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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Finals and Pics...
Uggg! Finals are next week and Iam nervous!!! Its study, study, study for me this weekend!

Yeah the convention was loads of fun!!! ^^
Upon the request of Stixx here are some pics!!!

Heres one of our fun pics of Kate and Esther fighting!

Heres Abel feeding Cain a sugar cube (Its Cane Sugar lol)

Here Caterina taking Abel for her own and attacking Esther!!! O.o

Now for some serious pics!!!

Abel being killed by Cain

And heres a link to see various other photos if your interested!!!

AHHHHH!!! I can't wait to go agian next year!!!

Now some questions for you all!!!

1. Have you read/watched Trinity Blood?
(me: YES I HAVE!!! ^^)

2. Hows the weather where you are?
(Me: It can't make up its mind! One day its 70 the next its 40 with high winds!!!)

3. Do you like to read?(other then manga)
(Me: YES!!! I read alot!)


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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Best Weekend Ever
Last weekend I went to a three day anime convention! It was AMAZING!!! I met lots of new friends, bought cool stuff, and had fun cosplaying!
First of all I went with my friends and we did a group cosplay of Trinity Blood(I was anime version Abel) and we had our pis taken too many times to remember ^^'
I saw sooooooo many people with REALLY good costumes! Some literally made my jaw group...
And lastly my new friends...*sigh*
They were soooooooooo incredably nice and I hung out with them for 3 days...Its hard not to see them now...
We had a Trinity Blood gathering on Sat. and took pics as a group, then on Sun. we had a private picnic. The picnic was LOADS of fun!

Man, I wish it were the Con agian..

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

   Looking Forward... Someday I'll be There...
TESTING IS OVER!!! At least for now...sigh...

LAst weekend was really busy for me,
On Fri night I saw my friend's play (It was very good) and my cousin came back from boot camp(he joined the army)
On Sat. I spent the whole day with my cousin(codename Wallie) Because he didn't have any nice clothes and had money to spend. So he drove me around. When we first got into the car Wallie sat down started it up and
Wallie: "Man, I haven't driven in 6 weeks!"
Me: ...
Wallie:*pulls away from curve* "I hope I remember how!"
My face went
X.X -"SAVE ME!!!!!!!!"
Wallie is a scary driver...
Then we went to the mall to buy clothes...
Hes REALLY picky...So we went to every last shoe store (theres about 7 or 8 scatered thoughout the mall) to find Puma brand shoes...
My feet died that day...
On Sun. I finally got to relax...It felt sooooooo good! ^v^ I also got to buy manga~~~

Q and A
1. Do you listen to music when you read manga?
2. Have you ever cosplayed?
3. Whats your worst testing experience?

My Answers:
1. YES!!! I listen to my imeem playlists when I read manga on the internet and my ipod when I am in my room~
2.Once agian, YES!!! I really enjoy cosplaying! ^^ I have cosplayed as VAmpire Hunter D and am going as Abel NIghtroad soon! ^^
3. Yesterday actually. I was waiting for them to call out my name to let me into the testing room-I was last. Then I get into the room-there are NO chairs left. So I then have to carry a table and chair into the room for myself. So as Iam waiting for them to pass out the answer sheets- they RUN OUT!!! I am the ONLY one without an answer sheet! It was EXTREMELY frustrating! Not to mention the test was hard...sigh


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Thursday, May 1, 2008

   Just a post...
I have alot of tests coming up in the next few weeks! TT_TT In other words I might not have time to post or comment for awhile...but I'll try! Other then that just an everyday update!
hmmmmm Ive been testing all this week too come to think of it...*sigh* soooooo much work!

Random Manga Talk
Other then that I've just been reading various manga...Alive! was wierd and short but good. I highly suggest a series called Train Man (Densha Otoko in japanese) not the movie, but the novel or the manga! Its a cute story about a geeky otaku who finds love and recieves help with his relationship online.

Problem ^^'
I worked really hard last week and created a wallpaper/fanart piece...but I don't know whether or not to submit it as fan art or as a wallpaper, or even if I should post it at all... Right now I am leaning towards not posting...

