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Saturday, March 15, 2008

I probably should have done this earlier, seeing as I've had the game since Sunday, but I just went home from campus yesterday where I now have internet access. So here's the official call-out for Brawl friend codes, as well as Wii numbers in general which I think you might need.

Unfortunately, I'll be gone all this week enjoying a vacation in Tampa, Florida. :p But just send me your digits and when we can play, we will.

Wii number: 4349 6663 0179 2169
Brawl code: 0516-7032-2655

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

   Dear Diary
Today was a good day.

I meant to wake up at 8 to do some last-minute studying for my Clinical Psychology exam this morning, but I fell asleep after my alarm and only had about an hour to get ready and read the textbook a little. So I head off to class, got a seat at the back of the room, and wait for the professor to pass out the exam sheets. After everyone was finished, we held onto the question sheet and the professor went over the answers. A 79. Bleh, definitely not one of my higher test grades, but I'll do better next time. I'll need to average a 93 on the next 3 tests to get an A in the class, and I'm going to make sure it happens.

Next class should have been Modern Philosophy immediately afterwards, but the professor is in Germany so he cancelled. Thank God, that class has been kind of dull to be honest. So with the extra time after the test, and without my next class, I head over to the student union with the intention of getting some studying done.

Well, I get on my computer to send an email, then realize I need to ask someone a question on AIM, then my girlfriend gets online during her class, and.. well, the studying kinda fell off. lol I eventually forced myself to get offline, and had just shut down my computer when a friend of mine walked by. We talked for a while about how classes were going, how life on campus was, etc. Then it came time for lunch, at which point I started to go downstairs when I ran into another friend and his girlfriend and decided to eat with them before my next class.

Yeah, studying hasn't been very prominent lately.

Japanese class now consists of.. 7 people. lol Pretty tough to fall asleep in that class when everyone is in the front row, but finding it hard to stay awake all the same. The teacher is kind of a pushover, though. We might have had a kanji quiz today to test us on our 25 new kanji so far this semester, but we said she should put it off. This Thursday we were supposed to have a test, but we told her to delay that too until after the weekend. XD Which means.. more free time for me this week, HE SHOOTS HE SCORES!

After class ended at 2:45, I called up my girlfriend and she was with our friend so I went to hang out with them. After our friend went to class, we went to the library to look for books, then to take care of some Anime Club business until we found out we didn't have everything we needed. So she and I went back to the library to study for a while, and though we didn't get much work done I'm not really sure what we were expecting. lol

For dinner, we went back to my apartment and I cooked up an awesome meal. I've been trying to be more self-sufficient lately, cooking about twice a week or so, and I think it's been working out pretty well. Tonight it was pasta salad, with whatever else we could find to throw in and make it a balanced meal, and I think she liked it. Plus, I have leftovers for the next time I'm feeling lazy.

After that, we basically hung out for the next few hours, and that was lots of fun. She's a pretty awesome girl, I must say. :p Tomorrow's a gym day, so I have that to look forward too as well. heh

I would enjoy more days like this one. ^_^

P.S. I'll make a post later to respond to the past comments.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Spring Semester Starts
Japan: Studying abroad seems intimidating at first, but if you push yourself to get there I think you'll really enjoy it. :] It wouldn't hurt to look into the possibility, and check out the scholarships as well.

THE DEED HAS BEEN DONE. I finished filling out my study abroad application, wrote the 2 personal statements, got the 2 letters of recommendation, and got the language proficiency report from my Japanese professor, put it all together and turned it in to the Study Abroad Office on campus. Phew. Not as bad as I expected it would be overall, but it still took some time, and now I don't have to worry about anything until later this month when I find out whether I got accepted and to where. Wish me luck!

Spring Semester of my Junior year started last Monday, and the workload is in full session (I'm currently procrastinating). I'm back to taking just four classes, but these are basically at the peak of my college career:

-Psychology of Aggression and Antisocial Behavior - honestly, just seemed like an interesting class, and I needed upper level credits for my Psych major. The teacher is kind of unorganized when it comes to assignments, but he has a lot of experience going for him and makes the class pretty fun. We focus on psychopathology as it relates to aggressive behavior, so it'll probably expand on certain aspects of my Abnormal Psychology class that I took 2 years ago. The course consists of readings and 6 exams, pretty straightforward.

