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Thursday, July 17, 2008

   Sunny Day
I am glad you guys liked my coloring!!! ^^ That wallpaper was fun to make!!!(as was the e-card) I plan to do more in the future...I'd love to do Tsubasa, and Immortal Rain...

Well in other news not much is up. I've been having a lazy summer. (And enjoying it!!!) So I haven't been up to much...

The Demon Ororon, my lastest obsession, *laughs* (MY favorite line from this series is "You wonder how someone as just as you can love someone so absolutely evil" I don't know why I just like it alot) I tried to find a good mmv to show you guys what its about (I suck at explaining things...)...There weren't many choices!!! ^^ But this ones good!!! The words run a bit too fast tho'... Other then that its very good, and gives you a feel for the art and plot!!!

1. Whats your call?
me: WHOODLE WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Graceful or a klutz?
me: Klutz... I get injured from tripping quite often... @_@~Oro?

3. Do you have a personal belief or saying?
me: Live with no regrets.

(aka: "See you next time")

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

   Evil Laughter
Hello everyone!!! Iam in a SUPER good mood right now! ^^ This is because I've be expiramenting with a new coloring style and Iam VERY VERY VERY VERY happy with the way its been working for me!!!! My new avatar was colored by me...It was my 1st attempt with this style... Right now Iam working on a wallpaper using that same type of coloring and WOW!!!!!! I am really liking how its turning out! YAY!!! But its not done yet I need to do finishing touches and BG work! ^^

Also I started a new manga series The Demon Ororon. I like it alot! I had read a one shot manga by the same author which is what promted me to try this one...I was not disappointed!!! I find the story cute and enjoyable! ^^

1. How do you get inspiration for art/wallpapers?
me: I look at pictures until something hits me...Or I just open up one of my Test Pages and start messing with effects...Or I lay upside down and lisen to music VERY loudly...and sing along VERY badly...

2. Do you know the Muffin Man?
me: I used to...

3. Random fact about yourself ('cause I can't think of a good question...)
me: I was a very little kid...My brother was the same size as me (age two) at two months...

Meow- =^_^=

UPDATE: I just submitted the colored wallpaper!!!! YAY!!!

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

   VHD and Immortal Rain
I made it on the VHD(VAmpire Hunter D) Blog!!!

You can see me at:

1. Have you ever broken a bone?
me: No. *knock on wood*

2. One random fact about yourself!!!
me: I've never taken a pill.

Heres aan absolutely AMAZING Immoral Rain mmv!!! Really good! ^^ give it a shot!!!

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

   The Best Day Ever (I still don't believe it really happened...)
Yesterday I got to meet Hideyuki Kikuchi the author of Vampire Hunter D, and Saiko Takaki the artist for the manga in my Vampire Hunter D costume!!!!!!!! It was soooooooooo cool!!!

Since I was in costume as his character I was REALLY nervous...luckily for me he and Ms. Takaki were just as nervous as me! ^^ The akward circle of bowing and saying "thank you" was broken by a gift of cookies! *laughs*

I got to take pictures with them and Mr. Kikuchi had the translator take a picture of the 3 of us on HIS camera!!!!!! @_@

Then we kinda chated for a little while and they called me Kawaii!!! ^///^ (the translator translated it for me but thats one of the few words I know!) X.X I think I died from joy then...

They went to go look around but I got in line for the autograph signing. I talked with other Vampire Hunter D obsessies and met another D cosplayer! (He did movie version 1 with an Amano flair) It was fun and we talked about the novels, movies, and costume making. ^^ I made some new friends as well as picked up some fangirls...(the other D said he had had some girls FOLLOW him around O.o)

Then they signed my book and all was right with the world!

Then I went to a panel were we got to ask questions and stuff like that. It was fun and I found out were the idea for D's left hand came from! (A rather funny story I'll tell later If people are interested)

Sorry I wrote soooo much but Iam still in disbelief fangirl mood!!! ^^'


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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It was much harder making wallpapers everyday then I thought it would be!!!!! This week I've had to take care of my grandmother my two bratty cousins and brother, make the wallpapers/fix them, and work on homework due at the end of summer!!!!! Iam soooooooooo tired and haven't slept right in DAYS!!!! It was worth it tho'! I had lots of fun making them! And I have a better hold on my cousins now since it turns out they REALLY love our old VHS Disney films... Last night was Inspector Gaget and Loin King 2.