1. What kind of things do you do when your bored?
2. Whats your favorite book you've had to read for school?
3. Does it get windy where you live?

My Answers
1. I read or make wallpapers, or watch videos on youtube, or sometimes I doodle.
2. One Flew Over the Cuckcoo's Nest
3. Yes very windy!!! Sometimes it gets so windy it becomes dangerous to drive and when you do you can feel the car moving sideways! ^^;

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
This is a really well made amv!!! What can I say Iam a fan of well edited videos and this anime! ^^;
THis anime/manga is a twisted comedy about a suicidal teacher with a class of meesed up students...Very funny with deep and serious undertones!!! Its a good balance!
I also felt this amv captured the mood of the anime! Please give it a shot and enjoy! *bows*

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

   Alls Well!
I am having an exciting fun filled weekend! Starting yesteryday evening was a Independant Film Festival I've been going to for the past 3 years! Its sooooooo much fun and I LOVE watching the movies! Tonight Im going out to dinner with a good friend of mine! Than back to watching indie films!!!
This week I started reading Pet Shop of Horrors via my friend insisting I try it, Its good so far!
I also started watching Black Jack. Very good, if odd!
Other then that theres nothing to really say...

1. Do you like (to eat) fish?

2. Have you evr seen an Independant film before?

3. What time do you like to get up at in the mourning?

My answers:
1. No. Too salty!

2. YES!!!! I love them they are soooo good and different!

3. I like to get up around 7:30am-8:00am!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

   Zetman: A New Love
Ok, it was Fri. I had nothing to do, no one was around...ONEMANGA HERE I COME!!!!!!!! I look through the choses, clicking on promising tittles, nothing grabs me as good. I had meant to click on the series above it...then Zetman. "Thats not what I meant to click!" I think, but "Oh what the heck! Failure so far maybe this is The One!" It turns out I LOVE it and read all 87 chaps that onemanga has up in just 3 days!!! Highly recamended!!! The below is a summary and basic info on the series(written by me) give it a try!!!

Tittle: Zetman

genre: SciFi, action, superhero(or supernatural), and drama.

Plot: There are two main main characters: Jin and Kouga. One want badly to become "a defender of Justice" The other "lives for others" (where there are "" is a direct quote) Its a really interesting story revolving around these two as they grow and learn about harsh reality. Despite the two being closely tied together they have only met once(maybe twice). And they are after (more or less) the same thing: To destroy the "players" created by Amagi Company. "Players" in short are completely artifical humans(No cloneing involed) They have a monster like side and sometimes go on killing sprees. I believe (but am not sure) that Jin and Kouga will end up rivals and enimies.

Rating: This is a more mature manga. Now don't let that scare you off! Its really very good! The reason for the high rating is partly for violence. Its not bad but it has a couple of moments where its extra. But the real reason for the rating dosen't come 'til MUCH later in the plot: There is a rape scene, and some nudity. It dosen't bother me and if anything makes the story more powerful. Its worth trying out!!!

Preview: Here are some pages from the manga that I picked out to give a little taste!


Scream 1

Scream 2

Guten Tag!!!!!!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

   D and German Music
First of all I LOVE german music!!! Ramstein, In Extremo, Nena, Wir sind Helden, I love them all...*sigh of contentment*
2nd I LOVE Vampire Hunter D. Vampires, action, romance, unexpected endings...What more can a fan ask for?
Also I LOVE watching amvs. Exspecially well edited ones. I only favorite the ones I really love and are well edited.
This amv combines all those together!!! Thus, LOVE!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you at least give it a try!

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sorry about not really visiting your sites!!! Like my last post said I had to focus on my family. Everything should be back to normal soon and I hope to get around to your sites!

I wrote a new entry on theotaku, I hope its ok...

Guten Tag!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yet more problems.......
I can't even write right now...just know I might not have time to be on sites in the next week or so. Sorry. I hope to be back agian soon, but more problems have come up and...I need to focus my energies on my family.

Thank you for understanding.


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