-Introduction to Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy - this is exactly where I need to be right now, since it covers my interests in graduate school and a career. It's cool because these first couple classes have been discussing graduate programs and the kinds of things schools look for in applicants. There may be some students who are just there to learn about psychotherapy and find this introduction irrelevant/boring, but I'm learning a lot about things that I'd otherwise have to do outside research on anyway. I've worked with the professor on minor research assignments, and he's cool. Textbook readings, article readings, 4 exams.

-Modern Philosophy - I tried to get into this class last year but it was full, and I tried to get into a different class this year (Metaphysics) but THAT was full, so here I am. lol Not that I'm complaining, since this is a required class and I've already taken Ancient Philosophy, so this is the next logical step. It's obviously a huge part of Western Philosophy in general, covering from Descartes up to Kant ("if we're lucky" >:O), and I know this information will come in handy for making sense of basically everything that came after it. The professor seems good so far, I think. Textbook reading, 2 exams, 1 optional paper (O.o).

-Intermediate Japanese I - the final Japanese class that my university offers, and the last one before I head off to Japan; damn right I'm going to take advantage of this one. We've had three courses before it to weed out those who weren't very serious or couldn't keep up with the massive and difficult workload, and now it's time to see who's really dedicated to the language.... we have 8 people in the class. There's tons of work, too, and it's only going to be harder than what came before. BRING IT ON! Hopefully the due dates will be relaxed, though. <.< Kanji quizzes, extensive book assignments from 3 texts, outside practice, 1+ page papers, and 4 exams. x_x

I think the best thing about this semester is that apart from Japanese, I don't have any mandatory papers at all! ^_^ I am planning on devoting less time to studying and more to socialization, which I can hopefully afford doing with these classes. haha :p

There's just one more thing I wanted to cover before I head off for another week or so. Unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure who reads this blog anymore, so I must avoid posting too much information for the time being. Valentine's Day is coming up, and just in time, too - I plan to have my interests "finalized" before then, and can celebrate the holiday this year without uncertainty or regret. The upcoming weeks are going to be rough, though. But I feel like I've boxed myself into a corner, because either way I'm going to wonder what the other path would have held. Plus, I'm an expert at making the wrong decision, so I may end up with something that doesn't work AND regretting what could have been. Bleh.


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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Study Abroad in Japan
Azure: I guess you could say that I have a healthy Asian-girl fetish, but I've seen enough "Asianophiles" to know I'm not one of them. XD Having said that, I probably wouldn't take them up on the "free lessons," and I'm hoping to avoid speaking English almost entirely.

If I do actually succeed in getting a girlfriend before going to Japan, what's a few months when I've been waiting years? haha Though I'm hesitant to classify it as a relationship, I've tried the long-distance thing and know that it doesn't work well. But the last thing I want is to get a girlfriend there; I mean, what sort of meaningful experience would that be when the clock is ticking away for just one semester? It's difficult not to miss what you've always wanted, though. :p

(Almost) all the books that I want to read this year I already own. There are 23 in total that I have that I'd like to read, among others I'm skipping over right now. lol I also have 70 of 383 anime episodes I want to watch, and 11 of 21 video games I want to play. It's going to be a long year.

Bench pressing is where you lay down and lift the bar with weights on either side. I currently weigh around 165, and recently benched 9 reps of 155 (UPDATE: I just benched 10 reps of 155 twice in a row, so now I'll be doing 165!), so I'm pretty close to this goal. And that's as much as I really want to lift, ever. The six-pack is there, and I can see it when I cough, but I need to burn some more fat so that it's more prominent. haha

I'm content with learning kanji in class right now, but I'll bookmark that site in case it's not enough later on down the road. Thanks!

