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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hyphean Apocalypse Ch1, ver1
Ice. Ice everywhere. No matter where you look, you can only see ice and some snow beasts. And you might encounter a young sorcerer if you're lucky, or unlucky.
That's how one part of Hyphea's water area look. Hyphea, a small planet where no humans can reach, has six different areas, which are inhabited by no humans, only a few animals. The only exceptions are twelve young sorcerers who survived the apocalypse that happened 14 years before.
-I'm so bored. I can't sleep anymore, and nothing happens here! How can you expect anything to happen when you're surrounded by ice?! Huh? Tell me, Frost! Explain that to me! – Those were the words of a young sorcerer who lived in the ice. He was speaking to himself. His name was Frost. He was only 18 years old, but he was an expert with anything regarding snow and ice. He wore very bright, sky-blue sorcerer robes and with a long, dark blue cape. On his head he had a cap made of three pyramid-like parts, from where his long, blue hair was coming. His dark red eyes could tell that he's cold-hearted. He had a very long staff, with a blue crystal brawl on top of it, held by two pyramid-like parts similar to the ones on the cap, and a trident on the bottom. All that suited perfectly to his pale blue tan.
He stood in the middle of nowhere, looking around for a few minutes. Then, he suddenly pointed his staff below himself. The ice below him arose, lifting him up and making a ramp where one can easily slide.
-How didn't I come up with this earlier? Hyphea, you should put on some warm clothes, because the ice age is coming!!! – said Frost, laughing. Then, he pointed his staff to the roughly formed ice ramp, and suddenly, small ice crystals from it were scattered around, leaving the ramp flat as ironed. After that, once again, he lifted some ice from the ground and formed an ice snowboard the same way. –Here comes Frost!!! Wooooo-hooooo!!! – He put down the iceboard, jumped on it, and sled down the ramp.
He was going past the icy desert, fast like a bullet, jumping from iceberg to iceberg. Everything around him sparkled. The sun was shining that day and there was no wind nor clouds at all. A few snow wolves he passed by ran away after being splashed by the snow Frost sled on.
After a few minutes, he eventually reached a pretty big iceberg. He leaned forwartd, accelerated and sled towards it. Reaching the top, he jumped off. Now, below him, there was a huge sea. There was no ice, only water. It was flat and with no waves.
-Goodbye, ice desert! I'll come later with some more ice! Woo-hoo!!! – he shouted, holding the iceboard in the air in his left, and his staff in his right hand. The brawl on his staff glowed, and from it, an energy beam stroke the water down under, making it freeze. The staff continued to fire freezing beams further on, making a path. Frost landed with the iceboard on the just frozen part, and went on sliding on it. He was fascinated by what he saw. He never saw anything but ice before. He hated himself a bit for not knowing about the sea before. But yet, he was overflown with joy because he knew he won't be bored anymore. He went on at full speed, causing the water split behind him.
Suddenly, in front of him, a big wave arose. It headed straight towards him. -What is that?! – he asked himself, confused. It looked like an avalanche, only made of something unknown to Frost. He stopped immediately. He jumped off the iceboard, which sled into the water. Then he pointed his staff towards the wave, fired a massive ice beam and froze the whole wave. He still didn't quite realize what or how happened. Then, he heard a girl's voice screaming. Something was standing on top of the frozen wave. Frost jumped up on it to see what it is. And he was surprised again.
-HOW DARE YOU FREEZE MY BEAUTIFUL WAVE?! –cried the girl in his face as soon as he landed on the wave, causing him to lose balance and fall back down. The 14-year old girl also wore sorcerer robes. They were greenish-blue with fins on arms and legs. She had greenish blue hair of shoulder length. She had no staff, though. She used magic and manipulated water with her hands. Her name was Aqua.
Frost quickly regained his balance and froze some water under him to keep himfrom falling into it. He was now even more confused.
-I-I'm sorry... – said Frost, but wanted to ask her so many questions, but which simply didn't come out of his mouth. Aqua jumped down in front of Frost and started shouting at him.
-Well you should be!!! You could have frozen ME together with it! And now I have less water!!! Melt it! Melt it NOW!!!
-But... but wait, I got to ask you something...
-No buts! I said NOW!!!
Frost sighed. He removed the magic effect caused by his staff. The wave then went on flowing towards the two. Aqua screamed again, and crouched. She was usually above the wave, not below, not to mention that she was standing on ice. Frost wasn't worried, though; he made an ice barrier around them, and the wave went into the sea with a big splash, causing the icy path to break in thousand pieces. The two stood alone on the small part of ice, seeing nothing around them, but the sea.
The sky was red. Everywhere lava rivers and stone. The fire area.
-Blaze! Some changes happened in the water area. Looks like some two sorcerers met. – Pyro, a 14 year old sorcerer, in shiny, blood-red robes, and short, red hair. He had the ability to feel when and where do the sorcerers meet anywhere on Hyphea. Also, he could turn into a phoenix.
-Hmm... looks like the lazy boy is finally on the move! - Blaze, the fire sorceress, was 17 years old, and wore not very usual, red sorcerer robes with a very small, green cape. She had a beautiful body. Above her breasts it was uncovered, except that she wore a collar with a small, green brawl on it. Her eyes were bright green which shone like emeralds. On her legs, she had reddish-white tights and red boots, the same red color as her robe. Her staff was short, red, with a green brawl held by four spikes on the top, and a similar, but smaller brawl held by three spikes on the bottom. She had a pointed cap with a green spiral on it. It was only attached on her back to her long, blonde hair.
-Let's go and see what's happening there, shall we, Pyro?-
Pyro nodded, and immediately flames spreaded over his body, making him turn into a phoenix. Not very big one, but big enough so that he can carry a human on his back. Blaze jumped onto him. The two flew up, and went towards the water area.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Dark Magician Girl Gallery
Well, since there are many fans of DMG (including me) here, I decided to put up all the links to my DMG pics.

