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Friday, December 25, 2009

   Merry Christmas!

You don't have to watch the video, but it is really funny =D

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! I got quite a bit of the items I had on my Christmas list. I'm so excited to watch movies and such. I didn't get a lot of what I wanted but I'm gunna go off shopping next week and buying myself some CD's and stuff. I can't wait.

Have a great day everyone and I hope you enjoy being with your families =]

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

   Christmas Eve!
Hello again! thanks Kelsey for the comment =] I added you on Facebook so I hope it'll be easier to talk haha. Your dog is so cute! And now, you were not the only Kelsey Lee. But luckily you were on the 3rd page *whipes forehead* Phew lol.

So I hope you all have a good time with family and/or friends tonight. I am slackin' and I have to go last minuteChristmas shopping with my aunt. So I'm off to do that. I'm sure I'll be back on later to comment.

Happy holidays to the rest of you who don't celebrate Christmas! <3

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time Flies
Remember me? It's okay if you don't. I haven't been around and I don't know why. You guys have always been around for me and now I don't even know what's going on with you guys because I'm getting so caught up with Senior year and Facebook.

Time has been flying much to fast. My birthday is in about a month. I've been applying for college. I've been helping my friends with some problems they're having. Getting ready for the holidays and trying to find a way to survive Senior year.

Happy Holidays everyone! I've got a lot planned. My aunts up for Christmas and it's going to be great. Then on Sunday I leave for New York. I'll be in NYC on New Years Eve. I don't know if any of you ever watch it on T.V. but I'll be right in the middle of that mess. Checkin' out the bands and hopefully gettin' some autographs.

Since I last posted, nothing much has been happening. Just the same old random crap. I really regret not getting on. I love talking to you all but I get so into being on Facebook I forget to get on here and talk to you all.

I have to go, but I promise to comment tomorrow. I have a laptop for a few weeks so I have faster internet and it's easier to have like 3 pages open *smiles weakly* Please don't hate me too much <3

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

   Ladies and Gents
Thanks for the comments =] Another quickie today so I can comment. I think I'll be on for half an hour a day, enough to do a quick post and comments! I know it's late but I though I'd post anyway.

Today was so slow. I wasn't in the best of moods ya know? Mainly because of guys and the reason they don't have feelings. They're so stupid haha.

I finally picked up pictures that I got developed. I am so happy about it. My dad likes all the pictures I take. When/if I can, I'll post some here after I go hiking Sunday. NH is known for their leaves during the fall.

Speaking of peek weekend and leaves, that means there'll be a shit load of leaf peepers next weekend! We gottan leave for the mountain extra early haha. The old people come on loads and loads of buses to take pictures of leaves. Blah. Get your own damn leaves!

I got Lady Gaga's cd last night. I love it! She's so crazy haha. Did anyone see her performance on the MTV VMA's? It was epic. I might go to her concert in Boston on the 16th of December. It'd be so epic and the best Christmas gift ever lol.

I feel like crap! And I just got something in my eye -_- Excellent. I've felt cold all day when it wasn't cold at all. *sighs* I'm not sick or anything... I'm just over tired but I can't sleep now that the moon is waxing. Stupid weird habits.

I guess that's it for now. I'll go comment =]


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Monday, September 28, 2009

glad you like the layout thingy guys =] it means a lot to me that you still come around. so i have a new and improved friends list. check it and let me know if things change.

deadly neko- i know what you mean. i miss it too but it's hard to come on and see that i'm only get 3 comments a day when i used to get at least 10! *sighs* i wish things would turn around...

Angel Zakuro- i missed you too! and you should text me. it'd be really nice to talk about baseball to some one other then a red sox fan (hehe go yankees for clenching 1st place!) *cough* anyway haha! don't worry if you forget, but when/if you do, just let me know who it is =P

Kiba051095- thanks for the add. it'll be nice having a new person coming around my sight =]

alrighty guys, i really have to go to bed now. i'll see what i can do about posting tomorrow. i'm praying for a little less homework... but we all know how well that goes *rolls eyes* see ya!


