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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

To leave or not to leave, that is the question...
Ok, first a few words to everyone:

I'm not yet quite sure if I'll leave theOtaku or not. There are some things that might happen which will make me stay. On the other hand, some factors might cause the opposite to happen. My current decision is to leave, but not until I say goodbye to all my friends here.

And yeah, my nick on dA is also teramaster, so if you want to visit me, here's the link:


And now replies to each of you:

Snow Phoenix:
Well, the thing that you can hardly get recognized on dA is true. There really are many pros. But I learned a lot about drawing since I'm on dA. I found useful tutorials, and found friends who will comment my art and give suggestions on how to improve it. Somehow, I have a wish to become a pro just like those on dA who get over 1000 favs per picture (and I got 75 max.) But the things I mentioned in my post are not the only reasons why am I leaving theO. There are some things I'd rather not discuss about.
And yeah, same nick. I see that you already found me there though ^^; Ttyl!
P.S. I think you DO fit in, your art is great, much much better than some people who do everything to get noticed and really do get noticed a lot, but have almost no idea about drawing.

Alright then, I'll visit you there. Sure, we can chat. Whenever you send me a note, be sure you'll get a reply, cuz notes are priority for me to read. Cya there!

Ma ja stvarno ne mogu izdrzati na tO-u vise. Stavim jednu bezveze sliku Kakashija i dobijem preko 50 glasova. Stavim super sliku Frosta i niko je i ne vidi! Sta je to u ljudima ovdje, pitam se. Izgleda da 50% njih omiljeni anime je Naruto, i glasaju samo za Naruto slike.
Istina, dA je ogroman, ali mozes se snaci nekako. Sto se tice reply-a pa ljudi inace diskutuju preko replya ono sto bi pricali u PM-ovima ovdje. Neki imaju dial-up konekciju tako da im Reply super dodje da zadrze kontakt sa prijateljima. Jos ako si subscriber na dA-u mozes odmah vidjeti sve slike u devWATCHu kao minijature, odn. hyperlinkove. Tj. odmah vidis da li ti se slika svidja na prvi pogled i da li ces joj pokloniti vise paznje. Da, bio sam jednom subscriber: dobio je besplatno. Cini mi se svaki clan dobije jednom mjesec dana besplatnu subscription. ^^;
Ok onda, cujemo se na dA-u!

Yep, same username. But I think you already found me, you're just.LL, right? Well yeah, it's like you said, you don't have to reply on everything if you don't want. Still, my personality somehow wants me to reply and thank everyone for their support ^^; See ya!

I'm still not sure if I'll leave or not. But still: what's the point in putting your pics here if you don't get noticed? And yeah, same username. Cya there then.

Yamis Pharaohess:
A parade, huh? lol I'm not like that, I'm kinda shy to act liek you do ^^; Of course, I'll be in touch with all my friends here. I made some great friends here and I'll never forget them. Well, see you on dA then! Or here too, until I finally decide to leave.

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Monday, November 5, 2007

I think I'm leaving theOtaku...
It wasn't an easy decision, but I decided that in a few days, I'll leave theOtaku. The system of watching others here is bad and I can never know when did some people put new art in their portfolio, nor can others know when I upload something. And there's no link "Reply" in the comment boxes so that one can reply to a comment immediately after reading it. I'll really miss some people here, I made so many good friends, but if you want to hear about me, I'll be on deviantART. You can still PM me though. I'll come by maybe twice a month to see if there are any PMs so that I can contact those who aren't on theOtaku. Or, you can send me an e-mail to tera_master_az@hotmail.com.

(sighs) Well, I'm still here, but in a few days, it'll be time to say goodbye. If you want to persuade me to stay, now's the chance.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Frost is back!!!
Young Sorcerer Chaotic Frost now also as realistic XD Unfortunately, didn't get many views. Like people weren't even looking at the main fanart page. But here's the link.