Magician Girl's Dark Side

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Bubble Bath

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Winged Dmg

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Dmg - The One And Only

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Dmg Style Change

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Refreshed Version...

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Dark Magician Girl Profile

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Soon's my Birthday!
Yep, 22nd May, to be precise. I'm finally gonna be an 18 year old. Muahaha!!! XD
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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I'm so lazy!!!
I'm really sorry, but i haven't posted anything because I was too busy!!! I only draw, submit and study! That's a hell of a life, I'm tellin ya! I hope u can forgive me! ^^;

Which Of The Seven Deadly Sins Are You? (Detailed Answers + Beautiful Anime Pics In Results!)

You are the seventh deadly sin: Laziness. This sin is considered on of the flesh. Usually it is represented by scenes of falling asleep on the job, especially if a monk is performing the job. When in a state of Sloth, negligence and apathy soon set in. Thomas Aquinas wrote that all sins that are due to ignorance are due to Sloth.Your Devil: Bethphegor.Your Animal: The Donkey.Your opposite: Diligence.Your element: Wind/Air.PLEASE RATE & MESSAGE!!!
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

OMG I had no idea I'm so smart!

Testriffic IQ test

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Monday, January 15, 2007

I got a scanner!!!
Yaaay!!! Finally, the day has come, I got my own scanner!!! :D
Yeah, that's right, but not only that, it's a scanner/copier/printer in one! :D So, now I'm gonna post as soon as I draw something! :D Oh yeah, right now I have 7 pics I scanned now. 3 of them are close views of Jin, Asuka and Hwoarang from Tekken 5, 2 of them are from FF VIII, Squall and Rinoa, 1 is an OC of mine, and 1 is the lineart of Serenity (YuGiOh) as a pro duelist (a request), which will soon be colored in photoshop.
Oh, I'm so happy! :boogie:
But I won't put everything at once in my gallery. I'll only post the Tekken ones for now.

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Sunday, December 31, 2006

   Happy New Year!
Hey everyone, I wish you happy holidays, not only the New Year, but anything u celebrate :D and I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world! XD
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Friday, December 22, 2006

Awareness Contest?
Hey ppl, can anyone tell me where can I read details about that Awareness contest running on theOtaku?
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Monday, December 11, 2006

Final Fantasy VIII
Alright! I finally got FF VIII and now I spend hours and hours on playing it! So until I finish it, don't expect many pics from me, ok? C ya!
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Monday, October 9, 2006

All the animes I know
The animes I watched:

Akira +++
Aika +++
Beyblade ++
Beyblade V-Force +++
Beyblade G-Revolution +++
Candidate for Goddess (or Pilot Candidate) +++
Captain Tsubasa +++!
Card Captor Sakura +
Case Closed ++
Digimon +++
Digimon 2 +++
Digimon Tamers ++
Digimon Frontier ++
Dragon Ball +++
Dragon Ball Z +++
Dragon Ball GT +++
Dr.Slump ++
Duel Masters +++
Earth Girl Arjuna +++
Escaflowne ++
Hamtaro -
Hellsing +
Inuyasha +++
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne ++
Kickers -
Monster Rancher +++
Naruto +++
Najica +++
Noir +
One Piece ++
Pokemon (all seasons) +
Pretty Cure +
Princes Mononoke +++
Ranma 1/2 +++
Sailor Moon ++
Shaman King +++
Sonic Underground ++
Sonic X +++
Tokyo Mew Mew ++
Wedding Peach +
X +++
Yu-Gi-Oh! (all seasons) +++
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX +++

Death Note +++

! This anime is my favorite!!!
+++ I luv this anime!
++ This anime is very good.
+ This anime is OK.
- This anime is nothing special.

The ones I've heard of and would like to watch:

.hack ++?
Cowboy Bebop +?
DNAngel +?
Dystopia +?
Fullmetal Alchemist +++
Fushigi Yugi +
Ghost in the Shell +?
Gravitation +?
Gundam Wing +
Hikaru No Go +?
Loveless +?
Medabots +
Rurouni Kenshin +++?
Sandland +?
Wolf's Rain +++

+++ I live for the chance to watch this anime!
++ I'm very interested in this anime.
+ I interested in this anime.
? I don't know a lot about this anime.

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