that i did while they were gone
BeautifulKitsune: Your parents know when you lie becuase you go "um" and then start talking. You also fidget. I guess you fidgeted alot while you were telling them "everything you did" while they were gone. (at this point I am so mad I could just reach through the Internet and strangle her. Growing up the way I did has made me get semi-mature and way ahead of schedule...I recognize consequences most of the time, and it drives me mad that other people don't)
blackbeltchick17: ok
BeautifulKitsune: So that's it? You're not even paying attention anymore, are you?
BeautifulKitsune: So that's it? You're not even paying attention anymore, are you?
BeautifulKitsune: Okay then; be mad if you want. Be furious with me; be my guest. But know that all your stupid shit is gonna catch up with you one day, and it may be the day you decide you're bored with playing by your parents rules.
(There was another long silence here too; I was waiting for her to say something stupid like how I wish her to be miserable so I can feel better about myself. It'd just prove that she wasn't paying attention and that the next time she did something stupid I was going to have to squeal like a stuck pig.)
blackbeltchick17: what do u want me to say...oh yeah ur true very true coz u know everything what will be good for someone's life
BeautifulKitsune: No. What I'd like you to DO is think about what I'm telling you. You don't have to say shit. You can say good night for all I care. All I want is for you to THINK every once in a while about consequences and sequences of events and logic. That'd help you be outta trouble.

The conversation goes on a little bit after that; I was so mad at her though--still am, truthfully. I just...she talks about all these plans she has, and she doesn't seem to think that anything's going to stop her from accomplishing them. She's a year older than I am, but I already know people are invincible. Ooh--still steaming!!!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Visit me, please!:D I'm shameless, I know. But I just posted the first chapter of my Silent Hill story and dammit people I want attention. Pleeeease?
I know, weedling is so...passe. But I'm cute enough to get away with it. :D

On a completely different note, I went to see my ortho today. He's an ass. You know what he did? Stuck his fingers under my kneecap and started jiggling it around. Then he asked me if that hurt. Mum thinks I should wacked him a good one in the jewels and asked him if THAT hurt. I wanted to, but thinking wasn't an option at the time. :D I bought the Phantom soundtrack today. It's awesome, of course. The movie wasn't that great; they could've gotten better tenors for Raoul and the Phantom. Christine was pretty cool; but I knew this girl in highschool named Dewan that'd make that chick sound like crap. Seriously; Dewan was awesome. :D And Minnie Driver as the Countessa was hysterical; but you know that's not her real voice? I read the pamphelet inside the CD case--it's some other chick's voice whose name I don't remember. Go figure! Of course, I shouldn't expect Minnie Driver to sing opera; it's not something people do in their spare time. :D

I have a question for the world: my friend Andrea (whom you are well aware of, those of you who follow the drama with more patience than I) is "losing her mind". She's at home with her parents, taking courses at the local community college to be a nurse. Well 1) she doesn't even want to be a nurse and 2) she's complaining that her parents are "too strict" on her. They set a curfew for her (she's living in their house still, mind you), limit how much money they give her, forbid boys in the house when they aren't home and from her room when they are...tell me; is this meanness or just actual parenting? She calls me up a couple of nights ago, almost in tears--I'm thinking she just found out she was pregnant (hey; that IS a possibility), but no, she was just bitching about how strict her parents are and how "she knows how to fly now but they won't let her out of her cage". This from the girl who used to sneak her boyfriend into her room at night through her window. I always told her her folks probably knew about that; they just didn't say anything (one of those "If I don't say anything it's not happening" deals). However, they did pullin the reigns. Then this weekend (the weekend they're away on a second honeymoon to Disney) she has a shitload of people at the house, and after we leave she gets in the car (at midnight) and goes to her boyfriend's house which she didn't leave until 7:30 the next morning. I mean; how is that behavior reflect on her? I want to tell her parents so badly about what she did; she's being stupid and she calls me her friend (and the word FRIEND entitles some serious obligation) and I'd really like for her to NOT get pregnant while I'm here because I know she'd be one of those girls on Maury "He's the father!" (and five guys later) "He's the father, I know it!" If she does that after I leave, I can wash my hands and say "I did what I could". But I really, REALLY hate the fall-out that follows when ratting people out...help people! I am a girl with serious moral questions here!

