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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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Dark Phoenix (11/17/07)

Thanks for stopping by and signing my guestbook. MASH is definitely one of my favs too, though I do tend to have a lot, heh. Oh and well, I am working on the MASH theme for my site now to put up next, I haven't actually done one before, so you're in luck.

I love that Call of Cthulhu icon, btw. I've never played the PC game they came out with, but I do have friends that have played the original RP game. Ya know, with the good ol' paper, pencil, and imagination. So I know what it's about at any rate.

SG says he talked to you before and probably thru Molly the first time. I'm surprised I don't already know you then actually. I know most of the chat circle, heck, I introduced most of them to each other.

Oh yeah, and I do have to say... holy hell another Doctor Who fan! I must confess, the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker was my absolute favorite.

Well my, I'm rambling away in your guestbook, it's what happens when there are things like MASH and Doctor Who to distract me. So I'll end with saying adieu and come back and visit any time.

Crimson-Rose (11/13/07)

Hiya! I am crimson-rose, however many call me Bou! *bows* it is very nice to meet you! ^_^

Your username is cool..time chaser. that's pretty original.Better than evertones name being "naruto lovah" -__- ^_^ anyway! XDDD your icon made me laugh. XD i love aliens! RAWRAWRAW

I hope that we may becomefriends! ^_^ Talk to you soon!

much love,
~..:: Bou ::..~

Emmah (11/11/07)

Hello there Mr Daniel!! I shall start this guestbook signing, not by saying how fabulous your site is or whatever, but by apologising for any bad spelling or craziness. I've hurt my wrist and I'm feeling slightly drunk, so both affect the spelling and the drunkeness affects the craziness.

MOVING ON *points*.

I see you're not much of an artsy kind of guy (or maybe you are, and I'm just completely wrong but there's a reason you don't upload? Who knows? I shouldn't be one to assume someone isn't an arsty guy - shut up brain). But I notice you DO make e-cards. Which is cool. And so are yours. They're cool. And so on. Who knows what so on is? Brilliant? Awesome? Again, shut up, brain. Both brilliant and awesome apply to your e-cards, as well as cool ^^

Well, I'm sorry for writing such a mad guestbook entry (it's done nothing to help my wrist, I can tell you). And I hope to see you around ^^

♥ Emmah

emeraldsky (11/04/07)

Hi there!

Just random guestbook signing today^^ Lol So yeah...here I am, signing your guestbook. Anyway, I really like your site! Blue happens to be one of my favorite colors ^^
Um, so is it ok if I add you?
See you around!

~♥Ja mata♥~

RandomHugGiver (11/01/07)

Random Hug!!
Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Mimmi (10/29/07)

Haha! I bet you're surprised to see this here >:D

At least I'm led to believe so, considering how notoriously bad I seem to be at returning Guestbook signages ^^;

But there's no way I can pass up on this one, seeing as it belongs to you. And you seem to be a cool dude with a brain. I'd be stoopid to let that go unnoticed ~_^

After quickly browsing through your archives I am wishing you all the best in recovering from the evilness your body is putting you through. It truly sucks when it does that ._.

I'll add ya to the people who demand to be investigated, err I mean acquainted, and hopefully it won't be months in between my visits ^^;

Take care!

Kimmeh (10/24/07)

Yeah I don't know why I didn't come here earlier to sign your guestbook either.


Silly me.. Actually, I'm not surprised. I'm so busy lately. So forgive me if I don't visit EVERY time.. But I try to get to sites once a week or so. But yes, I'd love to add you as a friend! ^_^

-realized your birthday-

Wow you're almost 10 years older than me! Haha. Like my sister! That's cool.. I have a lot of older friends actually.. I seem to fit into the mature (even though we don't always act it) crowd. :x

See you around!


Nehszriah (10/20/07)

I'm rather enjoying your comments as well. Actually, everyone's comments, but we're a rather spiffy group and are good for bouncing comments off one another.

I'm a fanfiction slave, so that you know. It's actually quite frightening, really. *shrugs* Oh well.

I'll add you as a friend too. We can be cool and stuff.

Gaara967 (10/18/07)

wat up kid...I'm loving your site...adds u....bbyes^^

Schultzie (10/18/07)

I dont mind at all. Ill add you as well, and Ill be sure to stop by from time to time.

And yeah, SG associates me and Blue Oyster Cult he cant think of one without kinda thinking of the other.

Those stories, will be shared later.

Take it easy

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