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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

   Over 600 votes!

I got over 600 votes! Thanx to everybody who voted for me, my average votes per pic is about 6 votes, whicg is pretty good, at least for me. So thanx again, I luv ya!

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   YuGiOh! Capsule Monsters

The new season of YuGiOh! Anime (not GX, the regular one) has begun at my place, and it is called Capsule Monsters. (Yay! I'm so happy!) It's based proabaly on the game YGO Capsule Monsters Coliseum (I didn't play it). And I decided to write down what happened till now.

Now, it started like this. Yugi shows his friends Joey, Tristan and Tea how the new board game is played, which special abilities the monsters have and so on. (Of course Joey and Tristan got no clue XD) But anyway Tea just kept on playing cutest monsters instead of the strong ones, and she had no chance against Yugi's Celtic Guardian. Afterwards, Joey played some prize game and won a journey to Egypt for four persons! And of course, they all go to Egypt, in a private plane. But an accident happened near their destination and they fell in the middle of a jungle. But fortunately for them nobody got hurt. And they went on to investigate. They ran into a man holding Solomon's handkerchief. (For those who don't know Solomon is Yugi's grandfather) They found out that Solomon disappeared in a pyramid. The man lead them in the pyramid. But inside the man separated from them when they found out a huge maop on the floor! And that was the portal to Capsule Monsters' world! Since Joey thinks about nothing, he entered first and ended up on the top of a mountain. Then he got snatched by Whiptail Crow, which threw him in it's nest, with three little chicks. They were as big as Joey himself! But wait, that story is not over, but I'm gonna tell about the rest of the crew. They ended up in a forest. And oh, did I mention? They got some weird sorts of cannons on their arms, sth. like the duel disks. However, they got attacked by 3 Gokibores! They ran away, ran and ran until they split up, Yugi on one side, and Tea and Tristan on the other. Gokibores continued after the two. But Yugi was not safe either, he got attacked by Kamakiriman! As he was running away, he accidentally touched a strangely formed capsule. And a monster got out of it, guess who? Celtic Guardian! He fought and fought, until he slashed Kamakiriman in two. Now, what happened to Tea and Tristan? They found a pretty thin cave. They slid into it, but the cave was a steep slope tunnel, and it lead them to a beach. And there, they found two monsters, Happy Lover and Kaminarikozou. (HL is a pink ball with wings, and K is the yellow version from Electric Lizard) Of course, Tea immediately smiled at Happy Lover, because she used it in battle against Yugi too. But Tristan was everything but happy to see Kaminarikozou. (no wonder, it's a pretty ugly monster) But from the sea, came High Tide Gyojin! Anyway, let's get back to Joey. He jumped off the nest with three chicks, and what next? He fell into a bigger nest with 5 chicks! He kept on jumping, until there were no nests left! And then, a miracle happens, he falls on a branch growing from the mountain. And there was another capsule! (the weirdly shaped stone) He touched it and he met Baby Dragon! He flew away on it, but they were followed by a huge flock of Whiptail Crows! So they flew into a canyon and were able to get away. Then they stopped by in a waterfall, where they found a treasure chest! Joey, the no-thinker, opened it immediately and guess what? He got attacked! But luckily it was only Yamatano Dragon Scroll. It wrapped Joey up, but Baby Dragon burned them both. And from the destroyed monster, a map scroll appeared! It was the same map as in the pyramid. OK, that's it about Joey for now, now Yugi. As he and Celtic Guardian were walking through the forest, they got attacked by Ancient Tree of Enlightenment. Usually Celtic Guardian was stronger, but now Tree could not be defeated by an earth monster as long as it's in the forest. And then the friends of Tree came! Celtic Guardian had no chance! They started choking him and Yugi with their ivy-like hands. And then Yugi saw another capsule! But he couldn't reach it, he was trapped by a Tree. So Celtic Guardian threw his sword to cut the hands of the Tree and Yugi was able to open another capsule, and a Hinotama Soul came out. Since the Trees, as soon as they battle a Pyro monster, they get destroyed, once again he and Celtic Guardian was saved. But Tristan and Tea were not so lucky. Kaminarikozou got hit many times by Higjh tide Gyojin, and so Tristan was tired too! But thanks to Happy Lover's effect they healed Kkozou, and Tristan too. And then Tristan threw his monster high in the sky and attacked Gyojin with his thunder and defeated it! Defeated? You wish! Gyojin evolved to Amphibian Beast! What now? The Amphibian Beast created a whirlwind and got all 4 of them in it! And when it was the worst situation ever, a voice of an old man could be heard. «Summoned Skull, Lightning attack!» It was Solomon!

Ouch, my fingers! I haven't typed this much for years! But I really don't want to forget these 2 episodes!

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Monday, May 8, 2006

Where's Wilma?

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Oh, I can't wait!

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Sorcerer of Dark Magic

Man, this monster's so cool! He can negate Traps just like that!

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I get this message every time I try to turn on my PC! I can't turn it on! Arrrrrgh!!! DO I HAVE TO FORMAT MY HARD DRIVE? I don't want that! I played all 3 YGO Power of Chaoses and got almost all the cards! I don't wanna lose then! Raigeki! Jinzo! DM and DMG! 5 Exodia pieces! -sigh-

I'm gonna have to satisfy me by using internet at the library, where I am right now. Please help!

