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Monday, June 4, 2007

Weeeee music.

Heheheh, I finally found this song name. xD Jory-chan, where were you when I needed you?
Ah well, I love this song.
Very awesome.
And the other one I've been listening to a lot:

Heheh. X3
Anywhos, it's been nice being free. Freeeeeeedom~
I've been sleeping. x_x It's so nice...

Especially since I had a recital yesterday and I played a piece that nearly killed my injured wrist.... TT__TT It still hurts.
Since I'm already spamming videos, I'll post what I played yesterday:

Though I think this person plays it too fast and without as much feeling... And there's those spots where the quality sucks... Anywhos, I wonder if I can get a video of me playing it... I think I'll search for the video-recorder I've got.
So yeah, my hand hurts too much to draw at the moment.
And Ca-chan's probably gonna come over and we'll wii away. XD
Yeey Wii!
I'm hoping to get Wii Play and Paper Mario today. *stalks mailman*
And play KH2. o.o She's been mooching it off meh.
But yeah. I gotta go clean my room then. x_x

Hope you guys are doing well.


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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hahah, my distractedness led to me watching another anime series....
Goooo Nana! X3
I'm only on episode eight and I love it already.
>.> Both Nana are so awesome. xD
And the music.
I raided Gendou and I've been listening to Wish pretty much nonstop. I'm such a sucker for anime with good music.... Hell, the anime could suck and I would probably still like it because of the music. >__>

I need to make a run to Borders and raid them for Nana manga. *makes evil plans* x_x

So yeah. What else... Lets see. I've been turning myself nocturnal by going to bed at 3-ish in the afternoon then getting up at 1 in the morning. o_o;
It's odd. But it's easier to study, that's for sure. *nodnod*
One exam left. >__< Poo english! Then I have a stupid Latin test... Then this physics paper, and I'll be done!
...Then I just have the SAT and a piano recital!
.......No I'm not freaking out at all. >_>;

Anywhos, I guess I'm off to study.
I guess I'll leave you with this little bit of fangirlism.

Fweeeee! >3<


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Monday, May 28, 2007

   Death Note
I've been watching Death Note all night. Well, now it's 12:15 in the morning. But still! Awesomeness!
I read the manga but the anime is soooooo cool. The music makes it awesome.
Raito is such an insane genius. *___* I lovers him, no matter how twisted his logic is and how much he creeps me out. XD
L is adorable too though. I love the way he holds his phone.

But I just watched the end of episode 7. I looooove the scene where Raito finally gets Naomi-whatsername's true name and writes it down so she'll commit suicide and all that, and when she asks about him checking the time and he just glances up and smirks, saying "Oh this? ... I'm Kira."
Fwwwwwwwweeeee! X3
That scene was done so well it was awesome.

Anywhos, my buddeh from Germany made me get this account and that site is rabu rabu.
So far I've watched all of Tsuyokiss, which was one of those anime where you have to wonder if the creators were on crack while coming up with it but you can't help but watch it. The love story was cute and it was really hilarious but the random borderline hentai moments kinda creeped me out. XD
Anywhos, I also watched some of XXXHOLiC, but I wuv that manga anyway so the anime is nearly as awesome.
And now I'm stuck on Death Note.

If you read this. >__> Go to that site, make an account, and watch Death Note!
I command it!


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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Aren't looking happy. o__o

-My own heart is having spazzy problems... I don't know if it's stress, depression, anxiety, whatever... Or if it's actually a problem. I went to the school nurse and she said "Go to the doctor. o_O Now." So yeah. >__>

-A really good friend of mine, Jeff (lives in Maryland) just called me to let me know that his surgery went ok... He had to have his gull-bladder-whatchamacallit taken out 'cause it was having problems and stuff and apparently they noticed that his heart wasn't doing so well, and it was affecting most of the rest of his body parts. x___@;;; So now he's talking transplant... And I'm reeeeeeeaaaaaaaally worried. Meh... I wish I could at least go visit him... Give the guy some support while he's stuck in the hospital eating nothing but ice and being told how his body is failing him. >___>

-My buddy from Germany seems mad/hurt that I stay up until 2-3 in the morning to talk to her, with no regard for my personal health or whatever... But since I wasn't going to school and I've been so stressed and having trouble breathing, being able to talk with her and feel relaxed and happy for once is the only thing that's actually done any good. x__@;;;

-My own feelings for two different people are starting to make me even sicker.... And having cramps, a stomach bug thingy, this heart thing, AND having emotional difficulties.... I swear one day my own mind is going to kill me.

-The Rube Goldberg project is due Thursday. I haven't done a single thing to help Jordan because I've been sick, and I've been feeling horribly guilty which isn't helping my physical state.

-My piano teacher won't answer her phone. I need to move my lesson back because of the project. *points up* And she's not the type of person to be nice.

