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Friday, August 12, 2005

Aurus: Not just a pretty face and uber awesome banner goddess.
THAT welcomes you


Dark Phoenix
Red Tigress


Color Me Evil


Banner Goddes: aurus
Storyteller: SomeGuy
Master of Games: Flint
PPT Knight: Heero Yuy
Unofficial Artist: Fox
Cow Killer: mireiyu
Zippo Holder: Gemmei
Official Smartass: John
Conscience: Nikki
Cookie Lady: Duo
Security/Intel: Iggy

Squad Leaders

Team 1: Dark Phoenix
Team 2: Shippo-souten
Team 3: Shadowlight
Team 4: SomeGuy
Team 5: Duorocks17
Team 6: Bebopinutrigun
Team 7: BurningDeamon
Team 8: Mireiyu
Team 9: Cool Chick
Team 10: Beyblader
Team 11: Kamenki
Team 12: Thinkanti
Team 13: Sakura Ryuu
Team 14: Eula Giffon


The full members list is going to go hereÖ but itís probably going to take ages to compile. So be patient.


The Sadistic Stalkers and Torturers of Elves, Bounty Hunters, and Bounty Heads, or [THAT] for short was founded back in October of 2003. Itís one of the oldest cults clubs on the otaku. And as far as we know, it is definitely the largest club around with over 250 members, and growing with more pyromaniacs every day.

Our Slogan:

Before you join THAT, please look over our rules. By signing the guestbook to join, you are stating that you have read and understand them.

How to Join

Joining THAT is very simple. All you need to do is glance through our rules below, and if you feel that this is the club for you, sign the guestbook stating you wish to join. All other entries to the guestbook will be deleted. If you have questions about THAT or one of its contests, PM the staff here at this site.

If you want to leave a comment about the site or the club, do so in the comments area.


  • To join THAT sign the guestbook saying you wish to join.
  • After that we require that you add this site you your friends list.
  • Members must place one of our banners or buttons on your page OR make a text link back to this site.
  • We donít require, but we encourage group participation on this page. Why join a club otherwise?
  • The guestbook is for joining only.
  • PM questions, contest ideas, or THAT inspired graphics to the staff.
  • Member are to be respectful to the staff and Squad Leaders. As the staff is expected to be respectful to you.

    Club Updates

    And here you go kids! The newest featured member Aurus! Yayyyy!

    What is the banner goddessís real name, anyway?

    My real real name is Tracy, but I'm not too terribly fond of it... to be honest, I do have people who I know in real life who call me "aurus"... But I suppose what really matters is what name people use when I've done something wrong, and that would be Tracy.

    Psh. Do something wrong. Poppycock. =P Anyway! How did you first come across our lovely little myO community?

    It's been so long that I don't remember it exactly. XD I originally found theOtaku when I was searching for Trigun information, since that was the first anime I ever really watched. I found the quizzes and all the fun things, and some information about other anime, so I stuck around... and by the time I'd finished watching Cowboy Bebop, they had opened up this fancy blogging thing.... I joined and did very little, until Shanny and Beck and I noticed that we were aware of each other on FanFiction.net as well, and I ended up shortly thereafter with a guestbook entry inviting me to join THAT.

    Holy! You must be psychic too, because I don't even need to ask you how you joined THAT! I have heard of a Bleach Fan Dub project you're doing. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

    Don't ever forget that I've been in your head. XD Carrying on...
    The Bleach Fandub Project is a thing that Duo and I thought of a couple months ago. It wasn't a serious thought, it was more like "wouldn't it be cool to do this stuff?" and "I would really love to voice this and that", and sort of by accident we ended up casting a lot of the roles in the anime just based on what we knew about some myO folks and what characters they liked and so on. We didn't intend to really do anything with it, but... suddenly we decided we had to do at least some of it. XD So now people are buying microphones and we've both been working on scripts, with synchronized dialogue and everything.... we've even put out a casting call for some characters that we haven't cast yet. It's gotten really intense, and once I get the right technology together, we'll probably release a few scenes for people to download and watch.

    Hear that people? There's a casting call, so if you love Bleach and love acting, this could just be for you! So move your little bums if you haven't already! *ahem* If you could be anywhere in the world right now, doing whatever you wanted, where would you be and what would you be doing?

    I can think of a lot of things, and surprisingly, most of them are actually appropriate. XD I'd LOVE to be in Japan, studying kenjutsu... and if not that, maybe voice acting with Travis Willingham, because I went to his panel at SakuraCon, and not only is he very attractive, but he's got one hell of a sense of humor. Or... barring all of that and leaping into the realm of the impossible... studying kenjutsu with Okita Souji, back in the Bakumatsu in Japan. Because that'd kick ass.

    Alright Aurus! Way to keep this G rated b^___^d So for our last question.. any closing comments?

    I'm doing my best to make sure that the corruption of today's youth happens at much more capable hands than mine. XD
    Closing comments! Adopt a kitty from your local animal shelter, and be sure to spay or neuter your pets!

    And there you have it, folks! Thatís the real deal with our featured member Aurus! I hope you carried away something educational from this experience! I did. I learned not to eat jello with chopsticks. Itís really difficult ^__^;; So till next time, this is Evil signing off.

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