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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just wanted to post a small little something. I won't be able to get on every day this week but Maybe on Wednesday and Friday? Tomorrow there's a chance I can get on at school after school. I'll have to see.

I commented a couple people today =] I really miss everyone who used to be on here and who still is and never comes around anymore. I remember when I joined MyO 3+ years ago and everyone on my list would update at least every other day. Now I only have 3 people a day. I might be getting rid of a ton of people who don't update. Don't worry if you update a few times a week, you'll still be on my list. But check just in case.

I'll be back on tomorrow. Or I'll try to. Hope you like my new BG and such. I was in the mood for blue-ish green =]

♥ Keri

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Friday, September 18, 2009

So sorry. I don't know how often I can come on. School has been crazy because it's my Senior year and everything... *sigh* Thanks to you all for the comments. I can't believe I haven't posted since July! I feel so rude.

So I got my first detention. I cut Spanish last Friday, forged a note, got caught, etc. etc. and so I had a detention yesterday. The first ever and the last. It was HELL. NEVER AGAIN!!

So our football field has lights now so we only have night games. It's super fun and we have one tonight. We lost our first, won our second (it was away) and tonight I hope we win at home!

I saw Gamer with Notyu and holy freaking cow!!! It was so epic! I love Gerard Butler and he did a wicked awesome job so I'll buy it haha. I've seen so many other movies since I last posted but I don't remember which I liked or didn't like.

I don't have a lot to say surprisingly. Oh well, I can tell you some stories I suppose =]

Me and Katie (aka Notyu) got lost in Concord NH a few weeks ago after going to go see Ponyo (so cute! It's a must see anime lol). We almost got stalked, got some good pictures, went past some dark alleys, and so on. CREEEEEPY!! Haha, but we're safe and sound.

I really have nothing else to say! Sorry guys! I don't think I'll be commenting either =[ I'll see what I can do but don't get too upset if I can't get to you!!


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Saturday, July 25, 2009

   Half Birthday; Movie Reviews; Random
Comment replies are first as usual. I need something to fill my post lol. Just 3 this time, but thanks for them!

foamy14- isn't the weather just so depressing. I don't get it lol.

alphonse13- as for the Cheerios commercial "what child gets up that early?!" comment... the kind who thinks their father has a high cholesterol haha.

AnimeAngel993- no, I love the rain, really. But it's depressing when that's all the weather you see lol.

Alrighty, so picture time!!
Nevermind... Facebook is being stupid. I'll add those after the Mets game Monday =]

Movie Reviews!!

I saw The Ugly Truth today because I am in love with Gerard Butler (P.S. I Love You) and Katherine Heigl is just too funny lol. It was EPIC!!! I cried. I know all of you are like "Of course Keri when do you NOT cry?!" My answer is, shut up haha. But it was just soooo funny and soooo good. 5 stars!

I also saw G-Force today. Not as good as I'd thought it would be but still cute =] It was fun and some of the parts were hysterical... But I thought it would be better.

Today is my half birthday! Whoooo haha. Tomorrow is my dad's birthday.We're going to a New York Mets game and if any of you watch the games on T.V you know what I look like if ya' wanna find me. I'll be the one dancing like a moron xD

I really wish Facebook wasn't being dumb! *sigh* I'm going to go watch Legally Blonde 2 and then go to bed.

Oh! Did you guys hear about Toy Story 3?!?! I was like "Hells no they didn't!! You can't make a 3rd when I grew up with the first two! Those were the classics! You can't go adding a 3rd!!" My dad told me to shut up because we were right in the middle of the theatre haha. The lady behind me was like, "You're so right!!" then the whole theatre went into discussion until the movie came on xD I'm good with riots! If anyone ever needs to start something up, lemme know. I'm your girl!


Time- midnightish... actually... 30 mins past lol. Night!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

*wipes tears* You guys! I can't believe I'm even getting comments let alone 4!! I know "Keri, we're all getting like 6-12 comments and you're all excited about 4?!" Yes shut up lol.

