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Saturday, December 1, 2007

   Tea Time
My friend took me out to tea today! It was REALLY REALLY GOOD! I am so full right now...They gave us 3 sandwhiches each 1 scone and like 4 deserts...It was GOOD!!! What can I say I am a tea person...I love tea! I got to try some new teas and they were both very yummy!=^_^= I had a good day today! How was your day?

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

   Thank you!!!!!
Thank you soooooo much for the advise!!!! It helped alot!(oh by the way I got the interenship!!!)

I just saw Tokyo Revelations!!! IT WAS AWSOME!!! I thought it turned out very good! I was a little worried that they would make the same mistakes that the anime did...but the OAV pulled it off and it is definatly worth watching!!!

In other news I read the first book of D-Greyman and thought it was good. I also read the first 4 books of PhD and I can't figure out whether the main character is a guy or girl...(those of you who have read this series know what I am talking about..)

All-in-all it has been a pretty busy week...but its all good now and Im taken' it easy!

Hope you all are safe and happy,

p.s. Heres a REALLY funny FFVII vid. They re dubed a part of the movie...The vids called Jenovaism...VERY FUNNY!!! If you like Final fantasy this is a must see vid!

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

I am very nervous...I have an interview for an interenship!!! Iam VERY worried, I have never had a real interview before... IIIIIII NEEEEEEEED HEEEELP!!!! If you have ANY helpful hints or suggestions or things NOT to do... PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!! Any help will mean ALOT to me!!! And I need it! Please comment with help!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thursday, November 1, 2007

   Happy Halloween and/y Feliz Dia de los Muertos!!!
I felt like wishing you all a Happy Halloween and a Feliz Dia de los Muertos!!! I enjoy celebrating different types of holloween!(including Lemuria) I think they are fun!!!
Halloween was loads of fun! (I went Halloween Caroling and trick or treating)
And today and tomarrow are Los Dias de los Muertos!(This is a Mexican holiday) I am going to make sugar torillas because I am not a good enough cook to make sweet bread... But it will be yummy yummy yummy!!!!! I hope you all enjoy these holidays!!!
Adios mis amigos de el otaku!!!
Y Buenas Noches!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

   You Know Your a True Tsubasa Fanatic When...
I wrote this up with a friend of mine one day...We had lots of fun writing it!!! Please comment, and feel free to copy and paste onto your site if you like it!!!


You know you are a true Tsubasa fanatic when…………

1. You call the character on a first name basis like they are friends whom you’ve known for a long time.
2. You stare longingly out your window, convinced the characters will suddenly appear.
3. You search your backyard for fallen feathers, hoping to obtain immense power.
4. You have a large tattoo marking of a phoenix on your back- the same one Fai had.
5. You can effortlessly reenact the major scenes of the anime and manga with your best friend.
6. You can effortlessly pantomime the major scenes (including all important characters) in Tsubasa BY YOUR SELF.
7. You walk around wearing an eye patch-Because it looks cool.
8. You wear a single blue contact lens in your right eye.
9. Every time a sales clerk demands money from you for an item you wish to purchase, you offer to give up something of equal value instead.
10. You have life-sized cardboard cutouts of all the characters of Tsubasa in your room- to guard your beauty sleep.
11. You never go to sleep without kissing an image of your favorite character ‘good night'
12. You search your world desperately for a magic strong enough to restore syaoran his soul, and Fai his gorgeous blue eye.
13. You have a contest with your friends in your swimming pool- who can immerge from the water with as much grace as Fai- sama.
14. While reading the manga with your friends aloud, you play each characters’ voices so as to be able to connect to them better.
15. Your making a list like this one, because everything you write is something you have secretly done yourself!
16. You post said list on the internet, to share the joys and madness of the noble Tsubasa obsession.
17. Every time you see someone tired nearby, you get a nostalgic feeling and think immediately of Sakura.
18. (For the fans of Card Captors) As soon as you read Tsubasa- you rejoiced that sakura had forgotten Syaoran and you shouted out: “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NOW HES ALL MINE!!!!!!”
19. You throw a birthday celebration for Syaoran-kun-….twice a year for both his birthdays!
20. Instead of ‘breaking up’ with your boyfriend/ girl friend, you BANISH them!
21. You do this to help them to become a better person.
22. You encourage your friends to tell their crushes that they are in love with them….. before its too late and they lose all their memories!
23. E- bay is your friend.You bought EVERY piece of Tsubasa merchandise there!
24. The only purpose you have on you computer now… is purely Tsubasa obsession related.
25. Your books are in horrible condition- the sacrifice they paid for gathering more followers of the noble Tsubasa ways.
26. You have a separate set of the Tsubasa series that is in perfect condition, for your personal enjoyment.
27. You have watched every Tsubasa amv and mmv there is to watch on Youtube.
28. You have a pet(s) named after a Tsubasa character(s).
29. Whenever an ammatuer Tsubasa follower asks you about ‘Fai’ or ‘Syaoran’ you ask “Which one?”
30. When you are bored you find yourself continuing Kurogane’s list of nicknames.
31. You scribble these nicknames on all your class/work assignments absent- mindedly.
32. You know that Tsubasa = Life. You inhale “tsu” and exhale “basa”.
33. Before you read Tsubasa, you swore that no matter what CLAMP threw at you, you would not be surprised/mortified/shocked, but…… you still were….
34. You constantly quote from the Tsubasa manga and anime.
35. You study archeology, just so you will have something in common with Syaoran when you finally get to meet him.
36. You freak out whenever your friend picks up an empty book in a book store and tries to hand it to you.
37. Your friend reminds you that you are in the journal section of the store and you reply “haha. That’s what YOU think!”
38. When venturing to a large tower, you never let your sibling leave your side.
39. When studying Egypt, you realize the pyramids may be the landing site for the ‘wings’ in Clow country.
40. You journey to Egypt and await Syaoran/ and gang to arrive.
41. You find things on this list that you haven’t done yet and you think, ‘omigosh that’s a great Idea!’
42. Cosplaying as a Tsubasa character, you journey to an anime convention and see the rest of the Tsubasa gang.
43. You are convinced this Tsubasa gang is the real thing.
44. Every time you leave your house, you give your family lengthy ‘farewells’ just in case you’re picked up by the Tsubasa gang while your out.
45. Whenever accused of eating sushi incorrectly with chopsticks, you respond by saying, “But Fai stabs his food like this all the time!”
46. Your bumper sticker says “My Mokona is smarter than your honor roll student!”

