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Hey! I'm Naideana, or Deana, or Naddy...And...I like anime! (well duh...)
I watch Fullmetal Alchemist and Trigun and I just started Princess Tutu...
I'm a si-fi dork too! The original Star Trek and Doctor Who are my favorites. (So far I like the ninth doctor the best, but I've only seen the one new series of D.W. though, so I guess I can't judge yet...I do know that Captain Jack Harkness bugs the banana peels outta me though!)

Monday, February 25, 2008

T.B.N.F. (To Bad it's Not Friday -_-)
Heahea...ahem. Well - Thanks so much for signing my guest book Timechaser!!! ^_^ Now I have a friend and I don't feel so alone! Anyway, is there a way to reply to those, or do I just stick what ever I want to say in this blog post thing?

I guess for now I'll just do that...

So, to Timechaser: Yeah, I think I'll have to try that! I watch A LOT of old TV shows. (TOS, Kung Fu, Gilligain's Island, The Munsters, The Rockford Files...The list goes on and on!) I'm told Jack grows on a person, so you never know...I guess there's hope. I'm still quite new the the Who world...

I play alto saxophone too! I've been in band since...umm...last fall? I can't remember. It feels like a lot longer. Did you ever learn altissimo? The really, really, really, reaaaaaaally high notes?

Sooooo...I think that's about it! Oh! I added you as a friend!

Talk to you later!

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Welcome to the first amazingly awesome post thingy of Naideana Rand (Which happens to be a fake name)

This is the first in a fabuless line of funness! I doubt anybody will read this - but who cares?!

I don't! ^_^

PS. ...This is just like a blog right? God - I'll feel really stupid if I started using it like one and it turned out to be something else...heahea - that'd be funny and sad at the same time...

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