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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Where's the Comment Manager?
Oh noes! They removed the Comment Manager!!! Now I have to click a thousand times to see if I got new comments... T_T When is it gonna be back, I wonder?
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Friday, February 15, 2008

Hikarumi's Fanart of the Week contest
Hey you all artists out there, I just found out about a Fanart of the Week contest. I won't write any details here, just visit Hikarumi's profile and everything will be clear.

Btw, I noticed that there aren't that many people interested in my Hypeha story at all. So, if you want to read the last 3 chapters I have planned, you'll have to PM me. And special thanks to the regular reader of it, Raikea.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Hyphea Chapter 10
It was noon. The small group went on with their journey to the fire area. Blaze explained the whole situation to Rock and Flora and they agreed to train with them.
-Well, I think the two of us could train a bit more – said Rock to Blaze. –If we aren’t a burden, that is.
-Of course not! – replied Blaze. -We would be glad to have you around!
-Hey, we can practice some element combos then! – added Pyro. –We can’t just rely on Frost alone, we should fight too!
-Yeah – said Aqua. –I can’t wait to meet that bastard and kick his butt! – she added with a grin.
-He’ll be sorry for messing with us! – added Flora and laughed together with Aqua.
Frost did not say a word. It sounded like there was nothing to worry about the way the three youngest ones spoke. Maybe he should not worry either, he thought. But his thoughts vanished when Blaze stopped and turned to the three.
-You aren’t taking the issue seriously! The dark one is stronger than any of us!
-But someone has to stop him! – interrupted Frost. Silence. He was determined to stop Shadow. He did not know why, he just had some inner feeling telling him that if Shadow is not stopped, that something terrible will happen. And probably he was right.
Angel and Eagle found their way to the two sorceresses. And Shadow was behind them.
-The dark sorcerer… he’s after us! – said Eagle, while flying down and heavily breathing.
-Oh man… - said Star. –Angel, couldn’t you lead him into one of our traps?
-Traps wouldn’t stop him – said Angel while flying down next to Eagle. –That dude is STRONG.
-Well then, let’s see how strong – added Storm and saw Shadow standing a few meters away from them.
-Are you done talking? – said Shadow angrily. –Because it’s time for my staff to talk now!!!
With those words, Shadow pointed the staff towards the four sorcerers. It was loaded with energy, and a black ball with blue sparks around it was fired. Storm stepped forward and her eyes glowed. Suddenly, out of nothing, a strong wind started to blow and they were hardly able to stand still. But thanks to it, the energy ball was blown away from them and exploded somewhere remote. Shadow got angrier. He twirled his staff and then two more balls were fired from it aiming at Storm. But they both missed.
-Way to go, sis! – said Eagle.
When Aura noticed that Shadow’s fury was going out of control, she interfered.
-Calm down and shoot a bit to the left!
Why, he wondered. But if he learned anything from Aura, is that he should do as she says. And so he did. He pointed the staff a bit left from Storm and fired.
-What is he aiming at? - thought Storm. And then she shouted. –Watch out!!!
Since the wind was blowing from Shadow’s left-hand side, it turned the course of the ball towards Storm. Right in her chest.
-Aaaah!!! – she screamed. The wind stopped in an instant. Due to the explosion, Storm, together with the other three, was thrown back on the ground. She lay there helplessly, being unable to move. Her clothing was severely damaged, and she was unconscious.
-Sis! – cried Eagle and jumped to Storm. He shook her, but she would not react. -Are you ok? Say something, sis!
Star and Angel stood up.
-Quick, Angel, let’s bind him!
The two light sorcerers grabbed their staves and pointed them towards Shadow. Then, strings of light emerged from the ground and wrapped around Shadow. He dropped his staff. His arms and legs were tightly bound and he could not move a finger.
-Damn, what is this? – said Shadow trying to break free without success.
-Looks like we got him – said Angel and grinned.
-You are a hopeless case – said Aura to Shadow. But he only smiled and stopped struggling.
-I will obey you, my master. – whispered Eagle slowly. His eyes were red. He stood right behind Star. She turned her head to him.
-Eagle, what… Aaaah!
Star was scratched by Eagle’s sharp claws in the back and fell on her knees. She dropped her staff. Eagle was not himself anymore. He was controlled by Shadow.
-Alright, I take back what I said. – said Aura. Then Shadow, without much trouble, broke the strings that held him.
-Angel, don’t give up! – cried Star.
-Yes… - he replied, slowly whispering, the same way Eagle did. Star looked at him, and she could not recognize him anymore. His eyes were now red too. Shadow took control of him. Angel took his staff, pointed its sharp edge towards Star and stabbed her in the stomach.
-W-why… - whispered Star and fell on the ground, unconscious.
-Now let’s get out of here, my eyes are starting to hurt – said Shadow with a grin. He went on walking, and Angel and Eagle accompanied him. It started to rain.

