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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

you know whats funny Otaku... besides the fact I can`t type question marks because my keyboard is stuck in French-Canadian at the moment... its funny how the other day, I came here, to get my code for this blog. Yes, this Mike Shinoda blog. The scroll bar if you will (considering I named the code `scrolly` in my code work). I was doing HTML and CSS coding for my website. WHICH REMINDS ME!


check it out, its fucking hilarious, its real, its me..... it has my address. Hey, who cares, its a contact site. It even has videos. That`s all my mad skills too. I could surely make a better blog then this, but do I care... no.

Um, my reason for writing, besides the fact I missed the bus to da city, is RFC emailed me, and I thought I should inform the world that no longer exists here that I am alive. I am on WORLDS if you want to drop by and see what I`m bitching about (the weather today... fuck).

Alas, I have to go, another bus eludes me and I must spoil its day with my presence.

Later Otaku, you are a missed, hurtin, unit.


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