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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Utada Hikaru = <3

...Enough said.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

I feel soooooooo completely loopy right now. XD
Yey for painkillers. x_X
Still though....
Meh, I hate feeling utterly depressed though.
Everything hurts. XD My heart's aching, I twisted my ankle, my mouth is throbbing and I can barely take it even with the tons of painkillers, I've got a migraine since I couldn't eat before the dentists did their thing, and I've even got cramps to boot.

I don't even know what to do about my online love anymore though. ._.; I mean... We talked after the break up and I think we're back together... But the fact that she's kinda dropped off the face of the earth after leaving an odd message scares me. First of all I've been worried about her safety....but I don't even know if she can stand me anymore. XD Let alone the fact that I had a nervous breakdown this morning because I get so scared of needles and the IV they had to use to sedate me (I was shaking/sobbing so hard when they attached me to all the machines in the office I shook the chair. XD I would have been laughing had I not been freaking out.) and all I wanted was for her....hell...anyone... to give me a hug and reassure me that it'd be ok.

._.; So... Yeah. I feel really alone now and it really sucks.
I'd be calling people but my mouth is still all swollen and I can't talk. XD That and I keep forgetting and bumping it somehow and making it bleed again. X__x;;;
So yeah... I'm pretty much hating life at the moment. XD

Oh, I did get pressured into a facebook. That has served to distract me a little. I just don't know what pictures to put up.

So... Yeah. I'm off to play Diablo and try to distract myself.


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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

   ...I'm still alive, I swear.
Sorry, I haven't been in the mood to update at all.
Issues issues..... .___.;;;
I did get back from Japan last week. That was... Teh awesomest trip of my life. D=
Which is why I'm depressed as hell to be back in the states again. ;__;
But I drew something!
Shocking, no?
Everything seems just... Meh, now.
The person I care for pretty much "e-broke up" with me then, after we had a little time to talk at least, dropped off the face of the Earth. x_X So I'm kinda worried. Just a little. -eye twitch-
And I'm getting my wisdom teeth out Friday. Oh boy.
Another reason to stress, considering I'm the person who won't let anyone near her mouth even with just a fork. >___> Let alone........ Mreh.

So... Yeah. Go check out the thingy I drew! I likes it.

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