I do think the reason for the suffocation might be something like that, since I only remember feeling it strongly once before when I came to school early from a break and no one was around. However, this time it was combined with thoughts I've been having lately rethinking my social abilities, and how I can improve them using this girl's outgoing personality as motivation. lol But I feel that my mood is improving, and since I'm taking an Asian Philosophy class right now I decided to briefly experiment with meditation, which helped a bit so I'm going to try it for a longer period one of these days.

Shin: It could be, Shin, it could be. ~_^

So I've been pretty busy with classes these past couple weeks. Billiards is hella 'lax, since we can just come in and play around for a couple hours, then leave. Asian Philosophy is pretty interesting, and is also kind of relaxed with half of the class time devoted to watching videos anyway. We've learned about Hinduism, Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism primarily, with a few other philosophies/religions like Shintoism thrown in for good measure. The second, and final, exam is this coming Wednesday, then I'm done with both classes and am free from all work until Monday when Spring classes start up. Hurray! >_<

I've been coming home on weekends, from Wednesday afternoons to Sunday evenings. Those are spent looking for friends to hang out with, but not being able to get in touch with half of them and deciding to play video games instead. The two I've been playing lately are still Twilight Princess and Mario 64. After beating the 7th dungeon in the former, I'm now exploring the land high and low looking for all sorts of goodies, and I've found many (bigger bags for arrows and bombs, more bomb bags, heart pieces, poe souls, bugs, sword moves, etc.). I have now clocked in 70 hours in the game and I still have a lot to explore before finishing the final two dungeons, but yeah.. that's how I play video games. haha I have about 45 stars in Mario 64 I think, but I've neglected it the past couple weeks for more Zelda time. Ah well, with Brawl delayed I still have plenty of time to beat both. *grumble grumble* >_>

Before I go any further, I wanted to make a few changes to my New Year's Resolutions list. I'm combining the resolutions of increasing socialization and becoming more assertive/opinionated because I sort of look at them on the same level, and I've lowered the number of books to 10 after picking out the ones in particular I feel I can realistically get through. I think everything else is good to go, though..

One thing that I wanted to do today was make finally make headway in the application for studying abroad in Japan. Well.. alright, I was busy hanging out with friends and didn't get around to it, but I'm going to talk about it anyway.

So I first became interested in studying abroad when I heard about the experiences of the Japanese tutor on campus, talking about how he went to Japan after taking the Japanese classes here, and about how his brother was planning it but after college just got caught up in the rest of his life. I realized that if I was really serious about learning the languae and wanted to go to Japan some time in my life, this was the perfect opportunity for both, in addition to exploring my various interests with Japanese culture. This past semester I decided to look into studying abroad, preferably using an exchange program, which involves paying the tuition (and possibly room & board) to your home university then switching places with a student doing this in a foreign country. This would no doubt be the cheaper option, with the alternative being to find an independent program that could be around $20 grand for one semester.

After talking to the campus study abroad coordinator, I chose to pursue the ISEP exchange program, one that goes through a school in your state. In other words, I pay tuition and room & board to that in-state school, and that will cover me for going to Japan, apart from transportation and a few other expenses. The best thing about this program is that they offer three potential Japanese universities, and if I'm accepted then they will attempt to place me in order of my preference, which stands currently:
-Nanzan University
-Kansai Gaidai University
-Ritsumeikan University

Nanzan is located in Nagoya, a city between Tokyo and Kyoto on the main island of Honshu. It's my first choice primarily because it doesn't have a few of the faults of the other two schools. I wanted to find an area that focused on Tokyo-ben, the dialect of Tokyo that is taught all over the world alongside the Japanese language. And for those of you wondering, yes, dialects can be drastically different, and I want to polish off the one I'm used to before trying my hand at some of the others. Sure, the classes I take will use Tokyo-ben either way, but if I go out to the town I would be in an entirely different world.