...I think that's enough to rant about for now. x___@;;;


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Friday, May 18, 2007

   This does not bode well. >.>
It's only 6:15 in the morning and already my father is bitching at me.
This day... Does not seem like it's going to be fun at all. D=

>_> Dunno where that word came from. It's early, dammit!

I've got doodles to finish. *gloom* Lots of doodles to finish. I haven't uploaded a real picture in months. But! But but. My tablet pen has disappeared on meh. *cry, snivel, ect*
It's got me in this not-so-happy mood. T_T
I wanna draw, dammit!

Other news. Uh.... Working on project is killing me, even though I'm not doing much work, which is killing me more 'cause I feel bad. >_> Sorry Jory-chan!
I've gotten pulled into working on events for CoF ( this site ) which is actually a whole lot of fun. 'Cept my best buddy from there (the one who asked me to help and is playing an event character himself) got sick. As in... hospitalized sick. As in... Minor surgery sick. @__@ So the event has been on hold... and people are complaining... But personally I could care less what they think and I'm praying he's doing ok. >_>;



God, why'd I say it again? >_>;;;


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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yeah yeah, I know. >_>
I need to go around and comment... And update more often...
;___; I'm sorry!!!

*randomly bursts into "Come What May"*
x__X I'm such a sucker for romance and love songs.
*has been watching Moulin Rouge too much*
I love Tulouse. >.> That's how you spell his name, isn't it?
And the narcoleptic argentinian. He is awesome, no question.
...Come to think of it, I like the side characters more than the two main ones. o.o And my two favorite songs in the movie, Spectacular Spectacular and The Show Must Go On, wherever they're from, aren't on the soundtrack. T__T That bugs me.

Anywhos... I should be studying for my Math exam. O_o;
*runs off*

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mkay, sorry for lack of posts.
Life has sucked lately. Or, been... What's a more extreme word than extremely? Eh... I dunno. It's been horribly stressful.
I don't think I've ever cried this much in my life. Seriously. .____.;
I mean... It took all I had to keep from bursting into tears on the way to school this morning and I nearly crashed because of that. *long sigh*

What do you do when someone you care for is willing to let herself die because she doesn't want to let you know so you worry, and she thinks her life isn't important enough to save so she's not going to the doctor?

Seriously. I have no idea what to do anymore.
My friend Jeff... He's the one who finally told me. He said he couldn't keep it from me any longer and sent me their conversation... And I'm completely lost as to what I'm supposed to do.
I really just want to take her by the shoulders, shake her, and shout "You matter, dammit!!!!"

So yeah. *sighs*
Got to visit Carnegie Mellon... Which was my dream college. That was one good thing... But since the reason I was trying for it was to get a good enough job to be able to visit/bring Janine, the friend I was talking about earlier *points up* to the US (She's from Germany, by the way) the excitement has kinda faded quickly.

But eh.

So yeah. As soon as I see her on MSN later today I'm gonna rant... Hope she doesn't hate me after that. >___>;;

Hope you all are doing better than I am.


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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Total Visits:666
Ahahah, I'm evil. >_>

Things are kinda odd. I'm in a bit of a sleep-deprived daze slash muscle spasm slash dizzy spell, which isn't very good, considering I nearly hit two cars and crashed into a road sign on the way to school this morning. >_____>;;; But I digress.

I dunno what's wrong with me, and that worries me. And the fact that I'm worried worries me, because if I actually care then it must be something really serious. o.o

Anywhos. Art-wise.
I've pulled out that "draw what inspires you when you listen to the song" project I started ages ago.... I've been listening to Delirium a lot lately. Go Cirque!
And yeah, currently I'm working on a "Lifeline" sketch, since Lifeline is the remix of one of my favorite Varekai songs. The next I have in mind is "Slipping Away", which I was listening to this morning and thought of a pic anyway so I figured I'll do it eventually.... I hope. *wonders how many times she's said this* I just love the violin/intro to that song... It's awesome. *Cirque-fangirlish spaz*

Anywhos... I'd better go find my class and sit down before I hurt anyone. o.o; *staggers around*
I'll try to visit sites tonight, promise!


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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Na na, na na na na na na na, na na na na na na
Best song ever. >_>

Anywhos... Yeah. Better day yesterday.
Wrist and shin are killing me. =3 *hobbles*
History test-o-doom is finished! Woooooooooooooooooo!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I listened to Negima music on my way to school today.
...It was weird. o_O

Anywhos, yeah. Today is not looking up.
I've got a history test of doom, which I couldn't study for because I was too stressed and couldn't concentrate, and a piano lesson of doom, which I didn't practice for because I was worried about the history test. Making it worse, I haven't seen my crush in a while and I'm kinda worried. Making that even worse, Jory-chan isn't here and I'm worried about her. Not just because she can help me cram, I swear. >_> *cough*

Anywhos.... Yeah, still working on b-day pictures.
One of these days I'm gonna go insane and shave Naruto bald, I swear. *twitch*


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