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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Nikki's Intro
THAT welcomes you


Dark Phoenix
Red Tigress


Color Me Evil


Banner Goddes: aurus
Storyteller: SomeGuy
Master of Games: Flint
PPT Knight: Heero Yuy
Unofficial Artist: Fox
Cow Killer: mireiyu
Zippo Holder: Gemmei
Official Smartass: John
Conscience: Nikki
Cookie Lady: Duo
Security/Intel: Iggy

Squad Leaders

Team 1: Dark Phoenix
Team 2: Shippo-souten
Team 3: Shadowlight
Team 4: SomeGuy
Team 5: Duorocks17
Team 6: Bebopinutrigun
Team 7: BurningDeamon
Team 8: Mireiyu
Team 9: Cool Chick
Team 10: Beyblader
Team 11: Kamenki
Team 12: Thinkanti
Team 13: Sakura Ryuu
Team 14: Eula Giffon


The full members list is going to go hereÖ but itís probably going to take ages to compile. So be patient.


The Sadistic Stalkers and Torturers of Elves, Bounty Hunters, and Bounty Heads, or [THAT] for short was founded back in October of 2003. Itís one of the oldest cults clubs on the otaku. And as far as we know, it is definitely the largest club around with over 250 members, and growing with more pyromaniacs every day.

Our Slogan:

Before you join THAT, please look over our rules. By signing the guestbook to join, you are stating that you have read and understand them.

How to Join

Joining THAT is very simple. All you need to do is glance through our rules below, and if you feel that this is the club for you, sign the guestbook stating you wish to join. All other entries to the guestbook will be deleted. If you have questions about THAT or one of its contests, PM the staff here at this site.

If you want to leave a comment about the site or the club, do so in the comments area.


  • To join THAT sign the guestbook saying you wish to join.
  • After that we require that you add this site you your friends list.
  • Members must place one of our banners or buttons on your page OR make a text link back to this site.
  • We donít require, but we encourage group participation on this page. Why join a club otherwise?
  • The guestbook is for joining only.
  • PM questions, contest ideas, or THAT inspired graphics to the staff.
  • Member are to be respectful to the staff and Squad Leaders. As the staff is expected to be respectful to you.

    Club Updates

    Ok, first, if you haven't read Petie or Shadow's intros then scroll down and read them ^.^

    A little about me: My official name is One-day, but I prefer Nikki. I used to be a member but due to personal matters had to take a break...but I'm back ^.^ Now on with the Q/A time.

    Mrs. Elric asks:
    Q: When is your birthday?
    Q: What is your popularity rank?
    Q: How many visits do you have?
    Q: How many guestbook entries do you have?

    You can get all that on my site..heh..which will help my visits ^.~
    Q: What is your favorite anime?
    ROBOTECH!! and I also love anything Miyazaki!

    whitecat asks:
    Q: What inspired THAT?
    A. If I remember correctly it was started when Shanny, Beck and Tigress started talking about burning elves...and buildings...interesting times those were..
    Q: Favorite past times?
    A.Reading, playing X-box and PS2, watching movies, writing stories...dull...but I love it ^.^
    Q: Favorite type of music?
    A.I like a lot of stuff, but I always love Blink 182 and Josh Groban.
    Q: Favorite anime?
    A.See above
    Q: Favorite anime character?
    A. Ok, this is a hard one..I really like Miriya from Robotech 1st Gen, and I also love Quatre R. Winner from Gundam Wing...he is such a sweetheart!!

    princess ookumae asks:
    Q: What is your current wallpaper?
    A. Actually it's really boring, it's just plain black. As Nikki is was stars though...I'm thinking about doing that again.
    Q: Favorite non-anime related show?
    A. Crossing Jordan and 7th Heaven
    Q: What would you do if you had a pink bunny chasing you?
    A. Ask him if he had any batteries
    Q: Guilty pleasure?
    A. Ummm..yeah..ok...5th ammendment in effect, thank you
    Q: Do you prefer to wear a mask or none?
    A. Well, not one people could see

    NightBeck asks:
    Q: If you could burn down one building, which would it be, and why?
    A. Now we're talking. I would burn down my old high school..that's right, I said it. That place was the most horrible place to be...horrible people...a cult...seriously...*shudders*..I HATE that place!!

    Roiben asks:
    Q: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing, what would it be and why?
    A. The answer to that is simple...RUM!!hehe, no seriously, I would probably bring a cell phone..assuming of course I could get a signal..that way I could stay for as long as I like then call for someone to pick me up.

    BurningDeamon asks:
    Q: If you were to become a hero or villain, who would you be and why?
    A. A villain...I'm sorry but they always have so much more fun...and they have the cute guys ^.~
    Q: Hero question - if you saw aliens abducting President Bush and they offered you big bucks to save him, would you save him or let him die?
    A. Well, first of all, who's offering big bucks? the Aliens or the White House? It wouldn't make sense for the aliens to offer the money to save him as they're the ones who took him...
    Q: What would your transportation be (Ex: Flying, Batmobile)?
    Ok, first I would LOVE to fly! To be up in the air and to be able to look down and see the world would be amazing (sky diving here I come!) If I couldn't do that then I would like an ability like Nightcrawler...see a spot and appear there...but flying first and foremost.

    And there you are. Thanks to everyone for the awesome questions! Hope you enjoy and you all have a great day!

    Thank you and good night!


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