One dialect that is particularly distinct is Osaka-ben, which would be spoken around Kansai Gaidai, located in Hirakata city of Osaka prefecture. And just look at the name! Gaidai means literally foreign (gai) university (dai[gaku]), something that I feel gives off the sense of being less authentic than a normal Japanese university. My study abroad coordinator tells me that none of my experiences will be genuinely "authentic," but at the same time I still don't like the idea that teaching will be geared to foreigners, and possibly unnecessarily watered down.

Lastly, we have Ritsumeikan University, a highly respected school of Kyoto that has been around for ages. While Kyoto would be an awesome place to live, it's last on my list because the dialect is similar to Osaka-ben, but more importantly: the only option for housing is single rooms. One of the things that has become highly anticipated for me when going to Japan is living with a homestay family. Families provide a room and 16 meals a week, and the opportunity to constantly improve your use of a language by forcing it to be mandatory at all times. Plus, it will be a fascinating look into the culture first-hand through people who will be more than willing to help. And Ritsukeikan doesn't offer that? No, thank you.

Now I have to fill out this application to turn in by the 1st of February to be eligible to study abroad this Fall. It's your ordinary bureaucratic packet of forms, along with two recommendation letters, a language-proficiency report by my Japanese professor, and two personal statement essays that I have yet to write and will probably be waiting until the last minute for. So yeah.. turn that shit in, and I should get a reply by late February as to whether I'm accepted and where I'm going. Tons of fun to look forward to! lol

Wow, now that was a post. If you guys have made it all the way down here and have any questions, leave me a comment. lataz

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's 2008!!
Happy New Year!

Azure: Yeah, I first got a Mac when my old laptop crashed over a year ago, and that was definitely a great decision, especially since I'm using parallels to run Windows when I need it. And I got Leopard through my school store, which was hella cheap.. about $50 off the list price. And I thought Japanese loved foreigners, especially Americans! :O

Japan: Argh, this will have to do, until I get a better one up that actually makes me look 20 rather than 17. -_- Link

Hope you guys had a fun holiday, and for those of you who are still on break.. enjoy it while you can. >.< I'm back at school for Winter session, and holy shit, I had no idea that campus could get even more boring. lol And besides that, classes = work now, gah! I'm taking Asian Philosophy and a gym (billiards), primarily because the former has always seemed interesting but is only offered during the Winter/Summer, so I thought I'd broaden my experiences a bit. Hopefully this will still leave time to relax, study Japanese, and hang out with friends. ^_^;

Speaking of hanging out with friends, guess what I didn't do on New Year's Eve? lol Yeah, it was kind of lame. I originally had plans of chilling with a couple people, but one had a party to go to and the other just wanted to draw all night. So I ended up just playing some Zelda: Twilight Princess for most of the night, stopped for two minutes to watch the ball drop, and then right back to my Wii, which will always love me. ;_; I did do a lot of chatting on AIM that night, though, so it somewhat made up for my lack of socialization IRL, omg.

So while I was chatting, I came up with some resolutions for the Hell of it. Usually I don't bother with this because I see it as wishful thinking that I probably won't get around to anyway, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway. I really don't mind sharing it publicly, since I figure if you guys notice I'm slacking on one area you can give me a heads up. :p Not that I expect anyone to remember this list later this year, haha.
-Increase Quality (always a must)
-Get a girlfriend (more specifically, by the end of Spring semester)
-Study Abroad in Japan
-Research, and vote in, the election
-Choose graduate programs
-Increase socialization (should be a higher priority than studying, and needed for that 2nd resolution)
-Become more assertive/opinionated (I think I'm too passive)
-Read 12 books (a book a month on top of my other work shouldn't be too hard)
-Watch anime I've downloaded
-Beat video games I have series of (Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Metal Gear)
-Catch up to anime in manga
-Stop cracking joints (except back, neck, knees, wrists - started stopping a couple months ago but want to make sure)
-Bench a full set of my body weight (I'm about 15 lbs away, I think)
-Get a six-pack (<_< it's been coming in too slowly)
-Get to purple belt in Jujitsu (I'm at yellow right now, next is green then purple)
-Learn a total of 400 kanji (right now I know 100)
-Draw more (2 major pieces and 5 fan art, haven't drawn since high school)
-Get better at DDR (best = Max 300 A, Max Unlimited C - even reaching where I was at before would put me in great shape)