@_@ ~ sleepy

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Friday, June 27, 2008

=^_^= Meow
*laughs* You guys guessed right! Iam a she! Iam kinda glad none of you said It... The only reason I asked is because a friend of mine said I use "guy slang"

me:No I don't!
her: Yes you do.
me: Waz "guy slang" anyways?
her:There you go agian!
me: I dunno what yur talkn about!!!
her:The more you talk the more you prove my point.
me: What point! I don see any point!!!

I don't know what she meant by that...On these journals I don't use my slang! ^^

Well I love this manga series. Its called BLAME! The only thing is...It doesn't really explain much...To the point, this video was made as a theory as to what the authors trying to get at. Its one of the BEST mmvs!!! you don't need to know what the mangas about, this is a completely fabricated story!!! ITS AMAZING!!!!!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I went on a wallpaper making rampage today...(I made about 6 of them) but because of the "one wallpaper per day" I have to wait to submit them. "Well," I thought " I can't post this wallpaper until July anyways," the wallpaper has to do with July "I'll just submit a wallpaper every day until July 1st when I'll post this one!!!"
Thus Iam having
A new wallpaper every day ending on July 1st! ^^
After months of on and off artist's block my head is clear!

1. Ever had artist's block?
YES!!! I hate it so...TT_TT

2.If you had to guess from the way I write and my submissions, would you say Iam male, female or an It from outer space?
I'll give you the answer in my next post! XP

PS. Your reactions to my grandmother trying to teach me VooDoo was priceless!!! Sometimes I forget how weird my family is...

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've been hit!!!
Well I was tagged! So heres whats up!

1) post these rules
2)each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3)tags should write a journal/blog of these facts
4)at the end of these post 8 more ppl r tagged and named
5)to tag go to another persons page and tell them there taged

Random Facts About Me:

1. I have an extreme fear of hieghts. I get dizzy and feel like Iam going to puke if I go up too high. However I have no problems with airplanes...

2. When I was little my brother once locked me in a chest and I almost sufficated because my mom thought it was the tv screaming for help...

3. My favorite fruit is Grape Fruit. With sugar! ^^ YUM!!!

4. When I was was a little kid my mom would read aloud to me any book I picked out. I once made her read me the uncut unabrigded version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

5. My Grandmother once offered to teach me VooDoo.

6. I dislike riding bikes. I never got off trianing wheels and haven't owned a bike since I was 7.

7. Tsubasa Resivior Chornicles was my first manga series, and my first exsposure to the world of anime! ^^

8. My 2nd year aniversary on TheO is coming up in September!!!

Hmmmmm Lets see who can I tag...

Queen of Sheba

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lifes going alright right now...FINALS ARE OVER!!!!!!!! YAY! I am sooooooo glad that they are over! Now Iam on breakk from school for awhile! ^^
Last night I saw the best/scariest/sadest/just plain awsome movie EVER! By the same diector who made Pan's Labyrinth. Its called The Orphanage. Its kinda a horror movie but its really more of a drama. About a woman who loses her adopted child and can't find him.(They think hes been kidnapped) And her quest to get him safely home. Its one of the BEST movies I have ever seen. Heavy references to Peter Pan, little if any gore, an amazing plot and very well put together its not a let down movie to see! HEres the trailer if your interested!!!

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

I spent most of yesterday working on a wallpaper!!! It was a labor of love that took about 7-8 hours to make... TT_TT My arm is still sore from all the clicking on the computer! I put my heart, soul, and frustrations into that picture!!! The detailing drove me crazy!!! Exspecilly the zipper on the arm of his jacket! Curse that stupid zipper!!! It took over 300 layers(OVER 300!!!) to make the coloring come out right! There is nothing left of the origional manga scan, its all been "replaced" with the color.

Other then that its been study, study, study... I should study now... *sigh* But I don't want to!!!


Have a nice day!!!

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