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Saturday, March 15, 2008

   I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAHA!!!! I finally did it! I have completed and submitted my 100th wallpaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life is good! *contented sigh*

Oh Stixx it wouldn't let me for some reason but I wanted to dedicate my 100th to you. I know its not of L...but you gave me so much support...This ones for you!!!!!! ^^

I hope you all like it! I worked really hard...and it took forever to hand make the backround pattern, one piece at a time(took about 12 layers)...It was fun though!!! =^_^=


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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

   WOOR!!!!!!! (just a Random Tittle...)
I am no closer then before on picking out what I want to do for my hundrth...(see last post for details)

In other news (cue news room music) I have started a world on TheO!!!!!! YAY!!!
here is the link!!!

Please feel free to visit!!!

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hey! as you may or may not know right now I have made 98 wallpapers!!!(Including one I just added right now...) I would like to make a REALLY cool wallpaper for my hundrth, but alas, I can think of nothing that neat...So I was wondering if you could help me out?
Please requests/and/or/suggestions are welcomed and looked forward to!!!!!!!
It would REALLY help me to here your ideas...If you need to look through my portfolio to see what my styles like, go ahead. If theres something you think would be cool PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!! I have been having wallpaper block for what my 100th will be for the past month!!(the reason I haven't been submitting many wallpapers lately) Help will be forever remembered and I shall be eternally greatful!!!

Thank you!

Have a nice weekend everybody!!!!!!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

   Feeling better!!!
Thank you for your support! *bows* Very much!

I changed the song on my site...I hope you like it! Is called 'In the Shadows' when I heard it I fell in love with the sound...

Back onto topic! Whatya mean 'what topic'!!! Anime of course! *thrusts hand into air*

Immortal Rain... I LOVE this series SOOOOOOO much!*swoon* This is an awsome amv, its well edited the scenes match the words the beat matches the pace of the pics...Magic! The mmv(manga music video, for some unknown reason they haven't made this series into an anime yet...sigh) is very very good and even if you have never even heard of this series its about time you have! (sorry if I sound obcessed ^^;)Well I hope you try out the mmv, it is an editing masterpiece...(all the amvs and mmvs I have posted were partially picked for their editing quaity) So please give it a chance, whatve you got to lose...

sorry I sound like a spaze...*laughs* Lifes for the living!!!

HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ; )

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Agggg! I am very sorry I haven't posted anything or been around your sites lately...I've been busy with one problem after another! There have been 3 deaths in my family in less then a month and I have had TONS of homework, as well as my internship and tests. I shall try my very very best to comment this week, but I can't grantee that...PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!!!!!!

Iam going to cool off and think now...

(oh this pic is from one of my FAVORITE movies, its called The Fountian)

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

   My Wonderweeekend...Or was it??? O.o
My weekend overall was good how was yours???

On friday I just hung out at home and made wallpapers.

On Sat. I fell from my chair while youtubing(is that a word?) and somehow became entangled in my chair...My feet were stuck in such a position that I was unable to stand. It was quite humorous so I started laughing (hey, its heathy to laugh at yourself every now and then!) then I realized I couldn't get unstuck...and no one would be home for 3 hours...and that the phone was out of reach...and that even if I could call somebody, all the doors were locked. The situation quickly became markably less funny...After what seemed like FOREVER I somehow managed to get out. Now I have a large bruise on my left shoulder and hip. Lets face it, it takes great skill to be that clumsy!!! *laughs*

Sun. I watched Pan's Labyrinth (a highly recamended movie) and bought some manga!!!!!

And yeah thats it, so has anyone else done anything exciting this weekend???
(And have a nice day!!!!!)


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Thursday, January 10, 2008

   Kaoru Bangs
I love this amv, its sooo FUNNY and well edited!!!
anime: Rurouni Kenshin
song: She Bangs
Give this a try its REALLY FUNNY!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

The wallpaper I asked for help on in the below journal is DONE!!!! It took me forever to find full body pics of everyone...then forever to erase the backrounds for each pic...The wallpaper consists of 15 different pics all taken from dif places...I hope it turned out alright!!!
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Friday, December 21, 2007

Thanks for being understanding about my absence! It means alot!!!
Well I am going to make a crossover wallpaper with characters from different manga and I was wondering if there was someone you'd like to see?
If there is please tell me there name and what manga their from! I will do my best to have everyone, but their are only so many I can include...Please help me decide who to put in the wallpaper!!! *bows* Thank you!!!!!

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

   Questions Answered...Tho' no one asked...
Hello!!! First of all I'd like to say sorry about not checking up on your sites lately...I have been busy...I probably not be able to comment on anything for a while longer!!! SORRY!!!

In exchange for my absence here is some info about my site.

Q)The colors of my site. Why purple and red?
A)I LOVE the way the two colors look together!!! So I most likely will never change the colors... I like them too much!!!!!

Q)Why quotes where my personal info should be?
A)I didn't want to give away my real personal info, but it didn't seem right to not tell people ANYTHING about myself so I decided that putting quotes there instead would give my otaku buddies info about what I am actually like instead of stuff like my job or age.

Yeah, thats pretty much all there is to my site...I know its boring, but now you know!!!

Once agian sorry, and HAVE A NICE HOLIDAY!!!!!!


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