So lately I've found myself alone with my thoughts a lot more than I usually experience during the semester, and I keep coming across this feeling of suffocation. It's like I'm stuck in some sort of rut in my life, going through all of the motions without allowing room for relaxation and creativity; everything is grey, bland, empty, and one big stomach ache. Seemingly a result of lacking socialization right now, I feel like my priorities are all mixed up, but I have no idea where the problems lie or how to order them in a meaningful way. lol But then when I think about socialization itself during these times, it seems to function as more of a distraction from these strange feelings I've been having, though it does a great job of it!

Do you guys ever feel like this? Could it be some mild form of depression, which could account for my feelings of deficiency in certain areas of the aforementioned resolutions, or am I just bored? Or could it be because I'm starting to sort of like some girl, and because I generally over-think situations and need to improve my confidence I've felt like I'm already going through rejection? I don't want to come off as emo, but whatever it is it's pissing me off, and I need to write about it or I'm going to go insane. haha I'd like to start the year off on the right footing, ya know?

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Post
Azure: Wow, I didn't realize you were studying Japanese as well. I have some friends that did a big intensive program in the states, but I'll leave this discussion to a later blog. :]

Shin: It was awesome chatting with you the other day. Like I said in my last post, we need a big group chat.

What would my return be without a blog about Christmas? I'm not technically Christian (though my family is and I was baptized), nor am I really religious apart from enjoying considering their ideas, but let's face it - I've given up trying to fight the whole gift exchange holiday at this point. ~_^ Should it matter that I've been hypocritically conforming to this consumption when I don't pretend to hold any of the underlying beliefs that correspond to the holiday? Of course not, there are freaking presents! :D

So anyway, my day began as per Christmas usual, with my brother waking me up at 5:30 in the morning to sort presents. I slept in as long as possible until my parents were ready to start opening at around 6, then half-reluctantly came downstairs. We went through unwrapping gifts for about a half hour, made breakfast, tried out the new stuff, waited for my grandfather and his girlfriend to come over, had an early dinner, and I stayed up late playing video games and messing with my computer. As far as gifts go, I got my brother an iTunes gift card to go with the iPod shuffle he would get, my mom a metronome to assist her in learning to play piano, my dad a gym bag because his old one ripped, and my brother and I got the family a new stereo to replace one that broke a couple years ago. lol And what did I get, you ask? Good question!

-Mac OS X Leopard
-Two 1-GB RAM memory sticks
-120-GB internal hard drive
-Wii Classic Controller
-Super Mario Galaxy
-"Quick Fixes from Mixes" recipe book
-Prop-up pillow
-Feather pillow
-Family Guy calendar
-Pencil sharpener, pen, sandwich container
-Button-up shirt
-A kick-ass yin-yang necklace
-Death Note shirt
-The Art of Naruto
-T'ai Chi Classics

The first thing I did was replace the RAM in my computer to make sure it worked before I attempted the internal hard drive. And it did work! Yay! The internal drive was a little more tricky. Firstly, it looked a little different from the original, which had a cover and tab to pull out easily. I made the decision just to go ahead without trying to replace the cover, and followed the directions from Apple's website. In formatting the drive, however, the directions were very vague, and when I went to install Mac OS X nothing happened. ;_; To make a long story short, this is how my day went:
1. Tried installing it again, still didn't work.
2. Used the program SuperDuper to clone my old internal drive onto my external drive.
3. The program froze my computer partway through and erased the external drive, losing my friend's files as well as my own, though luckily most of those files were on my other external drive.
4. Cleared and reformatted the external drive on my parent's PC.
5. Re-backed up my old files onto my old external drive.
6. Found a new way to format my new internal drive without partitioning.
7. Attempted to install Mac OS X Tiger, and it worked, so I installed Leopard on top of that.
8. Began putting on programs and old data.