Frost: Cold Stare

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Hopefully it gets noticed now ^^ I really tried on this one.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hyphea Chapter 6: Darkness On The Way
-Where am I? – asked Frost dizzily. And then he reaized that he has been held by a young sorceress. At once he stood on his feet, staring at Blaze and Pyro.
-Who are you?! What happened? – he asked them. He was blushing. He wasn't feeling very comfortable because he was so close to a girl. He felt weird. But Blaze only smiled.
-So you woke up, huh? – she said. –How are you feeling?
-Where's Aqua?! – Frost suddenly remembered what happened. Aqua was dragged down into the earth, he fought two sorcerers, he was defeated... and since then he couldn't remember anything.
-She's alright, now sit down, we'll tell you everything. – said Pyro.
Blaze and Pyro were talking for half an hour. Frost listened to them without being distracted even for a moment.
-I see... So you two saved my life?
-Not only us two – said Blaze. –Without Aqua, we wouldn't have made it.
-Well, I think it's time for us to explain why did we lok for you, and not someone else – Pyro interrupted.
-You were looking for me?!
-Yes – said Blaze seriously. –You see, Hyphea is in danger. A dark sorcerer has gotten power that no other sorcerer has. Now he wants to become the king of Hyphea and bring chaos and destruction to it! He will turn everything to darkness!
-What? – gasped Frost. –No... that cannot happen! I cannot allow him to turn the ice into darkness! – Frost was really angry when he heard this. He lived all his life in the ice and he considers it his home. If his home would be ruined, there would be no reason for him to live, he thought.
-So you'll help us then? – asked Blaze.
-What kind of question is that?! Of course I will! You two can count on me to stop the bastard.
-Hey – interrupted Pyro again – who said it's going to be that easy? The two of us had no chance before he became more powerful, what makes you think the three of us can do anything the way we are now?
-We have to train first – said Blaze.
-Fine! We'll train then!
-We'll train in the fire area – said Pyro.
Frost wasn't very happy when he heard this. He started to look at the raging flame in the center of the triangle they sat in which made him not feel well. He couldn't stand the heat.
-I know what are you thinking – added Blaze. -If you want to stop the dark one, you'll have to be able to fight fire.
-Fine then – groaned Frost. – I'll do everything I need to stop that son of a bitch!
In the meanwhile, Shadow left the dark area. The next area nearest to him was the wind area. As he approached the area further and further, he was more blinded by the light of it. The wind area wasn't too luminous, but compared to the blackness in which he lived, it seemed like looking directly into the sun. But soon, his eyes got used to it. What he saw, was fog.
Shadow continued further, unable to recognize anything. He could only feel that the ground was soft and grassy. He made another step, and felt nothing below his foot. He was leaned forward too much and lost his balance. Before he could fall, he swinged his scythe-like staff and stabbed it into teh ground he stood on before.
-Damn fog... – groaned Shadow.
-Hey, be more careful, would you? – said Aura's voice inside him. –If you fall, I fall too, remember?
-I don't give a damn about what happens to you! – replied Shadow.
-Well you should, because you have the power thanks to me! And you shouldn't waste it by falling down now that it is in your hands!
As Aura said that, Shadow's staff-scythe slipped out of the ground it clinged to. Shadow started to fall and dropped his staff.
-Fuck!!! – shouted Shadow.
But he didn't fall for long. He hit the lower layer of the ground as soon as he fell from the higher one..
-Idiot!!! – shouted Aura. -How can you be so uncareful?!
Shadow stood up and shook off the dust from him.
-Come on, nothing happened. – he replied coldly, smiling. He picked up his staff and started to examine the ground around him with its blades. He noticed that there was another edge one step away from him. He aimed his staff downwards and fired a dark energy ball. He heard it hit the ground not very far away. So he jumped down, landed safely and continued to walk, still examining the floor.
Suddenly, he heard something flying through the fog. It approached him quickly like a bullet. Then he felt sharp pain on his back. Something scratched him with four claws.
-Aaah! – screamed Shadow. –Where are you, bastard?!
And then, in front of him, two eyes started to glow light blue.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Eid! Bayram Sherif Mubarek Olsun!
Happy Eid to all my friends who celebrate Eid! XD (if anyone celebrates it =P)
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hyphea Chapter 5: A New Threat
The two continued downwards heading to the forest. When they reached the bottom of the mountain, Pyro flew down and transformed back to his original shape.
-Blaze, I'm tired... – he said, breathing fastly.
-Ok then, let's take a break here. – replied Blaze.
