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Thursday, February 26, 2009

   Excited but for Finals
Finals for me are coming up next week...
Not looking forward to those...
However the end of finals means the opening of Watchmen!!! ^o^ I've been loking forwawrd to this movie since Aug.!!! So finally getting to see in in a week..! It fills me with joy!

Other then that theres really nothing exciting to talk about...

But look! Heres an interesting advertisement for Watchmen! ^^ Its not your normal promo video tho'! Its made as if the story were real! Like one of those spelcials on the entertianment channel. ^^

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Friday, February 20, 2009

We have a confession to makeů Although we quite ashamed for not telling you beforeů
Aurora is tsubasachro and Borealis is wallpaperotaku
Aurora Borealis began as an account for our combined work but it has evolved into something much greater. We love all our friends very much, and we hope that you forgive us and that you do not misperceive our intensions.

(aka tsubasachro and wallpaperotaku)

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Friday, February 6, 2009

   Been Awhile...
Its well, its been quite a loooooong time since my last post...
Not much has happened in that time...

Well, I finished and started several new manga as well as a few American Comics...(Namely Sandman, I swear Neil Gaiman's haunting me... his books and movies made after his books are EVERYWHERE...)

Watchmen (I've loved for awhile) movie comes out on the 6th of March and I CAN'T WAIT!!!! >.<

Oh! I started signing myself "Tsu". This is because tsubasachro is longer to write then Tsu. I forget who, it was awhile ago,asked if they could call me Tsu. I thought that was great! So whoever came up with that, THANK YOU!!! *bows*

Monster finished in English since my last post too... So I went AMV hunting and found THIS!!!
One of the better amvs I have ever seen!
Give it a try! And if you haven't read/seen Monster before.... O.o Its AMAZING!!! Action/suspense/horror AMAZINGNESS!!!!! Its about a doctor who saves the life of a boy who becomes a killer, he then feels that he needs to fix his mistake. The story deals with human ethics and human phycology. Highly recomended!!!

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Monday, November 3, 2008

I've been sooooo busy lately I haven't had time to comment on anything! And for that I am very sorry... *hangs head in shame* I've been working on college apps and school work and volenteer work...and on and on and on...

Other then that theres not been much going on and life is pretty boring...

Oh! I had a question for you guys do you think a pumkin carving counts as fan art? I made a Vampire Hunter D pumkin carving for Halloween this year from scratch and I think it came out good and want to show people but...Should I post it as fan art or keep it on myO and theO?

Heres a fan made ad for Gungrave (an amazing series that I LOVe and want to buy...) It's really short and well made so give it a try!!!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

   Tsubasachro's 2 Year Surprise!!! ^^
Tomarrow...Or maybe today (depending on when your reading this...) Is my 2nd year on TheO!!!! YAY me! ^^

For me its still the 15th but on the 16th I intend to post a short story on my world.(Vampires...Iam working on fixing it up right now...)
But for now...

(By the wayy all pics in this post were photoshoped by me)

=^-^= meow!

How long?!?


*laughs* Its really has been a fun two years... All the wallpapers...all the misrable failures taking up space on my hard drive... *laughs*

For this I have my good friend (who made this account for me)to thank for getting me hooked!!!^^ She was actually also the one who got me into anime in the first place so I guess I better thank her agian!!! ^^; *laughs*

Thank you all for your support!!! *bows*


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Saturday, September 13, 2008

   Only 3 Days 'Till 2 Years!!!!!!!!
I feel so old... I've almost been active on TheO for nearly 2 years...O.o How time flies...

Anyways, Iam sorry if I haven't been very good commenting lately, shcools started and it's realy really hard and keeps me very busy. *sigh* I've barely had time for relaxing...

I've been tring out some new anime and have fallen in love with Gungrave. Its sooooooooo COOL!!!!!!! Iam no good at explaining plots but its about love, loyality, friendship, betral, death and the mafia!!! ~_^ In other words right up my alley! *laughs*

Below is a preview of a piece I've been working on... Another coloring job...mostly 'cause this pic is one of my favs and I wanted it in color! ;P Selfish me! *laughs* I enjoyed coloring the jeans to the point of it being unhealthy... I love his jeans... @-@ (Sorry about the text... I don't want people stealing my stuff 'till it's ready!!!)
Please tell me what you think... Even tho' I haven't cleaned up the messy coloring parts yet...

Preview 2

Oh! And Have a nive day!!!!!!!

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Friday, August 29, 2008

2 Years
WOW!!! Its hard to believe that on 9/16/08 I'll have been on theO and myO for 2 years... I feel like I should do something to celebrate... Any ideas? I've been think of picking out my favorite wallpapers and telling you what I thought of them, but I don't know whether anyone would like that... Or I suppose I could make a new wallpaper for the ocasion... I dunno we'll see... Once agian ideas are welcome!!!

I've started school now so I won't be on theO or MyO as often... TT_TT

I was really surprised today when I went to check on my Zetman wallpaper and had 142 views 6 hugs and 4 comments!!! o.O You see I always try to guess how popular my wallpaper or e-card will be... I thought that wallpaper would have 20 views, 1 hug and no comments. Man was I wrong! *laughs*

An AMAZING Hellsing AMV!!! I love this vid!

GUTEN TAG!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

   So Sorry Everyone!!!!!!
I am sooooooooo sorry I haven't been able to comment on anything for the past 4-5 days!!! I got really sick last Thursday and was unable to eat anything without thoughing up for 4 days! Actually I was hardly able to drink too... Anything but cold water came right back up...(I almost had to go to the hospital because I hadn't had enough water...) But Iam feeling much better now tho' IAm still very tired and weak! ^^; I hope to be 100% and back to commenting and making wallpapers by thursday!
Once agian Iam very sorry I haven't been able to comment!!!! *bows* Please forgive me!!!


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Thursday, July 31, 2008

   We Attack at Dawn Tomarrow!!!!!
Sorry about the random tittle! ^^'

I broke a mirror the other day... All my friends are making fun of me 'cause I am now (according to myth) cursed with 7 years of bad luck...

Iam leaving to visit relatives for about a week starting tomarrow! Which means I might not be able to comment on anything for awhile! Sorry ahead of time!

Oh and Stixx made me an AMAZING wallpaper! Check it out if you have time!!!

Heres a random funny commercial my friend showed me!

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

   ~*Just a Post*~
Long time no post!!! I felt like updating today soooo here ya go! ^^

I've been working on a new wallpaper but its taking awhile and it'll take awhile more! In the mean time heres a little sneak peek...

Preview 1

Sorry about the text, but I don't want someone on photobucket to take it before its finished! ^^

You'd be amazed how many random photoshop things I have lying around my computer unfinished!!!*flips though old old work never posted, laughs* I think for my two year anniversary I'll post smaller versions of my rejects for you all to see... That'll give us a good laugh!!! *laughs*

1. Do you have a wallpaper/art reject pile?
me: Yes! I don't earse it unless its truely beyound fixing tho'...
2. Can you draw? (by hand)
me: No...sadly I can't...which is why I have no fanart...
me: I was once hanging out with two of my friends and we couldn't think of anything to do...So I started asking them questions to see if there was something none of us had ever done(Iam BIG on doing things I've never done) NOne of us had ever danced around a cauldren. Sadly they didn't own a cauldren so we used a big metal pot. We took it outside(front yard) at 10:30 at night and danced around it. It was fun! ^^ Try it sometime!


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