AnimeAngel993: yeah doom is right... although, I did feel a little bad for Malfoy. MY friend and I went NUTS when Harry drank that lucky stuff and then that Harry!/Sir! scene. OH! And "not to mention those pincers *click click click*" Thing. I'm a fruit cake, I know.

foamy14: I've been lazy too. I've just started getting on somewhat regularly so I know what you mean. Don't worry too much about it =]

Angel Zakuro: You don't have an interest in Harry Potter?! How dare you! Haha, no no, I know lots of people who don't like it =P Oddly, I know some one who it's like against her religion to go see Harry Potter and Twilight and movies like them... Isn't that odd?

Alphonse13: There's "two more" Harry Potters left. Technically there's only one but they're splitting it in two because it's "too long" and they "don't wanna leave anything out". They're so dumb. But they're all like 20 some-odd years old. It's getting a little annoying lol. But it was good.

Soooo now that half my post is full of comment replies... How is everyone?! I hope you're all good =]

The clouds are coming back to haunt me! GAH!! *runs* I wish it'd just be nice and sunny. What a lame summer =[ FML. Last summer at this time I was in Maine and it was sunny and fun!! *sigh* Oh well.

I'll be posting pics late late late tonight or tomorrow afternoon when I get back form the mall. Oh! Speaking of mall =] I got a new purse, a pretty scarf, a nemo house key, a necklace... I think that's it. I'll take a picture of the purse, it's so cute and adorable!! It's a Dolce & Gabanaa and I got it for $23!! It was originally like $80 =] I'm so good at getting sales. Professional even haha.

Oh, you may be wondering why I'm posting at 9:33 am. Yes well, Katy Perry was on T.V. in Rockefeller Plazza and I was going to go but then I forgot to set my alarm for 4am so I didn't go. But my aunt woke me up and I wached her on T.V.

Have any of you seen that cute Cheerios commercial with the little boy that goes into his parents bedroom at like 3:45am and goes up to his dad with a bowl of Cheerios and is like "daddy? you need more cholesterol." or something like that. I just watched it. SOOO cute!!

Soooooo I guess that's all of my random stuff lol. I'll comment if anyone else updates today but only a few people have been updating each day so whatever. Love ya' all!


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Thursday, July 23, 2009

   But many days from now, I'm sure I'll be back among your graces.
Thanks for the comments! I haven't gotten more then two in forever lol. I got four! Mwahah! *thinks from back in the day when she got fourteen a day* Aww man, good times lol. Anyway, thanks! I'm kinda gonna do comment responses... Kinda lol.

X Shadowme X: oh yes. because when you're in the middle of Times Square you're really worried about buying a purse lol.

wolf of sorrow: you wouldn't get shot! People wear bright colors and such. I love the city and when I go I wear bright colors... I'm still alive! I think *pokes body* Yes, see? Alive ^_^

Angel Zakuro: don't you just love being left behind in a stadium x_X That's why I pretend to know what's going on and act like I have season tickets haha.

alphonse13: the museum was really cool. And I learned more there then I did in my History class lase semester -___-"

Alrighty sooooooo. I don't know what to say. OH! Did I say I got my hair cut? It's short. I'll try to get a picture up today. But if not you'll have to wait until tomorrow =] But it's so cute... and wavy... and short... Yeah ^_^"

So I'm all better about being abandoned in the middle of Times Square lol. My aunt and I are getting along again so it's all good.

Has anyone else seen Harry Potter 6? All that keeps running through my head are the new inside jokes me and Theresa pulled out of the movie and I wanna know if we're the only loons who thinks it's funny as hell. Oh nevermind... I'm sure we are xD

I am just in a rambling mood! And I'm not even rambling about anything important! OHMYGOD!! Did anyone see Ice Age 3? I almost died from laughing so hard the first time I saw it. IT was funny lol.

I'm hungry... Maybe I should stop posting and go eat? Yes. I'll do that. Thank you for coming around and reading my silly posts xD I really love getting the comments. Oh! And did you notice I commented these past couple of days... Kinda? Well, I did haha. I'm trying my hardest to get around to you all. And now that I'm getting on more often, no one is updating! Phooey. Well, lunch time I suppose.


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