They sat down on the grass. It was getting dark. Pyro enflamed a part of the grass for some light. Blaze was looking at Frost's face, still holding him in his arms.
-Blaze! – shouted Pyro all of a sudden. – The dark sorcerer met another one!
-What?! Another dark sorcerer? – said Blaze, shocked.
Darkness everywhere. Deserted, lifeless ground, dried out trees with no leaves, the only source of light were a few stars struggling to break through the clouds. The dark area.
Shadow, the 17-year old dark sorcerer, had white tan, red eyes, long, red staff with a silver brawl on top and three short, sharp blades on the bottom, and everything else he had was black. The one who made life of the two fire sorcerers to hell, found another one, with the same darkness as he had. It was Aura, the 16-year old dark sorceress who had the ability to hypnotize, confuse, and many other psychic abilities. She had long, straight, violet hair, violet as everything else on her. Even her eyes were violet. But she had a normal tan. She wasn't pale like Shadow. Her staff had a brawl on top held by three metal parts that looked like scorpion claws. One same part was attached to the bottom.
-What do you want? – asked Shadow Aura coldly.
-I won't let you rule Hyphea! The only one who's able for that is me! – she replied, determined to kill Shadow and move him out of her way.
-Oh yeah? You and what army? – said Shadow, laughing out loud.
Aura got angry. She raised her staff, aiming at Shadow's eyes. She tried to hypnotize him.
-This army! – thought Aura, wantimg to make Shadow think he's surrounded by Aura clones. But Shadow just closed his eyes and smiled.
Aura knew that her powers were useles if her opponent closes her eyes. But she knew that she could now approach him and stab him in the neck with the end of her staff without any problems. She stopped aiming at him and smiled.
-So what now? You can't see me and you can't evade my attacks!
-What now? I'll show you what now!!!
Shadow knew that this is his moment. She was unaware. He could open his eyes and locate her immediately. He raised his staff, aimed at her and fired a dark energy beam. Before Aura realized what happened, she was hit in her chest, making her fall back and dropping her staff. Shadow walked towards her. He grabbed her hair andlifted Aura with it. She screamed.
-Someone like you will never be able to rule Hyphea! You only deserve to die!!! - he said, with the bladed bottom of his staff near her neck.
-Wait... – said Aura desperately. – Don't kill me yet...
-Give me one good reason why shouldn't I!
-Let me... let me give you my power! Allow my soul to live in your body! That way, we can rule together!
-Nice trick, but it won't work! – said Shadow, barely able to wait to see her blood spilt.
-Wait! I swear, it's not a trick! We'll be the strongest being on Hyphea ever!!!
Shadow didn't know why, but somehow, he dared to believe her. His greed for power was immense. Also, he knew that she couldn't do anything without her staff. He let her hair go.
-Alright, I'll give you five seconds to give me the power! Now, do it!!!
Aura also knew that she couldn't do anything else to save her life. She stood up and laid her palms on his heart. Shadow still wasn't sure if this was a trick or not; but still, he decided to take the chance. Aura's body and staff now started to turn into sparkling violet dust. Shadow was amazed by seeing how Aura's body is disappearing. The dust now started to surround him. He sudenly felt his heart beat faster. He was scared.
-Damn it! I knew this was a trick! – he thought.
But he was wrong. The dust entered his body and staff. Red horns grew from his head. His clothing hardened and took a whole new shape. The blackness slightly reflected some bluish light coming from the dark blue sky. His gloves and boots now extended. His staff's top and bottom turned into double scythe blades with a silver brawl on each. He felt the power. He was now five times stronger than before. When the dust completely entered his body and transformed it, Shadow started to shout.
-This is amazing!!! I feel such an awesome power!!! Now I'm truly invincible!!!
Then, Aura's spirit spoke to him from inside of his body.
-Are you glad you didn't kill me? – she said.
-I was strong... but not strong enough! Now I can rule Hyphea! No one can match me! – he said
-You mean us?!
-Fine, us. – said Shadow, grinning. –Meeting you is the best thing that ever happened to me!
-Well then, let's rule Hyphea together!
-Together, we'll bring the new age to Hyphea!!!
It started to thunder, as if the sky would disapprove the uniting of the powers of darkness.
Pyro was shocked. He felt an amazing power coming from the dark area. He knew what happened. When he came to himself, he told Blaze what happened. She was now afraid that Frost wouldn't be able to help them. She looked at him. As if he knew something was wrong, Frost slowly opened his eyes.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Hyphea Chapter 4: Friends from the Fire
The non-final version of the fourth chapter. So probably there will be some minor changes.đ