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47. Your convinced that a ball of gloop is all it takes to invade the local castle.
48. You have different variations of how your day has been… depending on which character you’re impersonating at the time you are asked.
49. For some inexplicable reason, you can sense when Tsubasa translations appear in your nearest book store- and online- and in Japan.
50. You have isolated the location of at least five vampires in your neighborhood….. so far none of them are Fai….

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Its called Gantz. The basic plot is that two (Iam guessing high school age) guys die and get sent to this strange room with other people who have died. People from all walks in life, like yakuza and teacher. They then try to figure out how they got thier and why. Then all of the sudden an odd black orb lights up and begins playing music...On the orbs surface reads "Your lives have ended. How your new life will be used will be up to me. Thats the theory." You'll have to watch to see what happens next!!!

You can watch though the
following link!!!


Heres the theme song to give you a little taste!!!

Please comment if you watch it!!!


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Monday, July 16, 2007

   Rain Surrenders
WARNING!!! MAJOR SPOILERS!!! Immortal Rain (or Metoer Methuselah in the japanese version) is an UNBELIEABLY AWSOME MANGA. I love it. I plain and simply LOVE IT.
This is a wonderfuly done amv with scans from books 1-4. Don't be put off because its long, its so good you won't notice time pasing.
The 1st part of the amv is about Rain's past and the 2nd part is about Rain and Machika. Its cute but rather sad... When I watched I stated tearing... This is a very rare occurence. IF YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT SPOILERS...THIS IS THE BEST IMMORTAL RAIN AMV EVER!
Hope you all recieve as much joy from it as I do.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

   Vampire Hunter D...The Manga
Thats right! Vampire Hunter D is being turned into a manga!!! And no we don't have to wait for it to come out in Japan first!!! Its coming out in english before it comes out in Japanese!!! The manga is coming out on Nov. 25, 2007.
O.K,now for details. The art is being done by Saiko Takaki, who was hand picked for the job by Hideyuki Kikucki. I am very proud to be able to show you the below pic, which is a pic from the manga.

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You can go online to
To learn more about the manga.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

   H. G. Wells
Yes I know, 'What the heck does H. G. Wells have to do with anime?!?' Well it has nothing to do with anime but hes one of my favorite authors and an important person in the history of literiture. Mr. Wells wrote about space travel and genenic expermentation YEARS before it was possible!!! His most famous writings are: the time MAchine, The Island of Dr. Moreau,the invisible man, and War of the Worlds. The video below is the an animation done to a part of a radio broadcast of War of the Worlds. This broadcast made thousands of Americans believe that there was really an attack happening and caused mass panic.


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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

   Vampire Hunter D
I LOVE D!!!!!!!! This amv is great!!!!!!! To the Hero (the version from shrek)!!!! SOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! The timing is FAB-U-LOUS!!!!!! I think that everyone should watch this... IF YOU LIKE VAMPIRE HUNTER D YOU WILL LOVE THIS WITH ALL YOUR SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you don't know what vampire hunter D is, this is a good time to find out!!!!
You don't have to read this part it's just me talking about the movie/book.
OK. This amv was made from scenes from vampire hunterD Bloodlust which is based off of Hideyuki Kikuchi's 3rd vampire hnter D book.(Entitled vampire hunter D Demon Deathchase) In which D is looking for a girl that was kidnapped by a vampire. The art for vampire hunter D is Yoshitaka Amano, he also designed the characters for Final Fantasy. Very good movie, very good book worth your time to watch and/or read!!!!!!!

Well, ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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