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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

   ...I'm still alive, I swear.
Sorry, I haven't been in the mood to update at all.
Issues issues..... .___.;;;
I did get back from Japan last week. That was... Teh awesomest trip of my life. D=
Which is why I'm depressed as hell to be back in the states again. ;__;
But I drew something!
Shocking, no?
Everything seems just... Meh, now.
The person I care for pretty much "e-broke up" with me then, after we had a little time to talk at least, dropped off the face of the Earth. x_X So I'm kinda worried. Just a little. -eye twitch-
And I'm getting my wisdom teeth out Friday. Oh boy.
Another reason to stress, considering I'm the person who won't let anyone near her mouth even with just a fork. >___> Let alone........ Mreh.

So... Yeah. Go check out the thingy I drew! I likes it.

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