SO here goes.

* * *

In the meanwhile, Aqua was struggling to get free from the vines underground. She managed to conjure enough water around her to keep her away from the earth and to allow her to breathe.
-Luckily my element is water... – thought Aqua. –If it weren't, I'd probably choke in here!
She noticed, though, that water was being sucked by the ground above her. She realized that it was used by a sorcerer to make mud from the ground.
-If I could only break free from these vines, I would make that bastard wish he was dead!!! –she thought, trying again to get free from the vines, without any success.
-You won't get away with this! I swear!!! – shouted Frost, furious like never before, while his body sank to the waist, to the neck, until he wasn't visible anymore.
-Well, that should be it. – said Rock coldly. Flora nodded. Suddenly, she was struck with a fireball in the back, coming from no one other than Blaze.
-Aaaaah! – she screamed, and fell from the rocks to the ground. She fainted. Here element was too weak against fire.
-Flora! – shouted Rock. -Why you...
He looked up and saw Blaze sitting on a burning phoenix. The two flew down. Blaze jumped off Pyro, whose flames withdrew back into the wings. Blaze looked angry. Since she didn't see Frost anywhere, she assumed that he has been defeated, and so the other sorceress. She didn't want any sorcerer to die. She was aware that there aren't many of them left on Hyphea.
Aqua felt the vines loosen. Since Flora was unconscious, she didn't have control of the vines anymore. Aqua tore the vines off of her. Her eyes started to glow, and the water around her started to twirl. With a powerful whirlpool, the water was leading her towards the spot where mud was. It went with such speed, that it caused a quake.
-What's going on?! I'm not responsible for this quake! Who's doing this?! – shouted Rock, worried. Blaze and Pyro were confused. All of a sudden, from the middle of the rock cage, water bursted out like lava from a volcano. With the water, there was Aqua. And Frost. The water turned into millions of raindrops. Frost's unconscious body was tossed towards Pyro, who caught it.
-Gotcha, buddy! – said Pyro.
-Take care of him while I take care of the bad guy. – said Flora to him.
Now that Aqua was free, she wanted to return the torture to the one who held her underground. But the question now was: who did that? There were three sorcerers, not counting Flora.
-Now which one of you bastards dared to wrap me with those damn whips?! Huh?! Show yourself so I can kill you!!! – shouted Aqua angrily, looking at the three.
-It was her – said Pyro, pointing at Flora. –But she knocked her out already. – he aded, now looking at Blaze.
-You mean... you helped Frost? Is he going to be alright?
-Yes, he just used up all of his mana. He'll be fine by tomorrow morning.
Rock then immediately raised his hand pointing at Aqua. Then, rock pillars from the ground emerged just like when they were forming the cage that's now destroyed. Aqua conjured water and fromed a powerful whirlpool. Powerful enough to turn the pillars into mud and to wash them away. Rock realized that he had no chance against water without Flora. He looked at her, helplessly. He was shocked. For the first time, he wasn't able to protect his territory.
-Give up, dude! It's three of us. You're in a huge disadvantage. – said Pyro, smiling. But Rock didn't pay attention. He just kneeled there, dropping his sword and looking down at the ground.
-No... This isn't happening... This is only a nightmare... –muttered Rock. –You will never get your hands on the earth area!
Blaze made a small fireball, and swiftly threw it right in Rock's face. The fireball knocked him down. It felt like a mother's slap when he would do something bad. His eyes were soon flooded with tears.
-We don't want the earth are for us – said Blaze calmly. –We just don't want you to kill anyone. Don't you realize that the future of Hyphea relies on all of us?!
Rock was still crying silently. He let the inner voice tell him what to do without thinking about consequences. And now he felt sorry for that.
After a moment, Aqua interrupted.
-So what now? I'd drown this guy for being such a meanie, but I can see he's sorry... – she asked Blaze.
-Leave him be. And Flora will soon recover too. Rock will bring her to her senses too – said Blaze. –Let's go.
Pyro again transformed into a phoenix and flew down towards the forest. Blaze took Frost in her arms and approached the cliff. Aqua looked at Rock for a second, and then she followed Blaze to the cliff.
-For now, we need Frost to heal up – continued Blaze. -We need his help. We were attacked by a sorcerer from the darkness. It might sound incredible, but he is much more powerful than both of us. We barely escaped from him and hid ourselves. We already asked the light sorcerers for help, but they refuse to battle. They only want to live in peace.
-I could help too! – said Aqua enthusiastically.
-You can't – interrupted Blaze. - A legend says that the only thing that can equal the powers of darkness is ice. Dark sorcerers are cold-hearted, and so are the ice ones. They are the only ones who can resist the chaotic effect the darkness has on the brain. We don't want you to expose to danger.
-But I want to help Frost!!!
-It would be the best for you to go back home. You're a water sorceress. We need to get through the forest, and there are many creatures you can't fight.
-Yeah... My mana source is water, and it attracts the plants – sighed Aqua. –Oh well, what else can I do? If I go with you, I'll only be a burden. Take a good care of Frost, ok?
-It's a promise – said Blaze.
Aqua turned back to her, conjured a river and jumped into it, letting it lead her to the ocean.
-Are you coming? – shouted Pyro from down below.
-I'll be right there! – said Blaze, and started jumping down the steep rock, holding Frost tightly.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