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Monday, February 14, 2005

   Hi kids!
Just got back from fanfiction.net. I got a new name (Beautiful Bounty) so I think maybe I might actually could get some hits every once in a while. Scary, what a crazy dreamer I am, isn't it? I just posted my first story, a rewrite of something I wrote ages ago (and by ages, I mean freshman year of highschool. :D). I'm really quite proud of it; I think it's a lovely story.
It's Gundam Wing themed of course (now don't everyone die of shock at the same time!). However, I wrote an OOC/AU theme deal so truth-be-told you don't HAVE to be a Gundam Wing fan/afficionado/otaku/hopeless loser who's memorized everything about the show down to what color blue they used to put the sheen on the Gundams. :D
Riding the Rails to Hell and Back

Go! Read! Leave reviews because I am an attention whore and I crave accolades. :D Loves!

PS: This site is being bizarre and double-posting. :P on it. :D

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

How ev'ry body be, son?

That's enough of that...does everyone like the new layout? I particuarly like that picture up top. It's...fun. Yes; fun is the word I want.

Not much going on; my ortho's an ass and he's all 'blah blah blah, lookit me, I got my degree in the Bahamas blah blah blah'. What an ass! I'll do the therapy though; no choice. No biggie; if I do this right, Mum'll assist me in getting a gym membership. I can finally get into a yoga class that's actually for beginners. Yay!

Nothin much else going on; I got the exit interview form from crappy-ass Randolph-Macon Woman's College today (unless you're planning to be a Stepford wife, I don't suggest going there). I wrote five pages on why I don't go there anymore. I told on everyone. I gave names and titles. Do not screw with me; you will NOT like the outcome. :D

Ah well! Talking with my best girlies ever, so it's time to boogie. Catch y'all on the flipside of Normal!

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

   I know, I know...
I'm lousy at updating, especially as of late. It's just been an uber-hectic time! It'll be okay though; I'm back, and I'll be back for a while. The peasants can rejoice--yay! :D
I've got so many crazy art ideas floating in my head, it's not even funny. I just have to scrape some money together to act on them. Speaking of which, does anyone out there know a site where I can find a pattern for a doll kimono? I want to paint a geisha doll, but I don't know how to make a kimono. Sad, yes I know. T.T Anyways, I didn't find one earlier, so I was wondering if anyone could help me out? Please? Pretty please? :D I'm a goof, I know.
Merry Christmas everyone!
Happy Kwanza to everyone else!
Happy Hannukah to a few other people!

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Friday, December 10, 2004

   Crazy from Exams
More than of a friend!
You're more than a friend! You're more of a
couple!! You've been friends as long as you
can remember and know you two are together!!

What kind of friend are you? Anime pics!!
brought to you by Quizilla
I have no idea what that had to do with anything. But the grammar is mostly correct, so I totally dig the person who did the quiz.
Had my oral presentation for Japanese today. Watashi wa screw-up desu. Yep yep. It was bad. It could've gone worse, but it most definitely could've gone better. I hate it when we just have to present to the class. I'd much rather have a conversation; conversations are so much easier! :(
Oh well. I have to study my ass off this weekend, in between packing up to go home and everything else. - -" Oi vey!

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Wednesday, December 8, 2004

   Hello hello everyone!
Nope; not dead yet! I may be after exams next week though...nevermind--I refuse to be negative!

I know I haven't updated in ages, but it seems as though all of a sudden the teachers have gone mad. It's just been one assignment after another! I swear, every teacher has the delusion that they are the only teacher in the universe I have. - -"

How lovely is the X-mas layout? Much better than the sad one before it, I know. ^^

There's nothing really else to say; I'm about to be late for class, so I'll have to write substantially later. ^^

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