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Friday, April 28, 2006

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

   YuGiOh! GX

Jaden: Hey Chazz, wanna duel?
Chazz: Better for you not to ask me that, cuz I'm gonna make you pay!
Jaden: Pay? For what? I didn't borrow any money from you!
Chazz: Arrgh! Not that, you stupid Slifer! For the duel... the last duel... arrgh! I hate even remembering it!
Jaden: Oh, you mean, I'm gonna pay for kicking your Armed Dragon's butt? XD
Chazz: That's it! Let's duel!!!
Alexis: Calm down, you two!
Jaden: Yeah, why do you get upset so easily?
Chazz: I... am... not... UPSET!!! Now are we gonna duel or what?!
Jaden: Nah, I changed my mind, I'm gonna duel with you when you chill out a bit.
Alexis: -confused-
Chazz: I'll repeat: I'm.., not... UPSET!!! –wants to punch Jaden-
Alexis: Stop it! -holds Chazz's arm-
Jaden: Come on. Sy, let's see what Chumley does.
Syrus: Yeah, come on. But don't you think you provoke Chazz a bit too much?
Jaden: Nah, he's always like that.
Winged Kuriboh: Hooo! Hoooo!
Syrus: Umm, Jaden... -points behind Jaden-
Jaden: What? –looks behind- Aaah!
Ojama Yellow: How dare you do such thing to our boss?!
Ojama Black: Yeah, you should show some more respect!
Ojama Green: Let's get him, boys!
All Ojamas: Yeah! –all 3 Ojamas attack Jaden-
Jaden: Ouch! Stop it! Ouch! I'm sorry! Ooouch!
-five minutes later-
Jaden: Umm, Chazz, I'm sorry for being such a jerk.
Ojamas: And you should be!
Chazz: -angry- Shut up and get your duel disk ready!
Jaden: But I sad I was sorry...
Chazz: No buts! Let's duel!
Jaden: Ok, ok. Let's duel.
LP Chazz: 4000
LP Jaden: 4000
Chazz: OK, I start! And I summon Armed Dragon Level 3!!! And that's not all, I activate a nice spell card called Level Up! And I'm gonna evolve my Armed Dragon to Level 5!!!
And I'm gonna set a card face-down. Your turn!
Jaden: OK! First, I'll activate Polymerization! And fuse Avian with Burstinatrix to form Elemental Hero Flame Wingman!
Chazz: Hah, big deal.
Jaden: And because it was a special Summon, I can summon another monster, Elemental Hero Sparkman!
Chazz: Yeah, yeah, just hurry up with your turn.
Jaden: Wait, there's more! Here comes my field spell, Skyscraper!!!
Chazz: What?!
Jaden: That's right! And now it's time for my Flame Wingman to attack your Armed Dragon Level 5!
Chazz: -thinking- What am I gonna do? If he destroys my dragon, the only thing that can save me from losing is my trap card!
Jaden: And thanks to my field spell, Skyscraper, my Flame Wingman gets a power boost of one thousand if he's weaker than your monster, which he is! Go, and destroy Armed Dragon Level 5!
-Wingman fires at the dragon-
-Armed Dragon Level 5 destroyed-
Chazz: Ungh!
LP Chazz: 3300
Jaden: And that's not all, thanks to the superpower of my monster! You lose Life Points equal to the ATK of the monster he destroyed!
-Flame Wingman aims at Chazz and burns him-
Chazz: Aaaaah!
LP Chazz: 900
Jaden: And now to my Sparkman, Direct Attack on Chazz's Life Points!
C: Not so fast! I activate my trap card, Call of the Haunted! With it, I'll revive my Armed Dragon Level 5! You won't get me so easily, Slifer!
Jaden: -smiles- I didn't expect anything less from you! But anyway, Sparkman, attack Armed Dragon Level 5! And if you forgot, Skyscraper is still on the field, which means my Sparkman also gets a 1000 bonus points to his ATK!
Chazz: I'm not stupid.
Jaden: So, go back to sleep, dragon!
-Sparkman attacks-
-Armed Dragon Level 5 destroyed-
LP Chazz: 700
Chazz: Is it finally my turn?
Jaden: Not yet, because I activate De-Fusion!
Chazz: Oh no!
Jaden: With it, I'll de-fuse Flame Wingman to Avian and Burstinatrix! And my Battle Phase is still active, so Avian, Burstinatrix, Direct Attack on Chazz's Life Points!
Chazz: Aaaaaaah!
LP Chazz: 0
Jaden: That's how it's played! –his standard pose-
Chazz: -boiling of fury- YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THIS!!! –runs to Jaden-
Jaden: No, Chazz, wait, stop! Aaaaah! –runs away-
Syrus: These two are never gonna change.
Alexis: Yeah, that's how it looks like.
Jaden: -distant voice- Stop it, Chazz, I'm sorry, ok?
Chazz: -distant voice- Come back here, you Slifer scum!

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

I'm Inuyasha, the dog-demon. Be scared of me, but you don't have to.
Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.nn
nWhat Inuyasha Character Are You?n
nHosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.n

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Friday, April 14, 2006

There was a boy who was bad-tempered. His father gave him a sack full of nails and said: -Whenever you get furious and lose your temper, hammer one nail in the fence.- The first day the boy hammered 37 nails in the fence. During the next few months, he learned to control his fury so the number of nails hammered gradually reduced. He discovered that it's easier to control his temper than hammer the nails in the fence...
And so came the day, when he didn't get furious for the whole day. He told that to his father, and then his father suggested him the following: -Each day when you succeed to control your temper, pull one nail out of the fence.- And so months and years went by and finally one day the young man succeeded to pull all of the nails out of the fence. His father took his hand, lead him to the fence and said: -Well done, my son, but look at all those holes in the fence. It's never gonna be the same again. When you say something while furious, your words leave a scar just like these holes in the fence. You can stab a man with a knife and pull the knife out, and after that, no matter how many times you say that you're sorry, the wounds stay.- The verbal wound is just as painful as the physical one. Friends are very rare jewels, they make you smile, they encourage you to succeed in something, they are ready to hear you, to share your pain, they have nice words for you and their heart is always open for you.
Retell this story to anyone who you consider your friend.

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