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hyphea Chapter 9
Angel released himself from Eagle's grip and continued to fly on his own.
-Alright, alright, we'll fight together with Star and Storm – he said. At that moment, he and Eagle heard an explosion coming from where Shadow was. Angel stopped and turned around, and he was shocked. The light from that area was erased.
-You know what, Eagle? – he said, -I don't think even the four of us have a chance against him... he... he erased the light! A dark sorcerer erased light!!!
-I told you – replied Eagle and grabbed his sleeve again. –But if we stay here and play, we'll die sooner! Let's go!
The two flew as fast as they could. Shadow ran after them, not even bothering to speed up. He could run as fast as they could, without any effort. Behind him, nothing could be seen, only darkness created as the result of the light-imprisoning magical blasts.
-Yes, that's it, lead me to the others! – thought Shadow.
Aqua didn't sleep long, but enough to regain her full strength. It was dawn, and the sky was red. She rubbed her eyes a bit and stood up.
-Wow... the sky is so beautiful this morning! – she thought. –Oh, I almost forgot, I got to find Frost!
She summoned the water from the ocean and made a river leading to the top of the mountain the same way as she did before when she was with Frost. She jumped into it and went with the flow. She made a very fast stream so she was there in no time. As she jumped out of the river, the water from it retreated and refilled the ocean.
Then, when she looked to the right, she noticed Rock sitting on a cliff and Flora slowly walking around near him.
-Oh, it's you, Aqua... – said Flora silently when she saw her. Rock stood up and approached Aqua together with Flora. –Listen, umm... I'm sorry for... well, you know what – she continued.
-Oh, don't worry about that – said Aqua with a smile. -I can forgive you.
-Really? – asked Flora.
-Yeah! If you can do something for me, that is. You owe me one, remember?
Rock and Flora looked each other, wondering what Aqua has in mind.
-But before that – she spoke on – how do you two feel now?
-Bad –Rock sighed. –I feel like an idiot. It was wrong from us to attack you two like that...
-Well, at least you can do is to admit – replied Aqua crossing her arms and making a somewhat angry face.
-We're really sorry... – added Flora. Aqua smiled again.
-Well, maybe I can make you feel better.
-How? – asked the two earth sorcerers.
-All you have to do is to come with me and help me look for Frost. – Aqua noticed their shocked faces, so she added - That way, we're even. Agreed?
Rock looked at Flora. After thinking for a moment, she nodded.
-Alright then! Let's go!!! – shouted Aqua and started to run towards the woods.
-Hey, wait for us! Not so fast! – shouted Rock while he and Flora ran after her.
The three ran to the edge where the steep slope leading to the woods was. Aqua turned to the two other sorcerers and asked.
-So, how do we get there without breaking our necks?
Flora smiled. –The same way you got up here. By using magic. – She pointed her staff downwards and suddenly, vines from down below started to climb up the mountain. They were rough enough to have three people standing on them.
-Wow, this is so great! – joyfully shouted Aqua and jumped on the vines in an instant. Rock and Flora followed, and Flora used her magic to slowly lower the vines.
Frost was still awake. No matter how he tried, he could not fall asleep. He was thinking about all sorts of things. As soon as he left the ice area, his life completely changed. He met many sorcerers, but still, he knows so little about them. Where is Aqua? Is she alright? Why did the earth sorcerers attack them? How many more sorcerers is he going to encounter? What abilities do they have? Are they evil? All this was mixed inside Frost's mind.
And then, he started to look at Blaze. For a moment, he forgot about everything and concentrated only at observing her. She has a pretty face, and a nice body, he thought. He just laid there and watched her sleep, thinking about the same thing all the time. About Blaze.
The flickering flame turned off. Frost's thoughts suddenly vanished. He heard a beast groaning very near him. For a moment, he noticed a pair of eyes sparkle behind Blaze. They were approaching, and the groan got louder and louder. He was almost there. It was still dark. The shadow that the large mountain made was covering a large part of the woods. Frost could not find his staff, and the beast was only a few steps away. The beast roared. It jumped towards Blaze. At the same time, Frost, without thinking, jumped between Blaze and the beast. But the beast could not reach him. It was stopped.
Blaze and Pyro instantly woke up and stood up. It was getting a bit brighter now. The wolf-like beast, standing in front of Frost, was struggling to break free from the vines holding its rear legs. Rock, Flora, and Aqua arrived.
Flora dragged the beast back into the thick woods with her vines.
-Hey everyone – said Rock.
-Frost! You're safe!!! – shouted Aqua running towards Frost and hugging him tightly.
Frost, a bit reservedly, hugged her back. -Nice to know you're OK too – he told her.
-What on Hyphea...? – said Blaze drowsily.

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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year
As the title says, Happy New Year everyone and I wish you all to have as many wishes come true as possible =P
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