The move over to this internal drive continued throughout the next day, and I actually had to put in my old drive to get more files I forgot. Geeze, I feel like a lost a couple days there being out of touch with the internet almost completely, as well as having little social contact with anyone except my family. lol

And while I was waiting for numerous things to load on my computer, I played tons of video games and watched movies until about 5 in the morning. Having received Mario Galaxy, I made the decision to beat just 2 of the original 8 games I had lined up that I wanted to go through before Galaxy: Twilight Princess and Mario 64. I've owned the former since launch and still haven't gotten around to beating it yet, having left almost a year ago searching for the yetti with the red fish, and only recently made it into the ice dungeon. The latter, apart from leading up to Galaxy, is also one that I've been meaning to go back and beat completely. I think I was about halfway through before I stopped playing, but I just downloaded it off Virtual Console and played with my new classic controller. By the end of the day, I was in the Temple of Time for Twilight Princess and 30 stars in for Mario 64. So yeah, good stuff.

I guess that's all for now. Hope you all had an awesome Christmas! lataz

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Return!
I've given this page a long-overdue makeover, updated the information, added some links, and I'm am now ready to give this whole "blogging" thing another shot. You'll have to forgive the choppiness of these first few posts as I get into the grove again, but hopefully I can keep it going at a reasonable pace - at least once a week, probably Saturdays. I realized that having the chance to organize my thoughts could be pretty fun, and I might as well utilize a site that I already have, instead of resorting to *gulp* mySpace, or trying to figure out something new and then getting other people to join.

The site that I use the most these days to keep track of friends and the like is Facebook, so if you have a page on there and haven't added me, DO IT NOW!! lol I also made an OtakuBoards group, so while this isn't OB, the group is about the overall Otaku community. Of course, I never update it, so that should be the next thing on my list. XD

Enough of the formalities, let's get into what I'm doing these days. The most relevant topic is probably school, naturally. I'm currently a Junior at UMBC University in Maryland, having just finished my Fall semester with a 4.0 overall gpa still *crosses fingers*. I should have managed to retain that after my last 6 classes, but I'm still waiting to hear on 3 officially (2 are basically guaranteed). I am still majoring in Philosophy and Psychology, and am thinking about looking into what I can get for Japanese.

Philosophy is pretty cool, but after college I think it'll be primarily just a hobby for me. I love thinking about many of the topics that philosophy tackles, and I truly believe that some of these abstract concepts are more relevant to life than anything else I've studied; it's like, they deal with the underlying elements of the way we live, but it's hard to describe unless you've had philosophical problems as well - how can I be a good person? what is life? what is knowledge and how can I know things? Having said that, I spent this semester in an independent study course reading Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, and that is some thick shit right there. It really reinforced this feeling I've been having that I wouldn't be able to stand being a philosophy scholar. haha

I could always apply philosophy to whatever my career ends up being, which looks like it's going to relate to psychology. The area that interests me the most right now is Clinical Psychology - helping people with psychological difficulties on a personal level - and I'll be taking a class on it next semester. The professor who teaches it is actually one who I took an independent study with this past semester, which involved reading a short book entitled Soul Searching: Why Psychotherapists Must Promote Moral Responsibility. Needless to say, I felt right at home with this book. haha It really echoed a lot of the feelings I had about psychology through presentation on a very practical level, and opened my eyes to issues in the profession that both psychologists and clients should be aware of. For example, while we should naturally promote individualism, we can't do so at the expense of others whom could be included in our concept of the "client" - such as the person's family and community, which he or she should feel a healthy responsibility toward.

Lastly, Japanese is a subject that I've grown very fond of lately, and I suppose it isn't that surprising. haha After all, it fits nicely into my other interests of Japan, but it also stands alone as a goal that I want to see through to the end. My school only has four classes (101, 102, 201, and 202), and I'll be taking the last one next semester. What am I to do afterwards?! Well, I'm planning on studying abroad in Japan in the Fall. Intensive Japanese, culture classes, homestay family, practical application, the whole deal. I'll keep you guys updated, but I have the paperwork to do over the break and it really looks like it's going to happen. ^_^ A free semester to work on my Japanese, then when I get back maybe I'll take up some classes at another university.