The faculty started :(
Ok, I used up the last day of my holiday. Tomorrow, the lectures on the faculty are starting. Dang it... I wish I had some more free time... oh well, life goes on and so do we. So don't expect too much from me in the future, ok?

Oh yeah, I got some ink. I tried to ink a pic of mine. The result was not too good... I realized I have no talent for inking. Unless I find out how to work with ink, I'll stick to my best friend pencil for the linearts. ^^;

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hyphea Chapter 3: Two Versus One
After a long and exhausting climbing, they finally reached the top. It was flat and they could walk on it without any problems. Frost stood still and looked around. He could see the whole icy desert and the ocean on one, and a huge forest on the other side. To him, it was an amazing adventure. He became even more happy now that he has seen all this.
-Wow... this is so unbelieveable! What have I been missing all these years?! – he said, with a wide smile and eyes sparkling with joy.
-Nothing new to me – said Aqua. –I swam through the whole ocean and I know exactly where's what.
-Really? I knew only about ice until now! – said Frost, shocked. –I never got enough guts to come near any other element!
-Get used to it. If you want the ultimate adventure, you'll have to visit all the areas, and eventually meet other sorcerers.
-Yeah... you might be right. But now that I've seen this, I'm going on and I won't stop at any price! – said Frost.
-Alright, and I'll follow you. I always wanted to meet other sorcerers, but I never had enough guts for that, just like you didn't to leave the ice.
Both of them were tired. Aqua sat down. Frost sat near her, his eyes wandering around and admiring the view. They were sitting and resting like that, without anyone speaking a word.
Finally, Frost broke the silence.
-Umm... Aqua? Is the water... warm? – he asked her, with a shivering voice. He never touched it and was afraid of it. He wondered how can the ocean that is full of water be so flat, and at the same time take any possible shape.
-Well, test it yourself! – said Aqua, conjuring a fistful of water. She smiled, and splashed Frost with the water. Frost got scared, and created an icy aura to protect himself, turning drops of water into snow flakes.
-Hey! Stop it! – shouted Frost at her, breathing quickly.
-Come on, water can't hurt you! Just relax and touch it! – said Aqua, smiling and conjuring some more water in her hands.
-I... I can't!
-Don't worry, it's ok. Just touch it!
Frost needed a lot of time to gather enough guts to listen to Aqua. Finally, he stretched his right hand towards the water. Slowly and carefully, he touched the water and got his finger out in an instant.
-See? Nothing happens! – said Aqua, giggling. –Come on, again!
Frost was now a bit mroe relaxed. He realized that water wasn't dangerous. Now he touched the water with his whole palm.
-It kinda feels... nice. – said Frost, still a bit shocked.
Suddenly, vine whips emerged from the ground. They wrapped Frost and Aqua immediately and started dragging them deep into the ground. Aqua screamed, but Frost wasn't worried for himself. His extremely low body temperature froze the whips, allowing him to break free. But Aqua couldn't do anything. She sank deeper and deeper, screaming helplessly. Frost couldn't do anything, because the hole that the whips made was already refilled with ground. Then, two sorcerers appeared in front of him. The sorcerers of the earth element, Rock and Flora.