I'll cut my post here for today. There are tons more I'd like to talk about, but I'll save them for another time and give them ample attention. heh Here is a preliminary list of ideas I could talk about:
-Extracurricular activities (clubs and the like)
-Video Games
-Other Hobbies
-Podcasts? o.O
-Upcoming classes
-Career goals
-Studying abroad (thanks, Azure! I do have more to discuss)

Let me know if there's anything else you want me to talk about. Thanks!

P.S. Lately I've also been on AIM a hell of a lot more than usual, so get on and say hi every once in a while! ~_^ OR MAKE A FREAKING CHAT, FOR OLD TIME'S SAKE!

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Majoring in Philosophy and Psychology.

Philosophy is for understanding life, I love reading it.

Psychology is to be one of those psychotherapists you see in the movies talking to the guy reclined on a couch.

Got a 4.0 for my freshman year of college.

Working this summer at this place that helps people with psychological disorders adjust to daily life.

Lost about 15 pounds in a semester and I'm trying to keep up an exercise routine.

Off for 3 months during the summer, going back August 28th.

Going to San Fransisco in 2 weeks.

Will be studying Japanese in the Fall, and will be in Japanese cluster dorms that do activities including requiring me to use my language for 3 hours a week in the community.

Got back into anime with fansubs and re-watching my old DVDs, all subs to get used to hearing the language.

Gotta play some of these video games that have just been sitting around. *cough* Metal Gear Solid 3 from the Christmas before last. *cough*

Because I plan to read a lot, I probably won't be on my computer much, not that I am these days anyway.

I spent over 12 hours yesterday cleaning, reorganizing, and rearranging my room. It feels like I moved!

Still, banana.

I'm no closer to a relationship than Bush is in leaving Iraq. :)

It'll be a while before I post here again.

www.pandora.com is awesome, but at the same time I keep getting crappy songs.

Let me know if you use facebook.

Mozilla Firefox > everything.

How long until the next Harry Potter? ;_;

I still collect state quarters, and I have a map to put them in.

The end, for now.

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Sunday, January 8, 2006

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Monday, June 13, 2005

I think I'll just do this the day after each post and edit it if someone replies later. Enjoy.

Annie: Yeah, I guess I'll just wait it out. But I don't really know when the right time to make a move is, lol. Sure, everyone says that you'll know when the time comes, but if I'm in waiting mode, I'm just going to stay there. o_O
Roxeh: I usually do tend to act calm and apathetic a lot. I've learned not to get too excited about something, heh.
Shin: I guess we just have to conclude that we have different opinions of humor, lol. I don't like Futurama for the sole fact that everytime I watch it, I just don't think it's that funny. And trust me, I've seen quite a few episodes a couple years ago when I'd actually sit through it. :p As for the major, I don't want to be stuck taking classes for a major that I chose sort of offhand that in the end won't matter, lol. So I'm taking my basics.
Solo: *see above* I really feel like I should be looking, though. I don't want to be standing around waiting for something to happen, because once I get in one mindset or the other, I'll ignore everything else. Like.. if a girl says hi to me, or starts talking to me, and I'm not looking, then I'll just shrug them off and be on my way. :/ It's very difficult being me. ;)
Chibi Bunny: I didn't really like iPod too much for a while. But as I learned more about it, I guess you could say it depends what you like. If you don't mind stuff on the radio, then go for it. I'm not too big a fan, to tell you the truth, and instead of lugging around a CD player and literally hundreds of CDs, iPod is so convenient, heh.
Mimmi: Yeap, I'm alive. :D I can't wait to finally set myself down for classes this fall, including Japanese ones, which will be cool. And as for the relationship stuff, if you know me you'll know that I really like to avoid any sort of drama. lol So this is an exception that better be damn worth it.

EDIT: Oh yeah! I do have a name for my iPod, actually: iSyk3. XD!!

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