Rock was 20, tall and wearing a dark brown suit covering everything except his face and hands. He had two metal claws on each fist. He had a helmet-like cap and shoulder protectors, which made him look like a knight. Also, unlike other sorcerers, instead of a staff, he had a long, double-edged sword. His ability was to move earth and rocks the way he wanted.
Flora was 15. Her body looked pretty weak. She had something like a headband on her head instead of a cap. Also, she was wearing a dress wrapped with thorn whips and roses. She had a short staff made of two vine whips twirled around each other, and holding a red crystal brawl on top. She was specialized with plants and poison.
-Who do you think you are trespassing our land just like that?! – shouted Flora at Frost.
-Leave now and we won't hurt you! – said Rock angrily.
-WHERE'S AQUA?! – shouted Frost. He was furious. He didn't think for a second to leave without her. He doesn't know her for too long, but he felt something for her that didn't allow him to leave her on her own.
He raised his staff towards the two. Flora reacted rapidly and sent thorn whips from the ground to wrap around his staff. Frost's attack was stoipped. His aura didn't work on his staff. But he took the thorn whips with his free hand, tore them apart and got free from the whips. But that wasn't enough for him to get away with it. While Frost was taking care of his staff, Rock turned the ground below him to mud. Frost had already sunk to his knees.
Frost reraised his staff towards the two and fired an ice beam. They evaded easily. The mud affected Frost so that he loses his balance. Then an idea occured to him: he fired another ice beam towards the mud below him. He froze it, together with is legs.
Rock laughed out loud.
-You seriously think you can beat us with your legs frozen? – he said, almost sure about their victory. But he was surprised: Frost's legs weren't frozen. He only froze the mud that wasn't touching him. He was able to easily get out of it like that.
-It's not over yet! – shouted Frost. –Hailstorm!!!
He raised his staff high and suddenly it started to hail. The ice pieces started to become bigger and bigger, bashing all the rock around Frost.
Flora looked at Rock's eyes. He understood the signal. He made holes under them to protect themselves from the hailstorm. Frost realized that the hailstorm won't be of any use now. They are under ground, where no ice can get. The hailstorm stopped. He was out of ideas. His mana was low. He looked helpless.
In the meanwhile, Blaze and Pyro were flying nearby and noticed the hailstorm.
-Pyro, what do you think? –asked Blaze.
-Frost's there, definitely. – he replied.
-Let's go then! Hurry!
Then, long, sharp, spikey rocks emerged from the ground around Frost, making a cage. It had an opening on top, though. An opening, where now Rock and Flora stood, ready to exterminate Frost as soon as he jumps out. And down there, Frost was again sinking into mud. Without mana, he couldn't do any spells. He was helplessly sinking deeper and deeper.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

For you who didn't notice this...
One of my drawings I'm the most proud of. But it didn't get enough views ^^;

A Cute Neko Colored

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

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